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Mark Your Calendars for Empowerment 2020!

The Lincoln Series is proud to announce its expanded Empowerment Track offering training and educational programming every month, starting January 29 with a one-hour webinar.  Some of these sessions will be half-day, in-person programs held in different places across the state, and others will be webinars enabling us to reach and include more women from the comfort of their homes and offices. 

The Empowerment programs are designed for women who are candidates now and for those considering running in the future, as well as women who want to work or volunteer on campaigns as well as within local and the state party organizations. Each program is unique and individual, so women can sign-up for the programs of most interest to them, whether that be just one, or all. Some programming will have fees, with reduced pricing for members, while some programs will be exclusive to members.  You'll want to be a member when you see the calendar of Empowerment Track events on!

As part of our kick-off, January's session of the Empowerment Track's first program is open to everyone, both members and non-members, offering a glimpse of future programming offered.  This webinar is limited to the first 50 participants. The first program will take place on Wednesday, January 29 at 7 p.m. via Zoom webinar titled "Learn How You Can Make a Difference Volunteering and in the GOP." The featured speaker will be McLean County Chair Connie Beard who will highlight her vast experience in political volunteering. Participants will learn both the ABC's of volunteering and the do's and don't's, as well as new, innovative ways to attract volunteers and keep them. Let's work together to color our state red with Republican volunteers! You can register to participate in this webinar here.  

The Lincoln Series Congratulates Female GOP Candidates for 2020

42+ Women:  An Opportunity to Engage More Republican women

The Lincoln Series, a statewide organization that mentors and trains Republican women to run for office, congratulates the women who filed petitions to run in the 2020 elections and thanks them in advance for their service. The potential list of female candidates includes one for U.S. Senate; 11 for Congress; nine for State Senate; six for State Representative; and 15 for various judgeships.

The total number of Republican women ranging from judgeship to U.S. Senate in Illinois is 42. “This count grows when you include all the Republican women running in municipal seats, and all these women present a great opportunity to engage and encourage more women across our state to support them and to be involved in the political process,” said Eva M. Pusateri, president of The Lincoln Series.

Three women on this list are alumnae of The Lincoln Series Leadership program: State Senator Sue Rezin, who is running for Congress in the 14th District; State Representative Terri Bryant, who is stepping up and running for the State Senate in 58th District; and Amy Maher, who is running for judge in the Third Circuit.

“The experience and leadership all 42+ women bring with them make them very serious candidates and will help make them successful officeholders!” commented Pusateri. “In fact, these women are already making a difference just by putting their hats in the ring, and setting an impressive example for young girls across the state.  When more women are a part of the conversation, everyone wins.”

Below is the list of Republican women running in the Illinois 2020 elections, ranging from judgeship to U.S. Senate.  For more information on these candidates, visit

U.S. Senate

 Federal  Peggy Hubbard


1st - Philanise White

1st - Lynn Renee Franco

2nd - Theresa J. Raborn

3rd - Catherine O’Shea

6th - Jeannie Ives

10th - Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee

14th - Catalina Lauf

14th - Sue Rezin

15th - Mary Miller

15th - Kimberly Wade

17th - Esther Joy King

State Senate

25th - Beth Goncher

25th - Jeanette Ward

58th - Terri Bryant

17th - Yesoe Yoon

42nd - Amy Grant

46th - Mary Burress

47th - Deanne Marie Mazzochi

49th - Laura Curtis

66th - Carolyn Schofield

State Representative

71st - Tony McCombie

79th - Jackie Haas

81st - Laura Hois

93rd - Norrine K. Hammond

95th - Avery Bourne

111th - Amy Elik

Appellate Court

5th - Katherine Ruocco

Circuit Court

1st - Sarah Tripp

2nd - Chelsea E. Clark

2nd - Tara R. Wallace

3rd - Amy Maher*

6th - Cheralyn (Cherie) Kesler

6th - Dana Rhoades

7th - Gail Noll

7th - Reylene Grischow

7th - Elizabeth Flood

18th - Monique O'Toole

18th - Ann Celine Walsh

21st - Lindsey Parkhurst

 Sub Circuit Court

15th - LaVetta D. Williams

22nd Circuit, 3rd Sub Circuit - 

Mary Elizabeth McClellan

The Lincoln Series, formerly known as The Excellence in Public Service Series, was organized in Illinois in 1994 and has graduated more than 200 women from its Leadership Track, some of whom have gone on to become lieutenant governor, Illinois state senator, Illinois state representative and presidential appointees to name a few. The Lincoln Series is committed to being the premier educational and preparatory training program for Republican women in Illinois, empowering women with the tools, knowledge and statewide network to become purposeful leaders in elected and appointed offices and party leadership. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook (@IllinoisLincolnSeries), Twitter (@lincoln_series) and LinkedIn.


* Denote The Lincoln Series Alumna

Women Wednesdays

The Lincoln Series is excited to introduce a new feature series in our newsletter called Women Wednesdays for 2020. This series will feature Republican women running for state representative and higher. Each woman will answer the same six questions and offer you an opportunity to learn more about women running in your area and around the state. For a full listing of Republican women running for state representative and higher, visit the resources page on The Lincoln

Sue Rezin: Results. Not Resistance.

State Senator Sue Rezin is running for Congress in the 14th District and she is a Lincoln Series alumna.
  1.  What inspired you to run for office or get involved in politics? 

I first ran for my local school board because of my desire to improve the education of children and to use tax dollars for education in the wisest manner possible. Later, I decided to run for State Representative to make a difference in the lives of others. Now,  I am running for Congress because I can have a larger positive impact on all the issues I have been passionate about by serving at the federal level. 

