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December 1, 2019 edition
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You, Me and the Sea by JennaBennett [T]

After the events of Casino Night, Pam is adrift and Jim is anchored. 

A spin on early Season 3 that relies far too heavily on nautical imagery and references to Titanic... 

Adventures in Office Dating by Donnamour1969 [M]

 Jim and Pam navigate their first dates. My take on scenes we didn't get to see between "The Job" and "Fun Run". Fluffy, romantic, sexy fun.


Journals of a Stay-at-home-Dad by warrior4 [K]

Jim chronicles the adventures of two weeks spent looking after baby Cece.

A Dollar Short by Comfect [T]

Jim starts work at Dunder Mifflin one day later than he'd been supposed to due to personal problems, which leads to a cascade of changed events.

Tent City In The Suburbs by jennafischerlovebot [M]

A young Pam feels trapped in a vicious cycle of flashbacks and fighting for her life. She recounts where it all went wrong until someone breaks her out of her trance.

An AU that may be pretty far-fetched and my first fic for The Office!

When Pam Met Jim by Donnamour1969 [M]

My AU version of how Pam and Jim met. Pam is a young widow and lacks the courage to move on--until a cute young salesman joins Dunder Mifflin. Romance, humor, and light angst.

Serendipity by Sam [MA]

It's Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch's annual team-building exercise tonight, and they're going on a Booze Cruise. Same time frame, but different boat, different lake, different state, wildly different ending. Right now, though, Pam is unhappy about something and Jim doesn't know how to help.

Dancing With Shadows by warrior4 [M]

Companion piece to "This Thing Called Life." Here's the Season 3 angst-fest I mostly skipped over last time. Also inspired by the song "Walk Me Home," by P!nk.

Silver Wings by warrior4 [M]

As WWII rages Jim is sent to England to serve as a fighter pilot. He and Pam send each other letters as conflict arises in the skies above Europe and back on the home front.

Eyes Closed by agian18 [T]

Jim and Pam go home after Phyllis' wedding, but not with each other.

Lyrics from Eyes Closed by Halsey. 

Restart by agian18 [T]

Just as quickly as life can give you everything you've ever wanted, it can take it away on a dime. When tragedy strikes, will Jim and Pam's love be able to stand the tests?

Set during the summer between S2/S3. 

For those of you who watched Lost or Once Upon a Time, the theme of flashbacks will be heavily played with in this one :) 

Running Away From The Streets We Knew by JennaBennett [K]

Jim finds inspiration for his ten year wedding anniversary gift in the last place he ever thought to look. 

Snaps by agian18 [MA]

Pam is upset that Jim wants to wait until Karen is out of the office to start their relationship. So she paints a picture. And drinks a bottle of wine. 

Moving on? by Lizby [MA]

It was in that moment that she realized that he had truly moved on. That Jim Halpert didn't love her anymore. Which also led her to another realization, it was time for her to move on as well. Season 3 AU, set after Ben Franklin.

Trick Me, Treat Me by Coley [MA]

Anything can happen on Halloween.

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