Santa Paws is coming!
With so many awful things having happened this year, we’re deeply grateful to still be able to provide a safe space for animals in need... every day. We’re grateful that because of your help, even in the face of adversity we have been able to rehome over 400 cats this year, and 150 dogs. Thanks to you we have been able to adapt and overcome, and all our rescues have you to thank for the happy lives they are living now. 

Our rescues have been showered with shoeboxes from so many of you, our kindhearted supporters, and if you'd like to see some videos of them being thoroughly enjoyed you can view them by heading over to our facebook here

Rescue never sleeps, and on Christmas day each of our dogs and cats will have presents to open, and they'll each get their very own Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! We do everything possible to ensure they get to experience the magic of Christmas with no detail spared.

Our kennels have underfloor heating and each cat chalet has a heater to keep them toasty, and we are ready to bring in every animal who needs us from the cold. Christmas is always a busy period for us, as people buy new puppies and kittens as presents. Last year, we rescued hundreds of animals over the winter months and we fear that due to the pandemic, we could be facing our toughest Christmas yet as we are braced for a rise in abandoned and neglected animals needing our help.

It’s been a tough year for everyone, including charities, so now more than ever we need your help to continue our vital work saving animals and giving them a second chance at happiness.

We cannot do this alone, which is why we have launched our appeal below.

Thank you so much for your kindness, it's what everyone needs at Christmas! 

We hope you enjoy our Christmas poem, written by our amazing volunteer and Trustee, Nicky Leeson. You may recognise some familiar faces of our rescues throughout the year, and will be pleased to know that most of them are enjoying life in their forever homes. But as we celebrate these triumphs, we are also faced with uncertainty about our finances. It would mean everything to us if you could read our Christmas appeal here, and give whatever you can.
Thank you and Merry Christmas! xx

Felix gets his happy ending

If you've just joined our newsletter recently and hadn't read about Felix, the cat who got lost in a new city and ate plastic to survive, take a look here before you read the happy update below! Some of you guessed that Felix had already found his forever home with his foster mum, Hannah, and we are delighted to let you know that he is there to stay! She sent us in a little update which we are delighted to share with you all. 

"We fell in love with Felix instantly, and we wanted to be his last stop on what has been a long and trying journey for him.
Felix been let down and hurt by so many people it's a miracle he's such a lovebug. He has made it through so much, and every day looks up at me, touches my face or screams at me for food as if to say "Daylight's burning, let's go lady!"
My husband and I usually foster and give palliative care to elderly cats, but we had been looking for a new permanent furry addition to our family. We hadn't met a cat who, against all the odds still had such a zest for life since our last girl, Sweetie Pie who died last year after a long battle with kidney disease. He won our hearts very quickly, and he shows us he loves us every day. It is heartbreaking to know that if Holly Hedge hadn't been such an incredible advocate for him he would have died. We loved seeing how many people from so many parts of the world cheered his recovery on, and we want you to know that on his last check up from our vets they told us he is doing wonderfully! They believe his issues may just have been the result of lots of nasty parasites - which even though he was treated for, cats and dogs can suffer long lasting issues from for years. So I hope Holly Hedge don't mind me asking you all to please ensure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations! From Felix and us, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!" 

Before the year ends, get your last gift of the year in to help make an even greater difference for dogs and cats in 2021 and beyond!

If you're still looking for last minute gifts, check out our online shop where you'll find amazing gifts that give more, like Feeding a Litter of Kittens for a Week, or Keep a Kennel Warm this Winter.  These gifts come with a downloadable certificate so there's no need to go out to the shop!  

Your mission… should you choose to accept it!

Holly Hedge HQ need you for mission Race To Space!
This new year, we are challenging you to race the 62-mile distance to space on foot, wheels, or any other method you fancy (as long as it’s powered by you). You can walk, wheel, run, cycle, swim, row… or perhaps a combination. It’s your choice.

Whether you are on a New Year fitness kick or a seasoned athlete, this challenge will be great for your health and fun to boot!
You can tackle your mission to space in one journey or multiple journeys throughout January. You can also complete the race from home on a treadmill, exercise bike, or rowing machine.
It’s a tricky challenge to face alone, so create your own crew and invite your bubble, or even your dog!
Throughout your journey, you will be sent mission updates from Holly Hedge HQ, including some special furry four-legged crew members.

Every penny raised from this challenge will help us to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome hundreds of dogs, cats, and small furries during 2021. 

How do you sign up? Just email with your details and we'll send you our pack as soon as we're back from our short Christmas break! There is a £5 registration fee and you'll receive support from our rescues throughout January as well as a certificate. And if you need an incentive, every person who registers will be entered automatically to win a luxury hamper full of treats! 

3, 2, 1… Lift off!

Christmas tips to keep your pets safe!

The above infograph may be targeted at dogs, but many of these are similar for cats too! Please keep your feline friends safe by following the advice below. 
Cats love nothing more than to climb trees and if you aren’t careful they might knock your Christmas tree over! Pine needles can cause stomach upsets and could even perforate the intestines. To prevent pine needles dropping keep your tree watered, and to help keep your kitty safe, vacuum around the tree daily, and use a strong tree base so that it can’t easily be knocked over. Cats usually don’t like citrus scents, so placing clementine or orange peel decorations around the bottom of the tree may deter them from scaling it!

Although Christmas might be a little quieter this year, it can still be very overwhelming for our kitties. There are lots of new objects in the house, furniture may be moved to make way for the tree, routines are altered and the house might be noisier than usual. Don't forget there are often fireworks let off around the festive season. It is important to make sure our feline friends have a quiet area to retreat to and the use of pheromone diffusers can help to create a calm space. You can purchase these from our reception which is open every day (except Christmas Day!) between 11am-5pm. Ensure that their food and water bowls are in a quiet location of the house and that any litter trays are put somewhere where your cat won’t be disturbed.
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