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Do you realise that we are living in a day and age that the Bible has spoken of throughout the scriptures? Things that Jesus said are now coming together. God is indeed bringing all things to pass and we are a generation that is caught right in the heart of things. We must not slumber. We must awaken. Prophetic Alert is a flash revelation from the Prophet as the Spirit speaks during times of seeking, intercession, or out of the blue! It is a spiritual alert to future things being shaped in the now.
Once upon a time (as all good writings begin) the Lord directed me to enter into a cave. Not a literal cave. I didn’t go up into the mountains somewhere in Africa and live on locusts and wild honey and not use body deodorant.  A cave represents a season of seclusion. A time where the prophet encounters the revelation of his God in various ways until his peculiar and particular source of expression is discovered. A place where you shroud yourself in the mantle of the Election of God and emerge into a new day carrying the revelation of the next course of events!

During this season I must remain as a voice crying out in a wilderness. Whispering the thoughts of God’s mind to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church and to the hearts of men and women. At other times, screaming the utterance of God from the mountain daring to believe that a generation will recognise the Sound of God walking on the earth. A generation called Remnant.

I’m not the type that produces a monthly newsletter or weekly blog or even feels compelled to prophesy. In truth my writings are probably far more between than I would like them to be. And I don’t often publicise the things God whispers to me. As a prophet, I am acutely aware that I should communicate only what is in the mind and heart of God and then too - only release it when the timing is right! But when I do write - it's significant. So this is a long but significant letter to you!

I write to you from my “cave”, from my sojourn in the wilderness. I write because the time is right. Because God has spoken to this prophet. To tell you that what is coming is far greater than what has ever been before! To prepare you to be a part of it for there is a profound shift coming such as the Church has not witnessed in the Millennium and is about to be released into our lives.

To declare the Word of the Lord: Things that have never happened before are about to happen now! 
There is a spiritual release on this horizon because of an alignment between the timing on earth and the purposes of Heaven! The Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me and show me the confluence of spiritual dynamics and would usher in a new age and level of Kingdom acceleration - which is the purpose of Heaven for the hour!!

Here is what I saw:

... a rock being thrown into the centre of a still lake. On that lake are various boats and water craft, even swimmers and bathers but all at various non-uniform distances from the epicentre of the initial strike of the rock on the water. The impact creates a ripple effect where little energy waves would touch everyone on and in the lake as the force is displaced and transformed until the energy at the epicentre is felt even where the lake meets the shore. Everyone and everything that each energy wave or ripple touches on the lake immediately flares up and ignites into a specific colour that resembles a tongue of fire on the water.

But if you can see this in your mind: the waves would move outward from the epicentre as concentric circles. Everyone who is on the same circle (same radius from the epicentre) is connected to things happening on that particular ripple and in most instances completely unaware (lest they have spiritual perception) that they were being synergised by the ripple. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Los Angeles, South Africa, Singapore or Jerusalem. If you are on that particular ripple in time - the ripple would connect every person, place or thing on that ripple to each other - by the energy transferred from the rock hitting the lake - and each person / object / entity on that ripple ignites into the same coloured flame of fire.  

That "synergy wave" would then continue past you on the lake and touch others who are at a different radii from the epicentre and connect those who are at other “spiritual points and purposes" on the same circumference. I counted seven (7) energy ripples and 
each ripple had a different colour of flame associated to it.

The seven waves propagated until all seven waves touched the shore and the entire shoreline ignited with multi-coloured flames of fire.

This is what it means:
  • The lake represents the earth as the waters cover the sea
  • The rock represents the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Those on the water represent individuals, churches, ministries, and stewards of the things of God
  • The ripple means the widespread effect of revelation truth from Heaven
  • The specific coloured flame represents those knit or connected by the same spirit i.e. those called to the same purpose in a specific sphere of influence or "land of anointing".
  • The place where the water meets the land (the shoreline) represents the edge of experience where the Kingdom of God touches the kingdoms of this world.
  • The multi-coloured flames represent the "manifold wisdom of God" i.e. the multi-coloured light of the Father (Eph 3:10)
  • Finally, the four geographic location I mentioned (Los Angeles, South Africa, Singapore & Jerusalem) were not mere examples but were on the first energy ripple that I saw!
I have sensed strongly that this is something whose release is going to be triggered and felt during the week Nov 22-29, 2018. I have had this date sequence in my heart for some time now and have begin to understand it in terms of :

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven


Romans 8:28 (KJV) 28 And we know that all things work together for good [spiritual synergy] to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God is creating a CONVERGENCE of Heaven and Earth to release a CONFLUENCE of Purpose and Potential for the acceleration of the advancement of the Kingdom; not only in your church and personal life but this effect is going to be felt where the waters of the lake (Kingdom) meets the shore (world)!
What's Your Part?

