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January 2017

From Your Pastor
Dear Church,
As we begin our walk through Scripture, we learn about the origins of life in our world and the origins of our relationship with God. The theme of "relationship" is important from the very beginning; all through Genesis 1, God is creating night and day, light and dark, plants and animals, and repeating, "it is good." Finally God creates humankind and says "It is very good." But then, in Genesis 2:18, God says for the first time that something is not good. What is it? "It is not good for the man to be alone." God doesn't want us to ever be alone!
Churchgoers often say, "you can't be a Christian on your own." While this exact phrase is not in the Bible, the concept is very biblical. God called us to be in community, from the very beginning. That is why the fellowship of the people of God is so very important—and why it's so amazing that we are entering this journey through Scripture together, as a church.
Community is not only important to God, community is part of God's very nature! God is one, and yet within Himself, God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—God is in community with Himself, with Godself. We see this community in the very opening verses of Scripture
God is first known by His action of "creating the heavens and earth" in verse 1. This is God the Father or Creator. God the Spirit is hovering over the surface of the waters in verse 2, present at creation. Where is God the Son? The Son is also the Word of God (John 1:1). He is the Word God speaks in verse 3: "Let there be light." So Christians see the community, the relationship of the Trinity already revealed in the first three verses of Scripture.
As we continue in the story of this holy relationship between and among God, humanity, and all creation, we see that, like all relationships, this relationship gets messy. Humankind departs from God's direction, and terrible consequences result. But God continues to pursue humankind over and over in loving relationship with us.

As you read Genesis and Exodus, watch the ways that God's relationship with his people develops, and consider how your relationship with God—and the church's relationship with God—has begun and evolved. When we study where we came from, we can make better choices about where we're going.
Happy New Year to you and
God's blessings in 2017!
Pastor Marianne

Year of the Bible: Follow along with our Year of the Bible! Readings will be listed in Sunday's bulletins, in this newsletter, and can also be found at
Also, we have ordered a subscription to "Daily Walk" magazine which we will provide free of charge in place of our regular Upper Room devotionals. You can submit any questions about what you've been reading to Pastor Marianne at, and she'll address them during the sermon. We're looking forward to deepening our faith!


January  Readings
1-Jan Genesis 1-2
January 2/3  Genesis 3-5
4-Jan Genesis 6-9
5-Jan Genesis 10-11
6-Jan Genesis 12-14
7-Jan Genesis 15-17
8-Jan Genesis 18-20
January 9/10  Genesis 21-24
11-Jan Genesis 25-26
12-Jan Genesis 27-31
13-Jan Genesis 32-36
14-Jan Genesis 37-40
15-Jan Genesis 41-44
January 16/17  Genesis 45-47
18-Jan Genesis 48-50
19-Jan Exodus 1-2
20-Jan Exodus 3-6
21-Jan Exodus 7-10
22-Jan Exodus 11-12
January 23/24  Exodus 13-15
25-Jan Exodus 16-18
26-Jan Exodus 19-20
27-Jan Exodus 21-24
28-Jan Exodus 25-27
29-Jan Exodus 28-31
30-Jan Exodus 32-34
31-Jan Exodus 35-40

Serving in the Lord’s House
January 2017

Thank-you to all who are assisting this month!
January 1:  Susie Regula  
January 8:    Andy LeCureaux
January 15:   Don Reinke
January 22:   Janie Castle
January 29:  Susie Regula  
 Please contact a member of Session
if you are interested in serving as a Liturgist during our Sunday Morning Worship.
January 8:     Carol Eads
January 15:    Mary Cristl
January 22:   Margaret Rossnagel
January 29:   Mike Woodcox
   See Margaret Rossnagel if you would like to be a greeter. 
Sunday School Teachers:
January 1:     Linda Finn, Debbie Collins
January 8:     Linda Finn, Don Reinke
January 15:   Sue Smith, Garry Smith
January 22:   Don Reinke, Becca Castle
 January 29:   Linda Finn, Sue Smith

January Anniversaries
10       Peggy and Tom Hahn

January Birthdays 
2 Donald Doty
3 Lilah Robinson
6 Michelle Kendall
9 Grace McCullough
10 Doris McDonald
21  Daniel Grano
22  Diana Grano
23  John Bunge
27  Emily Burek
30  Franklin Wills
31   Virginia Herron



