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April 1, 2020 edition
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Keep Me Sane by FutureHeartsWithBooks [T]

One night in Stamford, Jim finds himself receiving a phone call from the one person he has been trying to forget, but when he picks up, Jim finds his feelings for Pam renewed. With a hundred and fifty miles between them and the inability to see one another, both Pam and Jim finds themselves avoiding the question of whether dreams can be made a reality until one of the branches finally closes down and life throws a new set of circumstances their way. Season 3 AU starts after Gay Witch Hunt. 

Why Put Out A Fire When It's Still Burning by agian18 [M]

Jim isn't satisfied with the way he left Pam on the beach. In the middle of the night, he needs answers. 

Date Line by Comfect [T]

Post Casino Night AU where Jim goes to Australia, and Pam follows.

How Not To by agian18 [M]

Meeting in an unusual place in life, a broken Jim and Pam try their best to put the pieces of their lives back together while not falling apart and back down the hole that they're trying to help one another out of.

Based on the song "How Not To" by Dan + Shay, because do I *ever* write something that *isn't* based on a song? 

We'll Go Down In History by alyply [T]

'Cause I've spent a thousand nights

Lost in your emerald eyes

Lost in a place where I know you can see my soul


A fluffy song fic to Emerald Eyes by Anson Seabra.  

PMB's Diary: DO NOT OPEN (PENNY) by beth9501 [T]

It's 1995 and 16 year old Pam thinks she has everything figured out. All she wants is to be an artist, find a nice boy to fall in love with, and continue to think that everything happens for a reason.

The summer after her 16th birthday everything comes crashing down. Pam's life as she knew it begins to change. The perfect cocoon of a life she had originally had begins to crumble.


Quarantine by Donnamour1969 [M]

Forced into quarantine together, Jim and Pam find interesting ways to cope. Set mid-Season 2. Rated M for language and adult content.

Slow by agian18 [MA]

Pam said she wanted to take things slow. So this is how it all goes down (in some cases, quite literally). The aforementioned, multi-chapter, essentially plotless smut-fest that I've been promising. Essentially smut for smut's sake, since we really saw next to nothing on air. Enjoy ;)

All They Needed by beth9501 [M]

A sweet springtime date. Full of sweet fluff.

Pamela, or a Tale of Patience and Persistence by Dernhelm [K]

A Regency AU Jam story. 

To Have and To Hold by JennaBennett [K+]

It started with the priest dying. It should've ended with the priest dying, but it didn't.

Pam is about to marry Roy and things aren't going exactly according to plan...  

Where I Need To Be by alyply [T]

Pam calls Jim after seeing Karen and talking to Michael about Holly. She just has to let him know she's where she needs to be and that she loves him. 


Set the night of "Lecture Circuit Part 2" 

Build a Lego House by emxgoldstars [M]

What if...Jim never got Pam's note? Jim accepted the corporate job? Married Karen? Pam quit? Married Roy? What if...both are divorced and run into each other again? AU.

Revenge by Donnamour1969 [M]

Set in Season 3, immediately following "The Convict," wherein Jim gave Andy false information to woo Pam. Pam surprises everyone, however, by agreeing to go out with Andy. Unbeknownst to Jim, Pam is seeking revenge against him for his brilliant prank. But will Pam take things too far? Will the turntables?

AU bit of romance, humor, and maybe a little angst.  Rated M for adult language and situations.


Disclaimer: I own nothing belonging to The Office. No copyright infringement intended. 

Are You Free For Dinner Tonight? by alyply [K]

"Where is your future?"

"She's back in Scranton."


A deeper look into Jim and Pam's thoughts during "The Job," plus what I think could have happened on their first date.  

In Plain Sight by AshleyFilippelli [M]

Pam, Dwight and company scramble to uncover what happened to Jim, while Jim engages in mind games with his reluctant but unstable captor in hopes of being found alive. 


Journals of a Stay-at-home-Dad by warrior4 [K]

Jim chronicles the adventures of two weeks spent looking after baby Cece.

Centricity by NobleLandMermaid [T]

He's scared to face his future. She's struggling with her past. Two brokenhearted strangers. One night in New York City.

Inspired by Before We Go

cover of Centricity by NobleLandMermaid

27 Seconds by alyply [K]

A response to the 55 Words Challenge. The moment on the Booze Cruise brought down to 55 words. 

It Had Nothing to Do with Peanut Butter by agian18 [MA]

So. There is an entire deleted B-Roll from "Sex Ed" where Pam and Jim are fighting all day, and then he slaps her butt on the way out. It's never explained. This is my explanation.

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