It is Divine. God wants to do it. Nothing is going to prevent Him from doing it. To be a part of it - all you have to do is be on the lake! But what does that mean? 

That means you have to be at the right place and at the right time - doing the right thing, with the right people!

You might say, “Well however am I going to do that?” That’s even easier. It all begins with your desire to be there!

If you desire something from God with all your heart in accordance with His Will, He will guide you there by His Spirit! I’m really saying you have to put yourself into agreement with what God is revealing at this time. You put yourself into agreement by saying: “YESSS! That’s it. I want that! I want to be a part of it! I want what God is speaking right now! I believe it! Now God align me!"

Many have this absurd notion that everything that can be done or can be taught has already been done or already been taught. It was the son of King David, Solomon, who said this in his day. But you have got to remember that there was another who was of the line of David, who Himself said that 'One far greater than Solomon was come'. That One is Christ Jesus! And Jesus was the most original, creative, unusual and unconventional pioneer the earth has ever known. Yes there was "nothing new under the sun” - until Jesus! 

Jesus said, “…greater works will you do…” Do you know what that means? That means there has been nothing new under the sun - until you! 

You are a new creature. You are unique! You are a unique expression. You are an unlimited sound. You are a peculiar light. You are a magnificent creation with gifts and abilities and a calling and an election reserved for a particular hour when God will put you on display and cause you to stand against the very forces of darkness. You are a light that shines in a dark place! You are the revelation of God for this hour and season!

Do you realise this? Do you realise that I am prophesying to a generation right now!? Some of that generation isn’t even in the church at this time. They haven’t been brought into the Kingdom - yet! But they are coming. They are coming because they are being drawn to the same sound that even a generation inside the church is being drawn to: a sound of revelation’s light that will pierce through the dark veil that has been drawn across the minds of men and women and bring liberty and dominion and victory. It is the sound of Hope!
Prophetic Insights

The Spirit of the Lord has begun to show me a specific generation that must be birthed. Satan is trying to abort that generation so that they will not fulfil their God-given destiny. Why? Because he is afraid that they will embrace the purpose for which God has kept them and begin to live in dominion with their foot on his throat!

This generation that must come to full term is not bound by the rules of religion but will suffer religious persecution. They are not traditional but will endure traditional oppression. What they are however, is ridiculously radical, curiously cavalier,  brazenly brave and daringly dangerous to the powers of the kingdom of darkness. God has reserved them in the back side of a desert where He has hidden them from the enemy. But He is raising them up and bringing them out of their own caves even now!

This is why there is a spirit of suicide that has gone out into the earth. It has been released from the pit by the adversary of our souls. And because satan has zero creativity he hasn’t even come up with a new strategy. He has tried this before! When the deliverance of Israel was at hand, the innocents were massacred to prevent a Moses from being raised up. When the salvation of the world was at hand the children were once again slain to prevent a Jesus from arising. Now once again the enemy is trying to stop a generation from giving birth to a new identity by plaguing it with a foul smelling spirit that knows no distinction in terms of ethnicity, race, gender or religious affiliation!

Why is this? Because the enemy is trying to prevent a new order, a ‘NEXTGEN’ from coming into their full potential and purpose. Much like in the time of Moses and Jesus, the enemy doesn’t know the specifics of what God is going to do, but the mere whisper of it in the heavens has prompted a tactical response to wipe out as many of a generation as possible. 

This spirit of suicide has been released into the earth to accomplish that singular purpose. It’s target is a generation that is a perceived threat or future threat to the kingdom of darkness. Predominantly this abominable spirit is tasked to attack the youth from as young as twelve years old! It is no respecter of nationality or culture. From east to west; from north to south  - the Spirit of the Lord has shown me this insidious  plan to eliminate the threat to the gates of hell from the next generation church - by stealing hope!

The spirit of suicide along with its evil twin spirit - abortion - is responsible for the assassination of the “who’s got next?” generation of Kingdom giants. Do you realise that the enemy wants to stop the next Billy Graham, the next Kenneth Hagin, the next Kim Clement, the next Myles Munroe, the next John Paul Jackson, the next St Paul, the next John the Baptist, the next Elisha, the next generation of threat to his kingdom from rising and taking their rightful place to pierce the darkness.

The god of this world wants to steal, kill and destroy the very ones that God has gifted with purpose and potential by blinding them to their future and the hope of it. He is whispering lies into their souls that they are worthless and unworthy of redemption or any kind of love and grace that will see them live complete, fulfilled and victorious lives! This is from the very pit of hell and is roaming the earth now.
What's At Stake?

