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Daniel 5:11-12 (ASV) 11 There is a man in thy kingdom, in whom is the spirit of the holy gods; and in the days of thy father light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of the gods, were found in him; and the king Nebuchadnezzar thy father, the king, I say, thy father, made him master of the magicians, enchanters, Chaldeans, and soothsayers; 12 forasmuch as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and showing of dark sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar. Now let Daniel be called, and he will show the interpretation.
Have you ever wondered if your dreams meant something? What if God was trying to speak to you? What if God was highlighting something in your today or your yesterday that you needed to deal with? Or what if perhaps the Spirit was whispering to you something of the future?
We're doing something new!!  Welcome to it!

So today we launch our Instagram TV channel where we will deal specifically with things like dreams, visions, visitations and supernatural encounters and experiences. We don't serve a God that is dead. We serve the Living God and His Light is found in us. God has never stopped being in the business of supernatural manifestations and demonstrations of power! Actually that's His signature. The supernatural awesomeness of God must, and is returning to His people. We are those people. We are a generation of Light. We are The 5 ELEVEN GENERATION.
Dreams are indeed the Stargate to the soul. Not all dreams are spiritual in essence. Some dreams are as a result of our obsessions, cogitations, personal longings or even our hopes and fears. Many dreams could just be the product of late night Häagen-Dazs over-indulgences. But some dreams are a communication from the realm of the Spirit! It is these dreams that we must decode and embrace so that we can maximise the benefit they bring to us.

In this new IG-TV channel, we are reaching out to those inside the church and to those who are on the outside (for now) but who so curious as to what we are doing on the 'inside!' In the first episode of Naturally Supernatural, I share My Story and how I came to be blessed with this remarkable and unique gift.

It serves only as an introduction to where we are going to go with this. But in subsequent episodes we will look at and study different types of encounters and supernatural experiences.

Dreams and Visions is the emphasis of our teaching and we will begin to learn the Hebrew-Christian take on this often overlooked and misunderstood spiritual domain. Yes some dreams, I would even say most dreams, are the domain of the Soul. Or easier to understand, they are the product of our mind, will and emotions. But that in itself is not a negative thing. Dreams of the soul (while of far less value than spiritual dreams) still provide deep insight into our current state of being or even things that have made deep impact on our emotional intelligence (EQ) or our base intellect (IQ) over the years past - or even currently. But these dreams are of little significance compared to a dream that comes to the spirit of a person from the Spirit of God. Spirit to spirit communication still requires our EQ+IQ to translate the message. I call the result: Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

With each progressive video you will soon begin to recognise which dreams have a meaning and to a large extent (with a lot of spiritual maturation) be able to interpret most of your personal dreams. But in this introduction to our series I would like tell you about my own dramatic encounter with the Lord and the gift that was imparted to me, that has set me sailing into unchartered waters in this modern time.
I really feel that this is going to be a major blessing in your life and a source of inspiration that will kindle an awakening to spiritual hunger as you begin to anticipate the Divine, Supernatural Intervention of the Living God in your own life

Over 20 years of ministry has led to me the total conviction and belief that the more we talk about the things of God and supernatural manifestation, the more they manifest! As you watch these uploads your faith will be ignited and stirred up in the Holy Ghost and you will start to receive and experience the things we are going to talk about and teach!

How can I be so sure?

Because God spoke to me and told me that if I started talking about the things that I had experienced and encountered in my own life, then He would do it again! Not just in my life, but in those who hear me speak of them.

I am a strong teacher of the principle that encounter is a product of intimacy and that encounter alone does not produce lasting change. But it does produce the desire for more! Encounters and experiences of God's Power and Glory is a catalyst for a generation to hunger and thirst for more of the same. More of God!

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you imagine it? A generation that encounters God not in isolated pockets or one off experiences but a generation that experiences the supernatural everyday until it becomes the norm.
Naturally Supernatural! This is where we are headed. Join us!
So my dear Warriors, we are at a shifting point. Things that we have been crying out for, beyond the usual preaching and singing and church attendance are going to enter into your life as you tune into the heart of God for this generation. And God wants to manifest Himself in unusual ways to an unusual generation!

You might be familiar with our prophetic teachings, proclamations, declarations and prophecy both corporately and individually - but this is the more overtly supernatural demonstration of our ministry and anointing. The prophetic always has always been associated with supernatural manifestations and miracles.

So here we go!! God has reserved this portion as an inheritance for a generation hungry for the supernatural!
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I assure you that the content is designed for those who are hungry for a manifestation of the supernatural. So invite your unsaved friends, or friends who are hungry for a supernatural experience. And share it with your fellow believers so that they too might experience a fresh encounter and experience with the Living God.

Look out for the next instalment of Naturally Supernatural where I will talk about the various manifestations of God that are unusual as recorded in the Scripture that will be coming back to the church!

Dream on,
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