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January 1, 2020 edition
New and Updated Stories in the last month at More Than That

The Twelve Days of Smutmas by Coley, agian18, Duchess Cupcake [MA]

Oh, their true love gave it to them alright. Twelve ways from Christmas.

I Want Your Midnights by dwangela [T]

Jim, Pam, a closet, and a midnight kiss.

New Year's Eve by Donnamour1969 [T]

Sequel to my fic, "Christmas Morning." Jim decides to make his New Year's resolution come true at Kevin's New Year's Eve party. AU, Season 2. Romance, some Adult language and themes.

Serendipity by Sam [MA]

It's Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch's annual team-building exercise tonight, and they're going on a Booze Cruise. Same time frame, but different boat, different lake, different state, wildly different ending. Right now, though, Pam is unhappy about something and Jim doesn't know how to help.

A Dollar Short by Comfect [T]

Jim starts work at Dunder Mifflin one day later than he'd been supposed to due to personal problems, which leads to a cascade of changed events.

Pamela, or a Tale of Patience and Persistence by Dernhelm [K]

A Regency AU Jam story. 

In Plain Sight by AshleyFilippelli [M]

Pam, Dwight and company scramble to uncover what happened to Jim, while Jim engages in mind games with his reluctant but unstable captor in hopes of being found alive. 


This Year by JennaBennett [K+]

 A version of Christmas Party where Pam makes the right choice - with a little help from an unexpected friend.  

My Office Gave To Me by warrior4 [T]

Jim gets a little help from the Doc crew early to help with a present for his and Pam's first Christmas together.

Christmas Morning by Donnamour1969 [T]

Christmas morning, set Season 2 after the Christmas Party episode. Pam and Jim overthink their Christmas gifts. Romance, mild angst, mild language and innuendo.

Build a Lego House by emxgoldstars [M]

What if...Jim never got Pam's note? Jim accepted the corporate job? Married Karen? Pam quit? Married Roy? What if...both are divorced and run into each other again? AU.

Holiday Rendezvous by NobleLandMermaid [T]

Pam and Jim’s friendship is fragile and their hearts even more so, will a Christmas time prank on Dwight be just the thing they need? 

Canon divergent after A Benihana Christmas. For the Secret Santa Fic exchange

Let's Go Home by Lzbth312 [M]

The documentary has aired, Pam and Jim live in Austin, and they've now seen leaked footage from Jim's absence while at Athlead. Their marriage was just getting better and now they're worried it's about to dive again. 

When Pam Met Jim by Donnamour1969 [MA]

My AU version of how Pam and Jim met. Pam is a young widow and lacks the courage to move on--until a cute young salesman joins Dunder Mifflin. Romance, humor, and light angst.

Journals of a Stay-at-home-Dad by warrior4 [K]

Jim chronicles the adventures of two weeks spent looking after baby Cece.

You, Me and the Sea by JennaBennett [T]

After the events of Casino Night, Pam is adrift and Jim is anchored. 

A spin on early Season 3 that relies far too heavily on nautical imagery and references to Titanic... 

Silver Wings by warrior4 [M]

As WWII rages Jim is sent to England to serve as a fighter pilot. He and Pam send each other letters as conflict arises in the skies above Europe and back on the home front.

Engaged Ain't Married by Donnamour1969 [M]

What if Jim hadn't left Pam after Casino Night?

I Think He Knows by JennaBennett [MA]

Pam thinks of Jim.

Set somewhere in the midst of Season 2. 

Slow by agian18 [MA]

Pam said she wanted to take things slow. So this is how it all goes down (in some cases, quite literally). The aforementioned, multi-chapter, essentially plotless smut-fest that I've been promising. Essentially smut for smut's sake, since we really saw next to nothing on air. Enjoy ;)

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