This generation just might be the most spiritually dangerous threat to the gates of hell that the earth has known since the days of the early apostles!  Oh they might not look too ‘christian’. They might not quite fit into the mould of the old. They probably don’t speak ‘christianese’. But then the promise of God never appears the way we expect it to! It is always unusual in its manifestation.

In Kingdom terms, a generation is not characterised by age but by their gravitation toward, and response to, a specific sound or utterance in the heavens at specific season or time! It really doesn’t matter whether you are sixteen or sixty, whether young or old - you can be part of the next great thing that God is releasing if you will just catch a hold of the spiritual sound that is echoing in the heavens and begin to identify with it on the earth in your spirit and by faith. If you do, you will surely see it begin to manifest in your life and you will become the unique expression of it in a powerful way!

This is exactly what’s at stake! There is a sound that God is releasing. No it’s not the final trumpet. No it’s not a call to escape. For far too long the church has been captivated by and has caressed the “I’m a-getting-outta-here” mentality. This is not what God wants. This is not God’s plan. God’s plan is to receive to Himself a glorious, victorious, dominant Church who knows her Election and that is this alone: That “to the intent that it might be made known now to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places through the intermediate agency of the Kingdom called the Church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose which He brought into effect in the Christ, Jesus our Lord!” 

Prophetic Disruption

For many that are outside the Kingdom, they have lost hope in a Babylonian system that was always designed to fail them. Worse still they see no light in the tunnel because religion has failed them equally if not more so! But let’s not make the mistake in believing that this is something that is only an issue outside the church. No! There is an entire generation in the church disillusioned with the traditions that men cling to in vain! In  sense an old order whose glory is fading is  causing an entire generation to commit spiritual suicide! Strong words? Yes. True words? Absolutely.

Don't misunderstand me. I love the Church. I believe you cannot love the Lord unless you love what He loves. And Jesus loves His Church! But Jesus is coming back for a worthy bride. A Bride called the Church who is the mirror Image of the King of Kings - in all His splendour, power and authority.

However you view it, the cunning scheme of the enemy is to cultivate a culture of hopelessness and acceptance of the status quo with the all too common paradigm: "Nothing’s going to change. This is a mess. I’d rather not live another day than have to live like this.” When people begin to entertain this voice they are opening the door to a spirit whose sole purpose is to eliminate a generation that God has plans for.

But God has made me see a promise. God has put into my heart a declaration of His intent. I am not interested in what the enemy of our souls is trying to achieve. We will not shrink from our command to “be the light in a dark place” and stand against this marauding, evil spirit But we will hold onto what God prophesied that He will accomplish! 

God spoke to me and He said, “In a single generation I will change the expression of Christianity and I will slay the marauding spirit of suicide. I will send hope and the sound of light into the hearts of men and women and I will bring into the Kingdom a greater harvest in the next 9 years than in the last 30 years! For I will cause such a shift and a shaking that whatever is not of My design and purpose will fall away and what is left I will mould into the perfect vessel of light. "

"Men and women shall walk by My Spirit, says the Lord, and they shall be a lighthouse. They will stand upon the rock Christ Jesus and shine into the darkness and their light shall invade the kingdoms of this world. I will not conform, says God, to a pattern of religion - I will break the horse and rider - I will break even the mould and transform a generation in the tomb into a butterfly whose effect shall be felt in every sphere of this world that I created! I will do it! I will do it! I will do it so that I may draw men and women to my side in their millions and hundreds of millions, says the Lord!"
The Shaking

This is what the Church is called to do! For far too long we have been a “country-club of the saved”, with our membership cards and branding and our denominational boundaries and doctrinal differences. And satan has been quite ok with this. Why? Because we’ve been preoccupied with an empire mentality instead of a Kingdom heart! That kind of church poses no threat to satan's rule and his kingdom. That kind of church is too busy trying to get everyone to fit into a template of traditional behaviour and format of religion.

Let me tell you that there is a bored generation in the church right now who know and feel and sense that there has to be more! There has to be greater. There has to be power. There has to be LIFE! Not just a hyped up existence filled with cliches and catchy phrases - but a victorious ZOE life. A life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit of God and dare I say it - adventure!

And if for one second a new breed of Believer caught a glimpse of who they really are and what they are really meant for; if they perhaps caught even a whisper of the reverberating echo of the sound of God calling to them and they embraced their call and their election - then they would become the most potent threat to the kingdom of darkness! And the kingdoms of this world would be invaded with the sound of His light and a generation of the Knights of the Light would bring the Church into a new level of spirituality and supra-naturality that would break down every divide and unite us under one banner: the banner of Yeshua - Jesus the Christ!