  1. What is your campaign slogan and how did it come to be?

It is:  Results. Not Resistance. It came to be because it perfectly summarizes why I am running and why I think I am the best candidate in this race. “Results” is two-fold. First, because getting results—even within a super-minority in the State Senate—is the hallmark of my State Senate service. It is also because “Results” are what people are demanding from their state and federal legislators instead of endless bickering and seeking partisan advantage over getting things done.

“Not Resistance” takes that a step further. From the first day of the new Democrat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democrats have focused on an avalanche of subpoenas and endless investigations of President Trump’s administration at the expense of passing reforms they promised voters. Our people need action on a wide array of pressing issues that affect people’s lives. The “resistance” in Congress (of which incumbent Lauren Underwood is part of) has solely focused on political positioning as opposed to passing legislation and compromising with the Senate and the President to get things done.

  1. What in your experience has prepared you to run for Congress?

Aside from my professional background as a commercial real estate investor on behalf of my family, my husband, Keith, and I have raised four children. I know first-hand the challenges parents face - a critical component of what is needed in Congress. 

I also have several years of education experience at the local level from my service as a school board member. I have first-hand knowledge of how federal education legislation will affect local schools. This experience has been invaluable while I have served in the  State Senate and even more so when I serve in Congress.  

 As a State Senator for nine years,  the next step to affect change is the U.S. House of Representatives in Congress. I have mastered the legislative process and witnessed how developing respectful relationships with colleagues matters in successful legislating. This is a key qualification for serving in Congress. Additionally, my experience as the  state level allowed me to  accurately represent the values of the majority of people I represent along while advocating for their economic interests, and provide constituent services to people who have individual problems with government. Because of this experience, I am ready to serve in Congress fully on Day One. 

In the State Senate, I have excelled in passing legislation and negotiating with the other side of the aisle to get things done. For instance, earlier this year I sponsored a bill on pre-existing health conditions to ensure no one is denied health coverage because of pre-existing conditions. I succeeded in getting an unanimous vote in the Senate for that bill.  Additionally, my bill on SIDS was just signed into law two months ago.

Finally, as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress, I have won all five elections in which I have been a candidate and that is a powerful electoral record for consideration by primary voters.  Three of my state legislative elections were “Tier One” state legislative races.  Contrast that with the fact that two of my opponents have terrible records of losing elections, while the other candidates in the primary have never been tested before in an election. 

In previous elections, I have been tested by the strength of Madagn’s money and power backing my opponents and attacking my family in a nasty and desperate effort to win no matter the cost.  Yet I persevered and prevailed on Election Day. 

I have been vetted through Chicago-style politics and proven I have the inner strength to endure a hurricane of negative ads against me. This is a tremendous asset in running for Congress in what could be one of the top 15 races in the country.

Winning all five of my elections and defeating one of Madigan’s Democrat incumbent legislators is the toughest battle in any election. Our mission at hand in the 14th Congressional District is exactly the same—to defeat an incumbent legislator who is serving in the majority.  

  1. What are your greatest achievements so far?

Most importantly, my husband and I have raised four children who have left the nest and in their own ways are hardworking, successful and honest citizens.  

My election victories have made it possible for me to make a difference in the lives of millions of people’s lives from my legislative accomplishments as well as actions on behalf of those I serve in the State Senate. This covers acting to prevent elder abuse, healthcare, education, veterans, environment, energy production, flood mitigation and prevention, and shutting down polluters who were damaging neighborhoods while receiving political protection from ex-Governor Blagojevich.

  1. What are three things you want people to know about you?

First,  I am a product of the opportunity afforded to the American Middle Class and am dedicated to nurturing that opportunity for everyone and for generations to come. 

Second, the fuel that fires me to work so hard in winning elections comes from my desire  to not only raise my own children well, but also to leave a lasting positive impact on as many people as possible - in large and small ways.

Last but not least, my mother has been a great inspiration to me. When I was young, she drove a school bus to help make ends meet. While I was in middle school, my mother  went to college to become a teacher. Then she attended night classes to become a school principal and later moved on to became a superintendent. My mother’s determination didn’t end there. In the 1980s I remember my mother applying to become the first teacher, who would be trained to be an astronaut, to fly on the space shuttle, as part of nationwide competition. My mom’s example demonstrated that anyone, regardless of one’s age or background can achieve their dreams in America.

  1. Please share a little about your personal background.    

I grew up on a family farm by Geneseo, Illinois, where my father farmed a modest 20 acres. While attending Augustana College, I met my husband, Keith, who went on to become an orthopedic surgeon. We have been married for 34 years,  have four  children, who are all now young adults, and live in Morris.     

To volunteer or financially support State Senator Rezin's candidacy, please visit her website at

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16  Multi-Candidate GOP Fundraiser
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20  Day of Observance for Martin Luther King, Jr.

21  Fireside Chat
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22  14th District Candidate Forum Hosted by                   McHenry County GOP
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      6:45 - 9:00 p.m.
23  Downers Grove Township Reagan Day Dinner          featuring Stephen Moore
      Ashyana Banquets,  6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
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29  The Lincoln Series Empowerment Webinar:
      "Learn How You Can Make a Difference                     Volunteering and in the GOP" featuring Connie           Beard, McLean County Republican Chair
      7:00 to 8:00 p.m. via Zoom 
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5  Kessem Campaign Kick-off/Monthly Northwest         Side GOP Club Meeting  
    Oriole Park District, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
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