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May 28, 2020 edition
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Halfway Home by Dernhelm [T]

'He thought that one day when things were finally right between them, he would tell her about this evening, and the painting, and the sun in her hair. But this day hadn’t come yet.' 

Set before the seasons (and in AU).  

Dunder PD by DoomGoose [T]

A Dunder Mifflin Police Station AU. 

The small town of Dunder Mifflin was established when two neighbouring municipalities merged, forming the Rural Municipality of Dunder Mifflin, and Dunder Mifflin township. With the incorporation of this new municipality the Dunder Mifflin Emergency Services were formed to administer to the needs of the people in the township and surrounding area. The men and women of the DMES all play a key role in saving lives every day, now caught on tape by a crew of skilled reality television veterans bringing the general public a behind the scenes look at what goes on in a small town emergency services station. From the excitement and action of the front-line police officer, selfless heroism of the fire fighter, to the chaos of the unseen dispatcher, these are their stories.

Date Line by Comfect [T]


Post Casino Night AU where Jim goes to Australia, and Pam follows.

Hello My Old Heart by Duchess Cupcake [M]

“Karen, I don’t even have his phone number. It’s been four years since we last saw each other. When we broke up.” Pam emphasizes this last part as if Karen needs the reminder of her best friend’s personal history. “It’s not like… Look, I’m not going to fall in love with him again.”  

JAM 6.0 by DoomGoose [T]

Pam broke up with Roy after his comments in S01E06 – Hot Girl, and after a summer of simmering tensions Jim and Pam have finally admitted their feelings for each other.

Sequel to Pam 6.0 

Fabric Softener by onedaymore [K]

They bond over fabric softener on two occasions. 

Build a Lego House by emxgoldstars [MA]

What if...Jim never got Pam's note? Jim accepted the corporate job? Married Karen? Pam quit? Married Roy? What if...both are divorced and run into each other again? AU.

Life's a Beach by Donnamour1969 [M]

An AU version of Season 3's "Beach Games." What if Karen wasn't there for beach day? What would that mean for Pam and Jim? A little romance with a touch of mild angst.


Kind of Reckless by Coley [MA]

It's the kind of reckless that should send them running, but they know they won't get far.

She's known him most of her life, but this summer Pam sees Jim in a completely different way.

How Not To by agian18 [M]

Meeting in an unusual place in life, a broken Jim and Pam try their best to put the pieces of their lives back together while not falling apart and back down the hole that they're trying to help one another out of.

Based on the song "How Not To" by Dan + Shay, because do I *ever* write something that *isn't* based on a song? 

As Far As First Dates Go by BigTuna [MA]

A first date fic in which things don't go the way either of them had planned. They flirt, they fight, they fu...uh, they figure it out.

Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces Between by BigTuna [M]

It's 1963 and West Scranton High's new math teacher Jim Halpert has a secret. When it rears its ugly head and puts both him and librarian Pam Beesly in danger, how will he react? Will they be able to outrun his dangerous past or will his enemies catch up to him, once and for all?

I'm the only one who needed saving by agian18 [M]

Pam needs a fresh start. When Jan Levinson calls from New York with an enticing offer: Come to corporate, take the graphic design internship, and then stay on for the year as a "publicist" to the new wild-child VP--she takes the bait, leading her on the wildest year of her life. 

So Much To Save by JennaBennett [T]

Michael inadvertently attempts to smooth things over between Pam and Jim. Who would want two of their very best friends to be miserable after all?  

Set after The Convention.

Silver Wings by warrior4 [M]

As WWII rages Jim is sent to England to serve as a fighter pilot. He and Pam send each other letters as conflict arises in the skies above Europe and back on the home front.

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