Join us this Sunday for Bark in the Park!  

We can't wait to make more dogs smile just like this! 

Come on down to Long Ashton Community Centre Sports Field this Sunday, for another another amazing Bark in the Park! 

There will be lots of fantastic stalls, and we are bringing our amazing doggy tombola where you can win fab prizes for your dog!

The Fun Dog Show has seven fun categories for your pups to enter in the dog show for just £2 per class entry. Registration opens at 11am, with the show starting at 12pm. 

We will also be bringing The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Dog Activity Zone which went down a storm at the Weston Rotary Dog Day! For £2 your dog has 5 minutes to complete our fun agility arena, and the dog with the fastest time takes a prize! But if you'd prefer to take it easy, browse the stalls with a prosecco in hand! 

You can find more information by clicking here.

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Kittens needing homes!

Current Kitten Count: 38!

As always, this time of year the sanctuary sees the arrival of cute little bundles of joy needing homes! We’ve got lots of kittens ready and waiting to be adopted by their forever families, but this year, we are in no shortage of black and black & white kittens! They are just the cutest and full of character, but sadly they are the most overlooked! Most of the kittens are looking to be adopted in pairs, but we do have some confident individuals too.

We do ask that kitten adopters can be home most of the day initially, as these little cuties need lots of company to help them become confident and well socialised cats. An outdoor space for when they are older is also essential but, not too near busy roads so that we can ensure their safety.

We are always in need of high quality kitten food and Cimicat milk for the kittens, as they will be with us for 9 weeks, until they are old enough to leave mum and go to their furever homes. If anyone is able to donate any of the following we would be incredibly grateful:

  • Cimicat milk 
  • Felix kitten pouches in jelly
  • Whiskas in jelly (fish preferred)
  • Bozita kitten food
  • Lily's Kitchen kitten food

Pictured above are Hugo and Margot (from a litter of kittens we've named after the Durrells!), below is Thelma who is looking for a home with her sister Louise!

Kittens get reserved quickly! However, they will be available when they reach 6 weeks old subject to vet checks. Please contact the rehoming team on to discuss available kittens. 

Teddy the puppy has surgery!

Teddy is a beautiful 6 month old Saluki X, brought to us after his owners couldn't afford his vets bills and sadly didn't have the time for a dog with special medical needs. Our Teddy is a brave boy, and with a winning smile like this, it's no surprise he's won so many hearts in the short time he's been with us. 
Teddy smiles all day, and has this huge loving, goofy personality, but underneath that smile he is in pain. Animals aren't like us, they can become accustomed to pain and accept it as part of daily life as they do not know that they can (and should!) live pain free.

Teddy's front leg had a deformity, a bend in the bone. In vet terms, the growth plate on the end of the ulna is disrupted which could have been from an undiagnosed fracture, or it may have been caused by an infected bite wound. Once the growth plate stops "growing", the ulna becomes short in relation to the radius, causing the radius to bow out and bend. The surgery Teddy so urgently needed, involved shortening the bones to be of equal length and hopefully this will correct the bend.

If left untreated and without surgery, Teddy would face a life of pain and discomfort and could eventually lead to him losing his leg all together, as every day we wait the bones are growing. We received his X-rays back from the vets and it became clear that his bones are so malformed that he must have been in significant pain for a long time. Though we hadn't reached our fundraising target needed to cover his surgery, it was booked in for this afternoon as we couldn't delay it any longer knowing the suffering he must have been in. Right is a picture of one of his X-rays, to give you an idea of how painful it must be, the bone should be straight!

Teddy's surgery thankfully went really well - although Teddy was so nervous and excited about all the new people and smells, he couldn't stay still for a second until the anaesthesia kicked in!
He's gone straight to his new home, where the real work begins of ensuring he rests so his leg can properly heal - but resting isn't something that comes naturally to a bouncy puppy!
We are hoping to reach the £3,000 needed just for his operation before dipping into our reserves if we can, so that we can save many other animals like Teddy. 
If you'd like to share Teddy's appeal, you can find it here. Our supporters have been so generous and eager to help this sweet puppy on his journey to walking tall and pain-free, and as our Pawpals, so many of you support animals like Teddy every month with your regular gift. Thank you all so much for caring about Teddy and animals like him!  

Cat of the Month


Havana is a seven month old kitten who is absoloutely gorgeous. She was picked up by one of our volunteers, when she grew out of being a small kitten and her owners could no longer cope.

We noticed she had a squint, which quickly got progressively worse, and after a few visits to a vet it was determined that she was squinting because hair was growing from her eyeball. 
Havana had a dermoid, which is when the skin grows in an abnormal place, in her case her cornea, conjunctiva and eyelid. It is a rare problem with development seen in young animals once their eyes open. The vets removed some of her eyelid and remade her eyelid margin, and separated the parts that had incorrectly fused together. Thankfully the hair won’t grow back, but if left the hairs would damage her cornea and cause an ulcer which would be incredibly painful, and if left untreated, Havana may have had to eye removed. Havana is a really lovely kitten, with so much personality and catitude! She is currently in recovery from her surgery and her foster mum says she is healing very well and already bouncing around! She has so much to give, and is looking for her forever home. Please get in touch with our rehoming team if you would like to offer this sweet girl a home to call her own. 

