July 2016


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To the first Global Reach newsletter. This quarterly update brings you a roundup of what's taking place across the InXpress world – from your fellow Franchisees top tips, to global statistics on performance and news on the projects that matter to you. 

Before you delve into this, please watch the video message below from Mark Taylor our Global CEO (but remember to return and read the rest of this as there's some great content you don't want to miss out on!). 

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Franchisee profile

Cathy Battreall, InXpress Jacksonville, Florida is the first franchisee to reach $1million of margin, which is an amazing achievement. We're sure you're all keen to find out how Cathy - who comes from the health care sector and has a pharmacy doctorate - has achieved this, so we caught up with her recently to find out more.
I've owned an InXpress franchisee for five years since July 2011. I employ two sales reps - one of them focuses just on freight - and two customer service reps.

It took four years for me to get to $1m margin and the key things I've done to reach this milestone are: never giving up, staying focused, hiring sales reps and making sure I retain existing customers.
My next target is to reach $1.5m and my goal is to collect a million and bill over $1.3m. I'd  also like to win another InXpress award!

My top tip for franchisees is to fully understand the business - and never stop learning about it. Know how to use the system and how to help your customers. I don't expect anyone who works for me to know more than I do! Make the system work for you and not against you and always be efficient.

Don't expect anything from your employees that you wouldn't or can't do yourself!

Know your customers and prospects and be able to use their industry terms. This gives customers a sense of confidence that you know what you're talking about.

AWARD WINNING franchisees

And the award goes to...
Of course we know that our franchisees and team members are the best in the business, but it's great to have external recognition of this too!

The Franchise Council of Australia 2016 New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Excellence in Franchising Awards presentations took place

Bev Taylor InXpress Bondi was awarded runner up in the category NSW/ACT Franchise Woman of the Year.

Shaun Birley and Sam Orders of Sydney CBD and Michael Mahon Sydney Parramatta were finalists in the Award for NSW/ACT Single Unit Franchisee of the Year, less than two staff. Congratulations to Shaun and Sam who were the winners in this category.

Over to the USA
Dustin Hansen, CEO of InXpress Americas was named as one of 2016's top CEOs of the year by AI Global Media. As a part of the award, Dustin was featured in AI Magazine's February issue, an honor only a few achieve.

For the fifth consecutive year, Franchise Business Review ranked InXpress as one of the top 50 franchise organizations, once again sealing our spot as the top franchise in its category.

ACQ5 has also awarded InXpress with two awards - game changer of the year and franchise of the year. The ACQ Annual Awards recognize organizations and individuals that have achieved outstanding commercial success in designated areas of expertise.
And at the InXpress awards
Six Franchisees took home awards at the UK Convention in May. Sheffield North won a staggering four awards, including Highest Average Activations, whilst Birmingham South won Franchise of the Year 2015.

Michael Mahon Sydney Parramatta was awarded InXpress Australian Franchisee of the Year at their annual conference also in May.

Pictured right: Award winners and global board members at the 2016 Australian conference. The country posted record sales in 2015 and is the largest contributor to Asia Pacific's results - our fastest growing region.   
Top Guns take off
Franchisees around the world have been reaping the rewards of their outstanding performance. Their Top Gun prizes have been trips to fantastic destinations including Hawaii and Darwin, Australia. Here are some photos guaranteed to make us a little jealous. Remember it could be your turn next though!
Congratulations to everyone. We're so happy for you!

What's going oN?

InXpress around the world
InXpress Gives Back
We should all be proud of our programme to 'Give Back', which continues to help local communities and causes around the globe.

Visit our new web page where you will find a video showing just some recent highlights:
India team expands
The InXpress Indian team continues to expand under Vishal Chopra's leadership with an ever increasing footprint around the country. The 2016 conference as pictured, was the second annual event held earlier this year.
First national conference in Hong Kong
InXpress Hong Kong held its first ever national conference in March this year. Peter Winslow is leading this dynamic team with achievements including the world's best activation rates.
InXpress Korea visit Australia
The team were in Brisbane a few weeks ago for their Master Franchisee training and are pictured with Lindsay Birley, CEO Asia Pacific and Darren Roberts, Global Head of IT. Their focus is to become DHL's number one sales partner. 
Massive Action Monday
InXpress franchisees are getting great results by adopting the 'Massive Action Monday' principle: Lots of activity >> Builds belief in the system >> Creates tremendous momentum.

Get involved too -  follow Ken BrockBank's blog on the Dashboard (coming soon if you don't have it yet) and post your Massive Action Monday successes and stories on social media using the #InXpressM.A.M to inspire your followers too.
Top 20 Franchises
We all know that healthy competition is a good thing! We publish the list of top performing franchisees because it shows what's possible and is an opportunity to benchmark. We also know some of the network target a top franchisee who they want to match or overtake, as this gives them focus! 

Click here to view our global top 20 franchisees and many congratulations to those who feature.
DHL global spend
Globally over the past 12 months, we have spent over $38,647,400  (US dollars) with DHL. Click here to view a breakdown by country.
For the first time ever, the UK reached £1 million in margin last month which is a huge milestone. Well done to everyone!
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