Prayer Page

Please keep the following members and friends in your prayers:
· For our nation, world and leaders, especially during these times of tension and turmoil.
· For those who travel.
· For those who mourn.
· For our military members; those deployed; veterans; for military families; first responders/their families.
· For pastors, church leaders and those who serve tirelessly with mission work.
We think especially of  Steve & Marge Doty and Amy.
· For families that struggle or need patience.
· For all concerns not articulated or spoken, but on our hearts and minds.
· For persecuted Christians.
· For our shut-ins.
· For the medical concerns of:
Amanda, Betty, Dave, Dick, Donny, Gail, Graham, Jennifer, Joe, Linda, Richard, Rosemary, Sally, Sarah, Scott and Teddy. Peggy Beal, Rosemary Beauchamp, Megan Burlee, Esther Chaney, Rachel & Will Cobb, Carol Eads, Linda Finn, Bill Gleason, Richard Horn, Betty Kingstrom, Susan Kahn, Robert Mertz, Michelle Nesbitt, Don Olson,  Jan Parisi, Terry Raredo, Bev Schell, Lisa Somers and Velma Wills.

· For those fighting cancer: Andy, Evonne, Ethan, Robin, Michelle, Steve, Carol Anderson,  Ella Blonski, Jerry Edmonds, Gloria Farris, Christine Fetterhoff, Marian Johnson, Sheila Judd, Carol Kaiser, Dennis Kennedy, Tom McCullough, Mark Stamat, Janice Warner and Sandy Warner.
· For those experiencing personal struggles: Those needing comfort during transition and change; those seeking employment, the homeless; those who are losing their homes; families experiencing effects of natural disasters/bad weather, especially those affected by Hurricane Matthew.
· For those struggling with addictions and those recovering, that they may continue to heal.

To add someone to the Prayer List, please contact the church office at
(248) 288-3230 or via email:


Prayer Chain
If you have a concern that you would like us to put on the prayer chain, please contact Deb Collins at  248-649-3692 or Sandy Woodcox at 248-320-3182.

 Starr Presbyterian Church Contacts
Janie Castle   248/961-6565 

Ken Groh       248/585-6153

Andy LeCureaux   248/225-7372

Linda Finn            248/221-7252

Shari Alston           248/545-6157

Michael Woodcox     248/320-3179
Emily Burke (Clerk of Session)  248/979-3253
Don Reinke              248/399-9053

Norm Rossnagel       248/585-7417

Rick Crawford         248/548-4878
Jennifer Taub, Office Administrator

Rev. Marianne Grano:
(home) 313/649-4040
(cell) 313/585-1211
Web Address:


From Your Session
Office Hours, starting January 2:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00am-1:00pm
Pastor Marianne-
Tuesday and Friday 9:30am- 5:00pm.
The next Session meeting is
January 4, 2017.



Preaching this January:

January 1:
New Beginnings ~ Life ~
Genesis 1-2
January 8:
New Beginnings ~ Promise ~
Genesis 12
January 15:
New Beginnings ~ Commitment ~
Genesis 22
January 22:
Deliverance ~ Miracles ~
Exodus 12
January 29:
Deliverance ~ Wandering ~
Exodus 17


Women’s Association News
January 2017

The Women’s Circles, Gatherings and KnitWits will meet again in March.
The Women’s Board Meeting will be held in February.

Mitten Christmas Tree
I want to thank everyone who participated in giving to
the Mitten Tree.

We collected 3 bags full of mittens, hats and scarfs.  
Don Reinke will be
delivering them to
Detroit Rescue Mission.  
Thanks Don!

Sandra Woodcox


To see what is coming up at Starr Church, click the link below:


Online Giving!

You can give to any of our ministries including:

· General Fund
· Warming Shelter 
· Capital Improvements
· Gideons
· Flower Fund    
· Children and Youth
· Wycliffe Bible Translators
· PCUSA Special Offerings
(One Great Hour of Sharing)
Simply visit the church website,, and click on "Gifts and Tithes." You can set up an automatic payment for your convenience or if you are sometimes out of town or miss church. You do not have to create an account to use this service!


Bottle and Can Returns
Please donate your returnable cans and bottles here.
Proceeds will be given to:
* Second Mile Center
* Detroit Rescue Mission
* Starr’s rotation of
   the Warming Shelter.
Collection boxes are in both kitchens.
Thank  you!


Recycle Your Ink Cartridges Here
Please bring in your ink cartridges to help defray our office expenses.  We turn in the ink cartridges to Staples and in return we get store credit that helps pay for the paper that the bulletin and other church publications are printed on.  There is a basket in the church off ice to deposit the cartridges.  Thank you! 


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