Telescoping Platform Guards

Platform Guards. We’ve heard these devices be called many different names throughout our 93 years in the business. You may refer to them as Toe Guards or even Aprons.

Platform Guards, as the ASME A17.1 Elevator Code (Rule 2.15.9) refers to them, protect passengers from being exposed to open hoistways under the elevator car. This of course, happens when the doors are opened and the elevator is not at the landing.

When this occurs, the design of the platform guards reduce the shearing action of the threshold. These guards, designed as a steel plate with a flat and angled surface are secured to the edge of the elevator car platform, or the hoistway edge of the sill, of the lowest terminal landing.

Here at Gillespie Corporation, we’ve developed a Multi-Section Telescoping Platform Guard. Our design satisfies Elevator Code Rule which states, elevators having to comply with rule must have a car apron that is not less than 48” in height.

How do they work?

As the elevator car approaches the lowermost landing, the Multi-Section Telescoping Platform Guard will collapse into itself as the car comes into the lower landing. When the car pulls away from the lower landing, the platform guard will extend to its full 48” height.

Custom Designs

For new or existing installations, Gillespie can custom design and build a telescoping platform guard to suit any elevator. In order to do so, we need the dimensions of the car, the width of the car door (or doors if there is more than one entrance) and the pit depth.

Telescoping platform guards are available primed, powder coated, in stainless steel or in other metallic materials as requested. For elevators in glass hoistways, it may be desirable to consider the aesthetics of the platform guard and chose the material and finish accordingly.

If you’d like more information on our Multi-Section Telescoping Platform Guards, please feel free to email us at or call 413-967-4980.

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We’ve developed a Multi-Section Telescoping Platform Guard.
We can custom design and build a telescoping platform guard to suit any elevator.

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