Big news for the Rubber Jellyfish Film!

We have been accepted into the Documentary Australia Foundation!

We are thrilled to announce that our documentary about the effects of balloon litter on struggling sea turtle populations has just been accepted into the Documentary Australia Foundation!  This means that all financial contributions over $2 are now 100% tax deductible!!  And just in time for the end of the Australian financial year!  As well as a tax break, everyone who contributes $20 or more will receive a thank you in the film's credits.

The Documentary Australia Foundation is a private philanthropic initiative that aims to inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic grantmakers, not for profits and documentary filmmakers.  Click here to view our DAF campaign and learn more about the film.

Unfortunately, this fantastic opportunity is only available to Australian residents. We have, however, created a Paypal account to accept overseas contributions. All international donors that contribute over $20 will also receive a thank you in the film's credits and all paypal donations over $30AU will receive a free digital download of the completed film.

Why are we seeking financial assistance?  So far, the film has been self funded by the film maker.  We have come a long way on our own but an inflow of cash will help get us where we need to be.  Our funding goal will cover travel costs outside of South-East Queensland, and allow us to bring aboard a small crew to help with underwater filming and some important scenes that are coming up. We will be interviewing high ranking politicians in Canberra about why Australia hasn't taken action against balloon releases when Australian shores host all six sea turtles listed by CITES as endangered and all sea turtle species are vulnerable to balloon ingestion (balloons were identified in a landmark study out of the University of Queensland in 2012 as one of the major types of marine debris that sea turtles select).  We'll also be traveling to Sydney to meet with corporate leaders whose marketing balloons have washed ashore on sea turtle nesting beaches.  Our funding goal also includes what we will need for post production and distribution costs. 

It's an exciting time for us here on the Rubber Jellyfish team.  Our film will expose the balloon industry for 30 years of misrepresenting science and leading consumers to believe that balloons are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  We would be so grateful for your contribution which will help bring this issue into the limelight and give our world's sea turtles a severely needed helping hand.

Not able to donate?  That's ok.  We'd be super stoked, though, if you'd consider sharing our campaign on your social media accounts!   Scroll back up to the top of this email to find clickable links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.
To Donate 

For donors within Australia

Australian residents can donate through the Documentary Australia Foundation (all contributions through DAF over $2 are tax deductible).  

Contributors who offer $20 or more will also receive a 'Thank You!' in the film's credits.

For international donors

International residents can donate through Paypal.  

All donations over $20AU will receive a 'Thank You!' in the film's credits.

All contributors that offer over $30AU will also receive a digital download of the completed film - to be emailed after the film is finished.  Australian residents can also donate through Paypal if they would prefer to receive the digital download rather than the tax incentive.
The majority of balloons that are 'released' into the atmosphere burst into jellyfish-like shapes before falling back to Earth.  Around 70% land in the ocean where they are preyed upon by sea turtles, whales, and sea birds.  Here is the Rubber Jellyfish film maker with just a small collection of what is out there.  All of these balloons were collected along beaches in South-East Queensland.  
Photo: Larissa McCollin
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