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15 open Phd positions in new EU H2020 project on zero-waste valorisation of critical metal containing industrial process residues (MSCA-ETN SOCRATES)
Early May 2016 the European Commission formally granted the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ETN SOCRATES project with a score of 95,4%. SOCRATES is the EU Training Network for the Sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of critical-metal-containing industrial process residues.

15 open PhD positions
The SOCRATES consortium is now looking for a total of 15 bright PhD students ("Early Stage Researchers"). Applicants can submit their candidacy through the SOCRATES on-line application tool (deadline: 30 July 2016). The recruitment procedure is described in detail in the application files and involves a high profile Recruitment Event in Leuven, Belgium (Novotel, 12 September 2016). Recruited PhD students are set to start their research around October-November 2016. 

SOCRATES scope and goals
The European Training Network for the Sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of critical-metal-containing industrial process residues (SOCRATES) targets ground-breaking metallurgical processes, incl. plasma-, bio-, solvo-, electro- and ionometallurgy, that can be integrated into environmentally friendly, (near-)zero-waste valorisation flow sheets. The SOCRATES consortium brings together all the relevant stakeholders along the value chain, from metal extraction, to metal recovery, and to residual matrix valorisation in added-value applications, such as supplementary cementitious materials, inorganic polymers and catalysts. As a basis for a concerted effort to strengthen the EU’s critical-metal supply chain for Ge, In, Ga and Sb, SOCRATES trains 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) in technological innovation: metal extraction (WP1), metal recovery (WP2), residual matrix valorisation (WP3) and integrated assessment (WP4). By training the ESRs in scientific, technical and soft skills, they are the next generation of highly employable scientists and engineers in the raw-materials sector.

SOCRATES Coordinator

SOCRATES Beneficiaries
KU Leuven (Belgium)
University of Leicester (UK)
Utrecht Univ. (Netherlands)
University of Bonn (Germany)
Freiberg University (Germany)
Outotec (Finland)
Kerneos (France)
Metallo (Belgium)
SOCRATES Partner Organisations
 VTT (Finland)
Aalto University (Finland)
Boliden Kokkola (Finland)
Umicore (Belgium)
AVR (Netherlands)
More info about SOCRATES

Prof. Koen Binnemans – General Coordinator SOCRATES
Dept. of Chemistry, KU Leuven

Dr. Ir. Peter Tom Jones – Vice-Coordinator SOCRATES
Dept. Materials Engineering

In synergy with...
The 15 ESR/PhD positions in EU MSCA-ETN SOCRATES

ESR1 Biocompatible solvometallurgical leaching methods for low-grade industrial process residues
ESR2 Ionometallurgical leaching of industrial process residues using deep-eutectic solvents
ESR3 Plasma-driven metal extraction from industrial process residues
ESR4 Hydrometallurgical process for metal recovery from complex impure process solutions
ESR5 Electrowinning of metals in deep-eutectic solvents
ESR6 Selective electrowinning of metals from complex impure solutions
ESR7 Ultrasound- and microwave-assisted non-aqueous solvent extraction in milliflow reactors
ESR8 Synthesis of extractants and ionic liquids from renewable chemicals
ESR9 Study of solvent miscibility by computational methods
ESR10 In-silico design of selective metal extractants
ESR11 Residual matrix valorisation as SCMs with calcium aluminate binders
ESR12 Iron-rich inorganic polymers derived from residual matrices
ESR13 Valorisation of industrial process residues as heterogeneous catalysts
ESR14 Advanced characterisation of metal-containing, low-grade metallurgical residues
ESR15 Development of a comprehensive product-centric sustainability indicator framework
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