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March 16, 2017

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California State Controller Betty Yee, State Assembly Member Cristina Garcia, State Senator Ben Allen Join Forces to Support Newhall School Board President Christy Smith's AD-38 Bid

SANTA CLARITA, CA -- Days after formally entering the race for California's 38th State Assembly District seat, today Newhall School Board President Christy Smith received three formidable endorsements, from California State Controller Betty Yee, State Assembly Member Cristina Garcia and State Senator Ben Allen.

"Christy Smith is smart, highly qualified and well-positioned to harness the energy in the 38th District in order to bring the progress and change that voters are thirsting for. She's a leader of, by and for the people, and I believe she is by far the best choice for the State Assembly. I am proud to endorse her."
-- California State Controller Betty Yee

"Christy Smith is a relentless problem-solver. She's an advocate and a champion for everyday Californians, for women, children, seniors, immigrants and our state's most vulnerable communities. We need more women like her in the Assembly, which is why I am giving Christy Smith my full support in her run for the 38th District.”
-- State Assembly Member Cristina Garcia


"I support Christy Smith for State Assembly. She's fearless, a steadfast champion for her community, and a progressive advocate on improving local schools and fighting for a clean and safe environment, workers' rights, livable wages and a strong, thriving middle class. I'm pleased to give her my wholehearted support."

-- State Senator Ben Allen

Smith, who previously ran in 2016 and shocked political observers across California by making the 38th District competitive for Democrats for the first time in recent memory, raised and spent a significant $1.4 million this past November. She begins the 2018 campaign with over $40,000 in her war chest.


In announcing her challenge to incumbent Assembly Member Dante Acosta, Newhall School Board President Christy Smith released the following statement:

"Every day, it's becoming abundantly clear to me that this moment in history calls for a bold and lasting movement — powered by real people, on the ground, in our community. We've already witnessed the beginnings of it, with the women's march, by democracy in action through town halls, gatherings and heightened political discourse and civic engagement in our district, across California and throughout America. This movement has been manifested by moms and dads, grandmothers, young people, and our neighbors who have set in motion a grassroots uprising to transform our nation right from our backyards. 

"It's a movement that isn’t about any one of us—but rather all of us — and it's what has inspired me to step up to the plate and to run again for the California State Assembly.  This movement has given me both the courage and the drive to stand up and fight against the politics of division and for a better life for the people of our community and our state. Not a government run by partisan zealots who are silent in the face of abhorrent statements by those who sit at the top of our nation or who put big corporations, millionaires and billionaires first, but instead a government of, by and for the people.

"We need a government that understands that basic, quality healthcare is a human right—  not a privilege — where all students have access to a higher education or to job-training — where combatting climate change while ensuring clean air and clean water is not up for debate —  where we embrace equality for all Americans  — where we prioritize compassion over cruelty —  and country, humanity and human decency come before extreme partisanship.

"These are the reasons why I'm running, at this very moment, because while California can't necessarily control the all chaos stemming from repressive leaders in Washington, the fact remains that the promise of California is still shining bright, and I know that together, we can turn this backyard-driven movement into action right here, and bring progress to communities throughout the 38th District."

Christy Smith was elected to the Newhall School Board in 2009. She is active in education advocacy locally and state-wide, serving as the Legislative Vice President of the Santa Clarita Valley Trustees Association and as a delegate to the California School Board Association. Smith lives in Santa Clarita with Phil, her husband of 26 years and their two girls.


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