Prince Finds Sanctuary at Holly Hedge

On Sunday morning we received a phone call from a concerned member of the public who had just left the Sanctuary, and saw a dog tied to the sign at the Sanctuary entrance. 

We raced down the drive, and found this gorgeous Saluki tied to our signpost, with a bag of treats, food and a note. He gave a little nervous tail wag as we approached, so we calmly and steadily made our way to meet him, being careful not to alarm him.

The note said, "My name is Prince, about 12 1/2 years old"

We softly spoke to Prince as we untied him from the signpost, and headed into the Sanctuary with him. He could not have been tied up for long, as some of the team had only arrived minutes earlier, and he was not there then.

Following an initial assessment by our team to make sure he had no urgent medical needs we had him checked over by Vale Vets the following day and found he has:

🐾 a skin irritation which is quite inflamed
🐾 a need for a thorough groom (or a spa day)
🐾 a build up of plaque on his teeth, so needs a scale and polish with the doggy dentist
🐾 sore limbs, so needs some pain medication and maybe some physiotherapy.

We  have already started treating his ailments, and he will also be castrated as with older un-neutered dogs there is a risk of testicular cancer. Prince needs to feel as Royal as his name, so this is our mission. 

Prince being a Saluki is a little bit of a natural worrier, so we are allowing him to settle in at his own pace and offering as much comfort and reassurance as we can. We'll let him lead us and find out what he likes and dislikes, so we can be sure to find the best home for him. 

We have helped thousands of stray animals in 28 years. Animals that have been disregarded and left in the woods, or in an unoccupied building, with the hope that they'll survive on their own, or that someone will hear them, and they'll rescue them. 

Please know that we have no judgement here.

We like to think of ourselves as a safe place for humans and animals, and we understand how hard it is to surrender your family pet, and we respect you for making the right decision for them. Realising that they need more than you can give them is heartbreaking, and fortunately for many people is not a decision they ever have to make. Although much of the world is going back to some kind of normal, so many people are losing their livelihoods and homes due to COVID19. If Prince's story achieves anything we hope it can remove some of the stigma that comes from rehoming your pet, so we are better equipped to help them and find them new owners who love them just as much as you did. 

Although Prince being left at our gate is not ideal, as we then have no medical history for him and we need to spend longer working out his needs, it is so much more responsible than leaving them to look after themselves somewhere else, or posting him on gumtree as so many animals are. 

It is clear that Prince was clearly loved, and we can only imagine how hard this must have been for his owners. We want to say thank you to them for bringing him to us, and to let them know he is being well looked after, and we will treat his ailments, and we will find him a perfect home. 

With so many dogs and cats like Prince needing our help so regularly our vet bills are rising astronomically. If you would like to donate to help Prince and other animals like him please click here.

Are we open?

As so much of the world reopens again around us we feel like we're a little left behind, and although we'd love to be open again as usual and seeing all our wonderful volunteers and supporters, the risk unfortunately remains too high for us. Our priority remains keeping our animals safe and cared for by our small but mighty team. If just one of them were to get the dreaded Track and Trace call we could see staff from a whole block have to isolate at home for 14 days, which would have huge effects on the care the animals receive. 

This hasn't stopped adoptions, recently the ball-obsessed Basil was adopted by a lovely couple, as well as Coco and Charles and Kez - all of whom had been with us for over a year! Seeing them start their new chapter in life with wonderful understanding humans who love their funny characteristics has been so heartwarming, and we can't wait for some updates! If you're looking to adopt you can read our current adoption procedure here.  

You have been such incredible supporters throughout, and we couldn't have accomplished as much as we have without your help, thank you all for your friendship and generosity. xx

Agnes is still looking for a home!

Agnes is a little old lady we were called out to rescue after she had fallen from a 40ft building into a contained car park. Neighbours could hear her little mews for help and after another rescue told them they couldn't help they were advised to call us. Our team were there 20 minutes after receiving the call as we were worried she had been seriously injured, and when we got to the building we didn't hold too much hope. Agnes was easy to find and by some miracle had barely a scratch. Although we believe she is a little blind and may be hard of hearing (or have selective hearing!), she had somehow been fortunate enough to fall on a small ledge, making her fall 20ft twice! Agnes was badly matted when we rescued her, and whilst she doesn't like having the mats cut out she loves people and will make a wonderful - if slightly scruffy -companion. 
Agnes made her debut in the news a couple of weeks ago  (you can read all about it here) and we thought we would be inundated with requests for a home, but she's still here with us. Agnes has had quite enough adventures for one lifetime and is looking for a loving home to live out the rest of her years. If you'd like to learn more about Agnes please click her profile here.

Buddy was so excited that the grass had been cut he tried to eat it...and instantly regrets it!

This handsome young boy is Buddy, and at only 10 months old he is bouncy, sweet and can be a little mischievous! Buddy originally came to Holly Hedge in 2019 and was rehomed last year, but with his hormones flowing and him needing so much stimulation his owners found it difficult to cope with him in the home. Buddy still has lots of learning to do, and would really benefit from being in an active home where his forever family have lots of time to dedicate to meet his needs. 

Buddy is still looking for his forever home, if you'd like to see his profile please click here. 

Smudge asks if you could please text to give just £1?

We are facing a year without our fundraising events, which is almost £40,000 we’re missing in vital funds we work hard to bring in each year. Even so we refuse to stop helping the hundreds of dogs and cats who need our help. Over the next 12 months we will rescue up to 800 cats and dogs, so we are asking for just £1 to help us continue our vital mission. We are hoping to raise £19,000, and are so far at almost £4,000 and with over 5,000 people in our mailing list, we're still hopeful we can reach this target.

To donate all you need to do is text COVID19K to 70085 to donate £1* - less than the cost of a posh coffee. Thank you xx

*Texts cost £1 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £1 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text COVID19KNOINFO to 70085.
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Do two great things at once!

Are you going back to work and looking for ways to keep your furry family members occupied? Our pals at Love Louie do a fantastic job of designing boxes full of goodies to keep dogs and cats stimulated with toys and treats. They're a small, family run business who want to keep your furry friends entertained whilst helping dogs and cats until they find their forever home. If you'd like to take a look at the boxes or find out more  just click here. 

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