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Lester Group investor news
27 February 2020

Midland Megaplex oversubscribed
Lester Group’s new Midland Megaplex Trust has closed oversubscribed having raising $33.6 million in one week.

“We are delighted at the quick take up of this offer, and appreciate the support of our co-investors”, said Executive Director, Russell Lester.

In addition, ANZ Bank have offered a debt facility at margins well below our feasibility projections, potentially further increasing the returns to investors. “Clearly this is the type of property ANZ wish to bank”, said Russell.

Lester Group looks forward to settling the property and moving on to find the next deal.

“It will be hard to find one as good as Midland Megaplex”, said Russell.

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Investor lunch 
Lester Group hosted two tables at an Urban Development Industry Association (UDIA) lunch with keynote speaker Jonathan Pain.
This was the second year running the UDIA hosted Jonathan Pain as keynote speaker and he certainly pulled a crowd. He spoke widely on topical issues such as the economic impact of the Bushfires, Corona Virus and global political shifts evidenced by the election of Trump and Brexit.
It was an excellent lunch and presentation”, said Executive Director, Russell Lester. “I always enjoy catching up with our business partners in a more social environment”.

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What an interesting world and what happens next?

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