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I am the Rev. Dr. Deandre Collier, Interim Pastor.  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I have earned the following:  B. A. in psychology from Wayne State University; M. Div., from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary; M. A., in pastoral ministry from Marygrove College; D. Min., from Ecumenical Theological Seminary; four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).  My dissertation was The Art Of Evangelism:  Empowering Congregations To Share Their Faith.  I am currently writing a book regarding my faith journey, From Victim To Victor:  Walking By Faith and Not By Sight.
My faith journey began as a young child.  I loss my physical eyesight due to an eye disease called glaucoma.  I was thirteen years old at the time.  I had dealt with the situation in very negative ways.  I experienced depression, low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and most importantly, my faith had been shaken.  However, through my teenage years, and with many personal and family issues, God introduced himself to me in a real and tangible way.  At one point, I could hear the voice of God saying to me, “I am he who will supply all of your needs.  Trust me, I will be your eyes.  Trust me, walk by faith and not by sight.”  
It was at this point, where God start working with me to help me to identify my calling and my mission in ministry.  Most of the significant events in my life have to deal with walking by faith.  I trust God for everything, and everything I put in his hands.  The cornerstone and hallmark of my ministry, that with God, all things are possible. 
In my ministry, I try to demonstrate the thought, that if God can open doors for me, he certainly can and will do it for others.

It is my hope and prayer, that while at Starr Presbyterian Church, God will be glorified and his name will be magnified in the highest.  It is my pleasure to serve this congregation in any way that I can.  I am reminded of Mark 10:45, when Jesus says, that he came to serve and not to be served.
I would finally like to leave you with this thought:  In whatever situation you find yourself, please know that God loves you; God understands you; God wants the very best for you; God forgives you for all mistakes; and most importantly, God welcomes and affirms you.
Grace and peace!
Rev. Dr. Deandre Collier


 From Your Session
Summary of pertinent actions
the Session took at
the June 2017 Meeting

 * Use of fellowship hall by Linda Halkey on July 29th for $125 (graduation party).
* Approve the rental of WaterWorks for the summer at the increased rate of $1,450.00
* Use of fellowship hall by the Taiwanese Fellowship on August 5th for free.
* Life Line Screening for free building usage on November 4th.
* Rummage sale – A volunteer has stepped forward. Janie and Mike to manage possible snack bar. Planning committee (Sandy, Lon, Mike, Janie) to start meeting.  Rummage sale will be held on September 8 and 9, 2017, and to start receiving donated items August 1st .
* Starr Trek – Wednesday night is thought to be the best day of the week for this event.. Starr Trek will be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on July 12 and 19, 2017. Starr Cross to be invited to provide music.

* There has been a situation with a yoga student leaving a dog in the student's car on hot days. The Sessions policy is to politely enforce local laws as to a dog in distress. Pastor is to contact the yoga group to try to resolve this situation as well as possible for all parties.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard Smith, Clerk of Session


Preaching this July

July 2:
Psalm 146 ~
What is the meaning
of life?

July 9:
Proverbs 1:20-33
~ Wisdom
July 16:
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
July 23:
Isaiah 7:10-16
~ Prophecy
July 30:

Dr. Collier: Isaiah


Sunday, July 9 at 10:30 AM
We will be in Starr-Jaycee Park in the large pavilion. We'll share a picnic lunch afterward (bring your own paper products!) A sign up sheet is in the hallway. Dr. Deandre Collier, our summer resident pastor, will be participating in worship and meeting the congregation. A great opportunity to bring a friend or neighbor to worship!


Are you having trouble keeping up with our Year of the Bible readings? Don't lose heart! Several of our members have found it easier to listen to the readings, and can catch up by listening to the Bible when they have time. Some of the resources members have shared are:  


Faith Comes by Hearing

A free app for Android or Apple devices that reads the Bible aloud in the English Standard Version using professional actors.

Free Bible app for Android, Apple, Amazon, or smart TVs with lots of resources including audio Bibles and hearing impaired resources. Options for "dramatic reading" or "simple reading."

A comprehensive, searchable Bible website with over 70 translations that includes audio versions. 

Everyone welcome!!
Studying Jesus throughout the Bible, titled, "Who Is Jesus?" Our study will meet every Tuesday morning at 10:00am at church. The study will run from July 18-August 29th. Please sign up on the sheet located on the church bulletin board. 


July Reading Schedule
1/2  Proverbs 1-4

3   Proverbs 5-9

4   Proverbs 10-13

5  Proverbs 14-17

6  Proverbs 18-21

7   Proverbs 22-24

8/9  Proverbs 25-29

10  Proverbs 30-31

11  Ecclesiastes 1-6

12  Ecclesiastes 7-12

13  Song of Songs 1-8

14  Isaiah 1-4

15/16  Isaiah 5-8

17  Isaiah 9-12

18  Isaiah 13-16

19  Isaiah 17-20

20  Isaiah 21-23

21  Isaiah 24-27

22/23  Isaiah 28-30

24  Isaiah 31-35

25  Isaiah 36-39

26  Isaiah 40-43

27  Isaiah 44-48

28  Isaiah 49-51

29  Isaiah 52-57

30  Isaiah 58-62

31  Isaiah 63-66


Serving in the Lord’s House
Thank-you to all who are assisting this month!
July 2:        Andy LeCureaux
July 9:        Don Reinke
July 16:      Janie Castle
July 23:      Susie Regula  
July 30:     Lon Kuehn
Please contact a member of Session if you are interested in serving as a Liturgist during our Sunday Morning Worship.
July 2:        Open
July 9:        Linda Finn
July 16:      Jim and Charlotte Alex
July 23:      Mandy and Lucy Reinke
July 30:      Mike Woodcox
See Margaret Rossnagel if you would like to be a greeter.
Sunday School Teachers:
July 2:   Linda Finn, Debbie Collins
July 9:   Don Reinke, Becca Castle
July 16: Sue Smith, Garry Smith
July 23: Linda Finn, Debbie Collins
July 30: Sue Smith, Garry Smith
Sunday, July 16, 2017
Lunch provided! Gardening and odd jobs around the church.  We need your help!  Childcare helpers also appreciated!

