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November 1, 2019 edition
New and Updated Stories in the last month at More Than That

A Dollar Short by Comfect [T]

Jim starts work at Dunder Mifflin one day later than he'd been supposed to due to personal problems, which leads to a cascade of changed events.

Hello My Old Heart by Duchess Cupcake [M]

“Karen, I don’t even have his phone number. It’s been four years since we last saw each other. When we broke up.” Pam emphasizes this last part as if Karen needs the reminder of her best friend’s personal history. “It’s not like… Look, I’m not going to fall in love with him again.”  

Serendipity by Sam [MA]

It's Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch's annual team-building exercise tonight, and they're going on a Booze Cruise. Same time frame, but different boat, different lake, different state, wildly different ending. Right now, though, Pam is unhappy about something and Jim doesn't know how to help.

When Pam Met Jim by Donnamour1969 [M]

My AU version of how Pam and Jim met. Pam is a young widow and lacks the courage to move on--until a cute young salesman joins Dunder Mifflin. Romance, humor, and light angst.

Emergency contact by Lizby [M]

“W-why did you call…me?”...Toby paused, “well…it’s-it’s Pam. And uh-um…well you’re…you’re her emergency contact, Jim.” Season 3 AU of cocktails and it’s aftermath

Dancing With Shadows by warrior4 [M]

Companion piece to "This Thing Called Life." Here's the Season 3 angst-fest I mostly skipped over last time. Also inspired by the song "Walk Me Home," by P!nk.

Kind of Reckless by Coley [MA]

It's the kind of reckless that should send them running, but they know they won't get far.

She's known him most of her life, but this summer Pam sees Jim in a completely different way.

Silver Wings by warrior4 [M]

As WWII rages Jim is sent to England to serve as a fighter pilot. He and Pam send each other letters as conflict arises in the skies above Europe and back on the home front.

Gorgeous by SprinklesTheCat [M]

This story started out being a one-shot inspired by the Taylor Swift song Gorgeous, but then it became so much more. Thanks to Coley for reading and giving feedback. 

Pam and Jim meet right before Jim starts at Dunder-Mifflin. Pam develops a crush on Jim and has to figure out what to do about it. 


Dance Lessons by ScrantonSantiago [M]

"You could strip, you know". When Pam receives an unlikely compliment from an unlikely source, the quiet and shy receptionist we know and love takes up a new hobby and begins to love the confidence that comes with it. S3 AU post Ben Franklin.

And the World Turned by agian18 [T]

I miss you, come back to me. I wish you'd come back to me. But nobody heard. And the world turned and the world turned and the world turned. 

A journey with Pam Beesly from the summer that Jim leaves to the fall where he becomes hers forever. Based on the lyrics to The Gabe Dixon Band's "And the World Turns."

Niagara Ten Challenge Entry

Niagara+10 by Comfect [T]

Jim and Pam return to Niagara Falls for their tenth anniversary.
Niagara Ten Challenge Entry

The Falls by warrior4 [T]

A story in three parts of how Niagara Falls impacts Jim and Pam. Written for the "Niagara Ten" challenge.
Niagara Ten Challenge Entry

I Heard Your Heart Say Love, Love, Love by JennaBennett [T]

Another day, another conference room meeting with life altering consequences.

Set Season 3, somewhere between 'The Merger' and 'Phyllis' Wedding'

Another White Dash by JennaBennett [K]

The road stretches before him and threatens to swallow him whole.

A response to the 55 Words To Leave Scranton challenge.  

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