We want to see your Golden Oldies, Prettiest Toebeans, Cute Photos and Space Invaders, because we are running our first ever online pet show! Even better, we have classes for all species so we want to see your bunnies, hens, birds, horses, mice, pigs and more! 

With so many of our Fundraising events cancelled we are doing our best to bring you all the best bits of Fun Day to the safety and comfort of your home. We hope you'll join us for our Big Weekend In on the 4th-6th September, when our judges will be announcing the winners of our online pet show - which you can enter now

Fancy winning a Sparkling Cream Tea for Two or an Amazon Echo Dot? Our dogs will draw our huge raffle with amazing prizes on a live video which we're sure will be wonderful chaos! Over on our Virtual Market we're showcasing some amazing local businesses who make the new normal much more bearable. Want to see some old friends? We'll have videos catching up with some of our previous residents from the Sanctuary, and so much more! 

Our Patron Monty Halls and his wonderful family are judging our Dog Classes, and with more exciting announcements coming we can't wait to share with you it's shaping up to be a fabulous weekend in!

If you're on facebook click here for the event so you don't miss a thing! Want to take a look at the whole event? Click here and see our amazing traders, raffle and a gallery with some of our entries to the classes so far! 

Diesel's looking for his forever home!

Although Diesel might be a little silver in the muzzle this gorgeous boy is still full of beans and is such a character everyone who meets him falls in love. Diesel was originally seen on facebook advertised as "free to a good home" when a kind lady saw this and wanted to ensure his safety so took him in. She loved Diesel as everyone who meets him does and really wanted to keep him, but he was too big and bouncy for the little children in the home, occasionally knocking them over by accident as he lolloped by, and he couldn't understand that the cats in the home didn't enjoy being chased. 

We affectionately think of Diesel as an overgrown toddler, who loves to play and explore the world. He's uncomplicated, a master of tug-of-war and loves playing with other dogs - though can be a little overenthusiastic at times so we think he'd be happiest as the only dog in the home. 

He has arthritis in his back legs, which is helped with pain relief. We also found he only has one testicle, which will be investigated when castrated. There is a possibility that he may also be a little deaf - has mastered the art of selective hearing! For more information on Diesel please click here. 


Our fabulous supporter and professional photographer of dogs, Phil Girdlestone Photography is running The Dogathon Fundraiser, where for a £20 donation he will photograph your dog and give you a 10x8" mounted print. Determined to help as many dogs as possible, Phil has continued to run Dogathon for us and since starting Dogathon has so far raised over £6,300! 

The Dogathon offer is open to all woofers, as long as they haven't been photographed by Phil before, and incredibly all funds raised come to us to support the animals in our care. We are truly grateful to Phil for donating his time, skill and passion to help our dogs, and hope if you've ever looked at your dog and thought they are so gorgeous they should be photographed professionally, that you consider entering Dogathon, and helping our rescues at the same time.

For more information or to sign up straight away, click here.

Handsome Monty Seeks Endless Fuss

This little prince is Monty. Monty is one of the many animals we have taken in due to people losing their livelihoods as a result of COVID19. Monty's owners were hit hard by the pandemic and with no savings they couldn't afford his medication. Monty has hyperthyroidism, which is fairly common and easy to treat and monitor. Although it can never be cured, with the right medication which can be put on his food, it keeps all his levels where they should be. We've also given him a dental and removed any teeth that were causing him pain, so he can enjoy delicious treats as he should be able to! 

At 14 years old Monty likes a slower pace, if it were up to him his days would be filled with fuss, snoozes and pottering around a garden making sure everything is in order. Monty loves being fussed so much if you stop stroking him when he's not had his fill he grabs your hand to ask you to continue! He will also politely tell you if you are stroking him in the wrong place. Mostly this handsome boy just wants to be reassured you're there and sleep near you.

We would love nothing more than to find Monty a special place for his last majestic years, with no other pets please as he'd like all your fuss to himself! If you could be that special someone please give our rehoming team a call on 01275 474 719 or email

Lots of little mouths to feed!

The pictured kittens are still too little to be looking for their forever homes, but they are big enough to be eating wet food! Every year, we budget and plan for kitten season, and nearly every year we have more round kitten tummies to fill than we planned for. This year as we were one of a handful of shelters in the South West still actively rescuing during lockdown, our supplies were gone quicker than a kitten can bop your nose! Though we keep things positive, we could really use a hand with keeping our kittens fed please, so we are asking for your help now.

We appreciate that these are unstable times for all of us, and that COVID-19 has turned things topsy-turvy, but what we do know is that it hasn't stopped kitten season. You can help us keep our store room stocked, keep those bellies full and round, and those kittens snoozing, playing, and generally being cute, by donating any of the following: 

  • Whiskas kitten food in jelly
  • Felix kitten food in jelly 
  • Grain free kitten food in jelly such as Sainsbury's own brand, Lily's Kitchen, James Wellbeloved or HiLife. 
You can find our  amazon wishlist here but we realise items are much more expensive there than they are in other shops. We encourage everyone to shop locally whereever they can and remember the independently owned businesses who are also struggling at the moment. Thank you! xx


Do you shop for your pets on zooplus? If so you may have zoopoints you can donate to Holly Hedge!
We are their Charity of The Month so the points you raise with every purchase can be used to help our rescues! 

You can donate between 10 and 250 zooPoints, with all donations making a vital difference to the lives of our animals. Please note, you can only collect zooPoints if you are a registered customer, and zooPoints can only be donated when a purchase is made with a minimum value of £10. 

Boyo heard the sun is coming back so he's working on his summer body!

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