Dog of the Month


Lovely little Ruby is urgently looking for a special home who can give love and attention to an older girl. Ruby's owner tragically passed away and she has found herself in need of an urgent foster or, ideally, permanent home.

Sadly Ruby does have some medical issues which we are trying to help her resolve. As well as having to have a full dental, she also has a fatty mass on her leg which is too big to operate on without losing her leg and she will need monitoring in the home. We are making her as comfortable as possible but for now we need to find her a home where she can have all the cuddles, nice walks and company she needs. She still likes a little walk out and about and would suit a quieter home with no other pets. Ruby is the sweetest lady who just wants to be around people, and snoozes adorably with her tongue out. She just needs love and a sofa to snooze on for as long as she has a good quality of life, ideally local enough to being her in for the occasional check up.

Giving a chance to an older dog is such a rewarding thing to do, please consider giving this old lady a place in your home and heart. You can see Ruby's profile here. 


Help us find a home for Bobby!

Hi there,

I'm Bobby and my foster mum says that you might be able to help me find my furever family.... Can you? Please? It would make me so happy! 

You see, I had a lovely family before who loved me very much, but I couldn't stay with them, as I had made up a game, which made things go bad. I didn't mean to, it's just I need to keep busy, as I have a lot of energy, and when I got bored, I'd start making things mine, and guarding them. I'd guard anything that dropped on the floor, then it was mine! And I didn't like people trying to take my things away. Then my family decided that I had to find a new family and learn a new game.
So I came to Holly Hedge, which was very scary and I didn't like it, so my foster mum took me home, which was lovely. And you know, she doesn't play my game, so when I try to guard things, she won't play and try to take it from me, so I don't do it so much any more. There's no fun in guarding something no-one wants!

Instead, we play ball in the garden, which I LOVE, and we go for 3 big walks (I've only got little legs!) every day too, which is brilliant, and I get all tired and sleepy afterwards, and we have cuddles and fuss, and then I fall asleep, all comfy and content.
My foster mum says I'm a funny little chap, and that I have to remember that the guarding game is not as good as playing ball when I find my new family. I want to be a good boy and so I'm trying.
I would like to live with big people who are experienced please, who are home with me, and can help continue my training, and where I can be the only furry family member please, as small people are far too easy to play the wrong games with.
My foster mum says that I'm a loveable, comical little chap, full of fun and energy, and that I'm very affectionate and loving.
Do you have a little Yorkie-sized space in your home for me?
I'm living with my foster mum, but would love to find my furever family please. If you'd like to meet me, or discuss rehoming me, please call the lovely team at Holly Hedge on 01275 474719.

Love and woofs,

Bobby xx

Tombola items wanted!

Our tombola & raffles always raise vital funds for our rescue animals, so your unwanted gifts can save lives!
Do you have any of these items you could donate that we could use for tombola or raffle prizes?
  • Gift sets
  • Smellies
  • Homeware products
  • Bottles of plonk
  • Small teddies for our Teddy bear tombola
  • Games

If you have any of these items that you would kindly like to donate to us we'd be very grateful! Please drop them off to us at the Sanctuary, or our charity shops in Nailsea or Weston. Please specify that they are for the tombola or for our raffle.
Thank you so much for your support. 

A huge thank you!


Thank you to our amazing supporters who are regularly shopping online with easyfundraising.

Your support really does make a difference, so don't forget there are over 3500 shops and sites you can raise free donations with!

Please make sure you shop the easyfundraising way every time you buy something online:

Do you shop on Amazon regularly? Did you know you can donate to us whilst shopping there?

Just sign up to Amazon Smile here

Choose Holly Hedge as your charity, then shop, and 0.5% of each purchase will be donated by Amazon to our animals! 

The Newfoundland Water Rescue was a huge success! 

What can we say except WOW!
Our current total from the most adrenaline-fuelled fundraising event of 2019 is drumroll please… £7,038.23!!! With Gift Aid we have reached over £8,000, this is the most we have ever raised with this amazing event!
This incredible feat would not have been made possible without the fantastic Newfound Friends UK who were professional, fun and supportive throughout the day. They donate their time, hard work and skills for charities throughout the year, and we have nothing but respect and gratitude for them & the Newfoundland Dogs, who are true heroes.
Our Jumpers went above and beyond for our rescue animals, and we cannot thank each of them enough for their individual fundraising efforts. They are all superstars!
As the newspaper says, the money raised is more than our bills for veterinary medication for the year to date! This means we can continue to give vital care to even more animals, something we cannot thank everyone involved for enough.

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