Its time we as the church stopped telling everyone how to conform to a church system and begin speaking to and releasing the treasure that is inside the vessel. My mentor Kim Clement taught this very powerful concept: the power of prophetic revelation changes the status of sin in a person's life! That means when you unveil the treasure inside a heart - sin and condemnation is no longer the dominant influence but the Divine Priority of God (to run after God) begins to operate in that life!  

Yes there will have to be discipleship. Yes there will have to be a process of maturity. Yes there will have to be a standard of holiness. But it will come because when God shows an individual the capacity they possess, what He wants to do through them, and what He has placed inside them - they will run to God and yield to Him and worship Him! Then God will do in them whatever He must - by His Spirit - to bring that person to a place where they can possess the promises of God and fulfil their purpose and potential. Satisfaction and contentment are directly related to fulfilling your purpose and potential. It makes life worth living!
The Hope of Tomorrow

This is what I am seeing! This is what God is showing me in my time in the cave! God is about to do something new - again! God loves to do new things! It’s going to be radically different from what we have seen or heard or tasted before!

There is a Remnant waiting to be released. They too are deliberately hidden by God right now. They too are also crying out in the wilderness. They are waiting for the shift! They are waiting for sound to rally them. That sound may be faint in the Heavens right now. Perhaps only the prophets and apostles are hearing it at the moment. But if you align yourself with the ones who are hearing the sound you will soon catch the sound wave and it will carry you into the future! Hallelujah!

I am daring to suggest that perhaps this is you reading this! And I am telling you - the spiritual shift is coming! The sound is already in the heavens. Align with it because God is about to do something bold and revolutionary. I have already begun to see some of it unfolding across the earth. But now God is going to accelerate it. I want you to be a part of it. I’m sure you want to be a part of it. If that’s you, if you feel something stirring within your spirit then you have to act!

Align Yourself With God

You see we all want to experience the very best that God has in store for us. I am sure like me you are hungry and eager for a mighty move of God in your own lifetime. Just like we recount the legendary stories of Kingdom giants in their time - so too do we long to be a part of something in our time that those who come after us will remember and talk of as legend. You can be a part of it. And you can have a role to play in it.

What I am asking you to do is share this! Sharing it with someone, shows the activation of your faith to receive what God has in store for us. It’s easy to say, “Yeah I believe and I receive.” But your faith must have some component of action! If your heart is generous toward your brothers and sisters then share this with them so that they too may align themselves with a new season and the timing of God by saying, “Yes God! I want in! Prepare me." If you want to truly receive, then be willing to share your blessing with another. This is the act of preparing your heart (your good soil) to seed today in order to reap the future. For it is a higher way (better) to give than to receive. It's God's nature!

After sharing it take a step of faith and sow your faith! What many people don't understand is that when they give to God, they're actually sowing into their own Future. Some hardly even pause to consider that the blessings their families are enjoying come directly from sowing into the work of God. Everything we do today affects our Destiny. We can enter tomorrow with an abundant supply of hurt, failure, poverty, bitterness, disillusionment and anxiety or we can enter it reaping the very best that God has in store for us!

In Galatians 6:8-9, it says that if we continually sow into the flesh (our own personal needs and wants) that we will ultimately reap corruption [decay / continual decrease]. But if we sow into spiritual things, we will reap abundant life from the Spirit!

It doesn’t matter to me if you sow into this prophets ministry or sow back into your own church or work of God - just have deliberate intentionality. There is a spiritual principle that is always true: from the hand that you’ve received the blessing is the hand to which you pour back your water upon. (Gal 6:6) But whatever you do, take a step of faith and do something!

I want abundance in my next season, in my future and I want to be directly involved in the things God has just revealed are to come. What about you?

Prayer Community: A Place Called HOPE

From today we are going to pray with you, for you and over your prayer requests. Perhaps you know of someone who is at the point of desperation and needs interventive prayer? Maybe you might need someone to come into agreement with you concerning the burdens of your own heart? Whatever it is, whatever your need, I want to pray for you. God will respond.

So I am going to do something I have never done before. I am opening up an email channel where you can write to me directly and I will pray over every request and need. Send your prayer request to us directly via email to or even better - join our Facebook Community Group called HOPE! We want to stand with you. We want to stand in the gap for you. It would be our privilege. 

Knights of the Light it is time now to rise up. To throw off the oppression of traditions and veils of limitations and walk in the Spirit. There is more to walking in the Spirit than trying to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit means living in a zone of Divine Access!

Remnant - this is your wake up call. Its time to shake the earth with the Sound of Heaven. You’ve got next!

In Love & Light,

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