Speaking out makes me feel that I have value, and something to add to the world.
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Nikki Bell
Nikki Bell, photographed by Lynn Savarese.
“Speaking out makes me feel that I have value, and something to add to the world.” – Nikki Bell

When people talk about trafficking and exploitation, they often focus on its impact on those who are “in the life.” But being bought, sold, or exploited can leave wounds that linger long after someone has left the sex trade.

Nikki Bell, a World Without Exploitation partner, wants people to understand that. Nikki is speaking and writing about her experiences in order to change the conversation we’re having about prostitution and trafficking. Her moving piece, “I Dream of Simple Things,” is an example of how Nikki puts her activism into words. “Through my writing, I wanted to explore how powerful my memories of being prostituted and trafficked are,” says Nikki. Put another way: Even when survivors exit the life, the life sometimes stays with them.

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Yamin Vafa, photographed by Lynn Savarese.
Yamin Vafa, photographed by Lynn Savarese.
All together now: Racial justice, gender justice, and Rights4Girls.

The fights for gender and racial justice aren’t just related – they’re connected. With the support of The William H. Donner Foundation and our World Without Exploitation founding co-chairs, Rights4Girls developed a 2016–2017 racial justice programming series that seeks to challenge the way we think about intersectionality. The series includes a congressional briefing, a moderated roundtable discussion, and training for those who are putting the rights of girls of color front and center in their advocacy efforts. Special thanks to Yasmin Vafa for leading the charge on this effort and to Stephanie Hanson for her longstanding support of our work at World Without Exploitation.

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Image from The True Stories Project
Image from The True Stories Project
Empowerment, not exploitation: Art Works for Change and The True Stories Project.

Oakland-based Art Works for Change – a World Without Exploitation partner – is introducing a timely new contemporary art exhibition, The True Stories Project: Exploitation and Empowerment. Created to raise awareness of the root causes of violence against women and children, foster empathy for their stories, and shed light on the issue of sex trafficking, The True Stories Project features many of today’s most important contemporary artists. Special thanks to curator Randy Rosenberg for her belief that art that creates change is the most powerful art of all.

Kinetic Media's Jaime Byrdak, our
Kinetic Media's Jaime Byrdak, our "Ugly Truth" media director
Private sector, public good: Our award-winning anti-exploitation campaign is featured in The Drum.

Created to challenge myths about trafficking and exploitation, “The Ugly Truth” is an award-winning public awareness campaign that is changing minds, hearts, and public policies. Created through a partnership between Kinetic Worldwide – one of the world’s largest media agencies – and The Voices and Faces Project, a founding World Without Exploitation partner, “The Ugly Truth” has been recognized by the European Union as one of the most effective gender justice campaigns worldwide and has run in six U.S. cities to date. The campaign’s most recent four-month run, in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, raised awareness of World Without Exploitation and made over 50 million audience impressions.

Val Richey, photographed by Lynn Savarese.
Val Richey, photographed by Lynn Savarese.
Reducing demand, fighting for a more just world for youth.

What role does social media play in the exploitation of children? Why is engaging the private sector in the fight to protect them so vital? How can reducing demand play a more central role in your community’s response to commercial sexual exploitation? This timely webinar, hosted by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and featuring World Without Exploitation partner Val Richey, King County senior deputy prosecuting attorney, explores these vital questions and others.

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World Without Exploitation was born of a series of conversations among exploitation and trafficking survivors, human rights and gender justice advocates, artists, activists, and direct service providers. Our national coalition is united in the belief that we won’t end exploitation until we confront its root causes. We know that an injustice that goes unseen is an injustice that goes unchallenged. And challenging a world in which human beings are being trafficked and exploited is what World Without Exploitation is all about. To find out more, visit
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