 Join us on Wednesday July 12th and 19th from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm for a couple  of summer evenings out on the Starr Church Lawn.

Bring a lawn chair and join our dessert potluck by bringing some treats to share, while we spend each evening in fellowship, food, music and a two part message entitled:
"Follow Me: If Jesus began His ministry TODAY, would He choose YOU as one of His Disciples?" by Lon Kuehn.
Starr Church will provide the fire pit and fixin's for the s'mores. Invite your friends and neighbors while we "Boldly go where the Scriptures lead us!"


Women’s Association

July 2017

No Board meeting in  July or August.
July Birthdays
1       Linda Finn
2      Don Reinke
3      Michael Woodcox
10     Lindsay Kendall
11     Margaret Rossnagel
15     Sarah Kuhn
15     Brianne Kendall
16    Holly Burek
16   Paul Regula
17   Teri Barnaby
20   Mya Horne
23  Sheila Judd


July Movie -
Soul Surfer
Sunday July 16th - 7pm

2011 Crystal Dove Seal Award Winner for Best Drama –

Bethany Hamilton is one of the most amazing people we have come across in years; an avid surfer living in Hawaii who had her arm completely removed by a tiger shark when she was only 13 years old. This film, based on the true life story of Bethany’s experience, is one of few truly uplifting family films released by a major Hollywood studio in recent memory. The level of faith in God that Bethany and her family have is clearly portrayed in the film. Most of the story takes place on the water with incredible surfing scenes. (Real-life Bethany does all of the one-arm surfing in the film.)

Popcorn & refreshments provided.


To see what is coming up at Starr Church, click the link below:

Please Recycle Your Ink Cartridges at Starr Church!
Please bring in your ink cartridges to help defray our office expenses.  We turn in the ink cartridges to Staples and in return we get store credit that helps pay for many of our office supplies. This is quite helpful towards our office budget.  There is a basket in the church office to deposit the cartridges. 

Thank you! 
Online Giving!
You can give to any of our ministries online including:
· General Fund
· Warming Shelter 
· Capital Improvements    
· Gideons
· Flower Fund      
· Children and Youth
· Wycliffe Bible Translators
· PCUSA Special Offerings
(One Great Hour of Sharing)
Simply visit the church website,, and click on "Gifts and Tithes." You can set up an automatic payment for your convenience or if you are sometimes out of town or miss church. You do not have to create an account to use this service!
Prayer Chain
If you have a concern that you would like us to put on the prayer chain, 
please contact
Deb Collins at  248-649-3692
or Sandy Woodcox at 248-320-3182.
Prayer Page
Please keep the following members and friends in your prayers:
* For our nation, world and leaders,
we pray for unity and kindness,
as we work together to further our mutual goals of justice and peace.
* For those who travel.
* For the homeless and hungry.
* For those who mourn.
* For those suffering/recovering from natural and man-made disasters.
* For our military members; those deployed; veterans; for military families; first responders and their families.
* For pastors, church leaders and those who serve tirelessly with mission work. Steve & Marge Doty; and Amy.
* For those seeking employment. 
* For those fighting addictions.
* For families that struggle or need patience.
* For all concerns not articulated or spoken, but on our hearts and minds.
* For persecuted Christians.

* For our shut-ins.
* For the medical concerns of: Amanda, Betty, Dave, Dick, Gail, Gordy, Greg, Jennifer, Joe, Ken, Linda, Richard, Rosemary, Ryan, Sally, Sarah & Graham, Scott, Dave Angle, Rosemary Beauchamp, Gene Bryant, Megan Burlee, Carol Eads, Bill Gleason, Richard Horn, Betty Kingstrom, Rachel & Will Klaus, Grace McCullough, Tom McCullough, Robert Mertz, Michelle Nesbitt, Don Olson, Terry Raredo, Bev Schell, Lisa Somers, Bob Sutherland, Darlene Watson and Velma Wills.
* For those fighting cancer: Andy, Evonne, Ethan, Robin, Michelle, Steve, Carol Anderson,  Jerry Edmonds, Gloria Farris, Christine Fetterhoff, Joyce Gasser, Marian Johnson, Sheila Judd, Carol Kaiser, Dennis Kennedy, Tom McCullough, Mark Stamat, Janice Warner and Sandy Warner.
Note:  To add or remove someone to the Prayer List, please contact the church office at (248) 288-3230 or via email:

Starr Church Calendar
Starr Presbyterian Church Contacts
 Shari Alston (2017)              248-545-6157
Janie Castle (2018)               248-961-6565
Linda Finn (2017)                  248-221-7252 
Lon Kuehn (2019)                 248-506-9982 
Michael Woodcox (2017)      248-320-3179
Sandy Woodcox (2019)         248-320-3182
Trustee Contact
Don Reinke                            248-399-9053

Norm Rossnagel                    248-585-7417

Rick Crawford                        248-548-4878
Church Office:                        248-288-3230
Jennifer Taub, Office Administrator               
Rev. Marianne Grano:            313-649-4040 

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