We're mentioning the "C" word early for good reason!

Winners will receive a pack of 10 cards and a VIP tour of the Sanctuary! 

Pass it on! Your design could feature on our Christmas cards! Be it an illustration, painting, or collage, we want to see your festive designs! 
Please see full guidelines on our website here - we can't wait to see your designs! 

Always overlooked, black and black & white cats

Our cattery is full of black and black and white cats, and statistically they take 50% longer to rehome than any other moggies in the cattery, even when they are kittens. 

They are often overlooked and we think this might historically have been due to the many myths and superstitions that surround them, and as well as this new madness that they are said not to be photogenic, and so do not suit this digital world. 

As we have an open door policy and often take cats that are semi feral - or totally shut down after years of living homeless, we have some cats who are timid and shy, and may be in pairs finding comfort in each other. Our amazing staff and volunteers work daily to rehabilitate these cats, and can often see a complete turn around as we did recently with lovely Toby (who should be going to his new home very soon!). But there is nothing quite like the comfort and security a cat feels in their own space, and some only truly get their confidence and trust back in a patient and loving home.

We have so many unique characters who would love the opportunity to show someone how charismatic and lovely they are. Actually almost 50% of our cats are black, or black & white!!! If you would like to meet them, please pop into the Sanctuary as no appointments are necessary.

Cat of the Month


Maggie has been at the Sanctuary since July, and won a special place in all our hearts. This lovely girl has had a bit of a rough time, and was found as a stray with a terrible flea allergy which caused her to have small seizures. These are now under control and her skin is healing really well.

You may have noticed Maggie's wonky smile, at some point a few years ago she has been involved in a car accident and her jaw was broken. Over time Maggie's jaw fused together and she is able to eat happily, and our vets do not believe she is in any pain and she won't require surgery.

Maggie is a testament to how cats will struggle on stoically, needing a kind person to catch them (sometimes against their will!) and give them a helping hand.

Now our brave girl is looking for her forever home, and we know that whilst Maggie will be lucky to find her family, they will be so lucky as she is a wonderful cat. Maggie is 9 years old, she loves people but we aren't sure about how she is with other cats or dogs. We would love to see this girl with someone who is home a lot of the time, to meet every request for a fuss and a chin scratch.

We think Maggie's jaw makes her extra loveable, when she yawns she looks as though she's auditioning for the opera!

If you would like to be Maggie's well-deserved forever home please give our rehoming team a call on 01275 474 719 or email us on

You can see her profile here.

Dog of the Month

Tintin's been looking for his home for over a year! 

Before finding himself in England through another rescue, Tintin had been living on the streets in Spain, much like Aladdin he was scrounging for scraps and didn't have many human friends. It has taken him a little while to learn basic manners and how to be socialised with other dogs.
Cars were a big and exciting mystery to Tintin, in our Wildlife Meadow where the dogs are able to joyfully run off-lead, if a car drove by up the lane he would chase it! Some of our long standing volunteers have been getting Tintin used to the car and regularly taking him out for adventures - so he is learning cars aren't so strange!

Having been born on the streets, Tintin loves life at the Sanctuary, he has regular meals, yummy treats, walks and makes new friends often - two and four-legged! Whilst Tintin doesn't know what he's missing, we do; he is missing out on his happy forever after. Whilst we work hard to ensure no home comfort is spared for our rescues, there is no real substitute for a home and family to call their own. We want this so much for Tintin, and for him to have his second Christmas in the UK to be in his own home. 

Tintin is a happy boy and loves cuddles, but as he is big and bouncy, he can get a little carried away during playtime! He is clever, so needs stimulation so he doesn't get frustrated, although he has no idea what a forever home really is, his will need lots of enrichment, and someone who is around a lot of the day with experience of dogs.

He would love to be in a family with children, but they would need to be older and bigger and know how to tell him when it's time for a time out. He has so much potential and with the incentive of of food (he is a real foodie and will sit down as soon as he thinks you have treats!), he quickly picks up training. Although he enjoys playing with other dogs, he would like to be the only dog in the home, only because he can get a bit carried away with playing. We've started positive muzzle training with Tintin and he has been marvellous with it! We call it his "treat basket"! It makes him feel safe, calm and means he can say hello to new friends without getting too excited.

There's a whole new world out there for Tintin! Could you please share his story and help him find his family?

Take a look at Tintin's profile here. 

Christmas Raffle Goodies Wanted!

Our Christmas fair is coming up, and with it our amazing raffle! Our raffles and tombola always raise vital funds for our rescue animals, so your unwanted gifts can save lives!
Do you have any new unwanted items you could donate that we could use for tombola or raffle prizes?

If you have any smellies, bottles of plonk or gift sets that you would kindly like to donate to us we'd be very grateful! Please drop them off to us at the Sanctuary, or our charity shops in Nailsea or Weston. Please specify that they are for the tombola or for our raffle.
Thank you so much for your support. 

Want to help? Here's a few ways you can! 

There are many aspects of Sanctuary life that are a little less glamourous, one of those being storage! To keep our food stored safely and away from critters we need large storage containers with lids. If you have any at home you no longer need, we will find great use for them here! 

On 15th December we'll be singing carols at Cribbs Causeway to raise funds for our animals, please email if you can carry a tune and some festive spirit  (gusto is more important than skill!) and would like to join us for the morning or afternoon session - last year we raised £200!

After last year's success we are once again running our Christmas Shoebox Appeal! They have been a lifeline for our rescues all year, and we're so grateful to everyone who took part either by making a box for our cats and dogs, volunteering to sort or collect the shoeboxes, or by being a Drop Off point. Please click here if you'd like information on how you can get involved.

If you shop online regularly please sign up for easyfundraising and select Holly Hedge to support. Your support really does make a difference, and with over 3500 shops and sites you can raise free donations on almost everything, from holidays to a new pair of shoes!
You can sign up here.

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Choose Holly Hedge as your charity, then shop, and 0.5% of each purchase will be donated by Amazon to our animals! 

Thank you! 

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