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Tonight marks the beginning of Hanukkah, which literally means “dedication” in Hebrew, an eight day celebration in remembrance of a second century miracle that followed the Maccabean Revolt. The Jews rebelled against Greek-Syrian oppressors who outlawed the Jewish religion and ordered the Jews to worship the Greek Gods, and ultimately drove the dictators out of Jerusalem. According to ancient texts, a miracle occurred during the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews: there was only enough oil to light the menorah (a sacred candelabrum with a central socket and seven branches that represent creation and knowledge) for one night, but the flames continued to flicker for eight nights, which afforded the celebrants enough time to find a fresh supply of oil. Jews from all over the world celebrate the temple rededication miracle every year with an eight-day Festival of Lights that involves the menorah, gifts and traditional foods. TeamPOAA extends best wishes to all of our Jewish friends and families for a healthy, safe and Happy Hanukkah! 
For all of the owners who are praying for a final resolution to PF’s extremely protracted production problems and a miraculous fresh supply of cookies for the holiday season, please do not hold your breath. As many active members reported to TeamPOAA, last Friday, December 4, 2020, was National Cookie Day and PF was giving away for FREE the best selling cookie varieties in fancy holiday tins! In fact, PF’s PR machine was in full swing promoting cookie deliveries directly to consumers not only through PF’s established website, but also the promotional website shown below. To reiterate, every version of PF’s existing consignment contracts includes PF’s express promise to use its best efforts to promote our DSD sales over sales for itself. Most owners report that the original intent of that promise was plainly meant to induce owners to invest in an exclusive PF DSD business without fear of competing against their exclusive supplier for sales.

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If there is news to report about the class action lawsuits against PF in CA, IL, MA, PA or OH, POAA will report it in our weekly newsletters. 

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The opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are intended only to spark discussions about serious and ongoing business issues that impact every owner in PF’s distribution network. If you need or want legal advice, you must consult with your attorney.
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