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Dear Warriors,

feel so honoured and privileged to be permitted to speak as a prophet into the lives of so many around the world from my little corner of the planet in Durban, South Africa. I take it as a great responsibility to be able to share with you, as a steward of the spirit of prophecy, the things that the Spirit of God reveals to me. It is not my custom to follow a pattern of communication or even have a monthly newsletter. I communicate when God speaks to me but more importantly, speak only when God tells me to. Today He has chosen to and I am!
possess |pəˈzɛs| verb [ with obj. ] 
1 have as belonging to one; acquire, obtain, get, get hold of, procure, secure, take, seize, take/gain possession of, get one's hands on
Personally, I have moved away from the notion of a thematic year. It was quite a popular thing at one stage to have a rhyming motto e.g. "Open Heaven 2007" or something equally catchy. In less mature days, I bought into this type of motivational hype. But I soon realised that it created a paradigm that caused me to restrict the Uncreated Creator in terms of my own predispositioned expectation of His divine, supernatural, sovereign intervention! It all had to fit nicely into the thematic box I had containerised the year in!

Like most of you I asked the Lord what the future would bring and was so surprised by the Lord's response. He said, “Son, you’re always looking into the distance. Possess your Moment! That is what I am empowering My people to do!” 

So this is what I am permitted to share with you. Friends and Warriors - Possess Your Moment!

The Key to Possessing

We hardly ever recognise the Moment we are in. That is because we are not trained to perceive the Kingdom advancing and invading the Present. Yes we observe a great many things. But all observation is limited to things visible. Perception is all about seeing the invisible! The prophetic principles of Rom 1:20 & Heb 11:3 makes it quite clear that those things which are manifest in the Present have invisible origin prior! 

We need to perceive the moment in order to possess it! The sons of Issachar were those who  had perception and insight of the times (moment) they were in and calibrated Israel accordingly. (1 Chr 12:32) Yes, they had observational insight into things in the natural that everyone saw anyway. But what set them apart was their perceptional foresight beyond the domain of trend observation!

What is it that allows us to see or perceive? That’s the simple part. It’s called - Faith!

Faith is a NOW thing! It is not something we had yesterday or something we’ll figure out tomorrow. Faith is required for the Moment. Hebrews 11:1 teaches us quite clearly in the opening verse:

Now [current / today ] faith is the substance [authorised agent]  that enables us to perceive invisible things!”

You may have never heard the verse expressed this way before but that is how a truly prophetic generation would interpret it. The agency of enabling Faith is a type of spiritual technology! 

God Appoints Moments For Us To Possess
Every verse in Heb 11 is tied to a moment of faith! Yes each of the heroes endured (ran a race), but every one of them had a moment to possess the future based on what they saw through the eyes of faith! It is beautifully revealed in Hebrews 11:27 (NIV):

"By faith [the authorised, enabling agency] he [Moses] left [acted] Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger [situation/circumstance/repercussion]; he persevered [ran his race faithfully] because he saw [perceived] him who is invisible [unseen]." (That, incidentally is how a prophet reads Scripture!)

But what does it mean to possess your moment? To possess your moment means to recognise, by that spiritual technology called faith, what God is about to do in your own life and focus your energy and efforts accordingly to be in synchronisation with God - and act without respect to the current situation or circumstance because you have seen what others cannot see - the invisible reward to come! WOW!
In Genesis 15, Abram got to the place in his life where he asked God a very direct question, “Father what have you got in store for me seeing as I have obeyed you?” This is many of us right now. We are looking to the next course of events in our lives for our family, for our future and we're asking, "What have you got in mind for me God?"

We have remained faithful to God and His calling of us and now is the appointed moment when the Father wants to do for us what no man can do. But we must possess it! I love how God responds to Abram: “Look now toward Heaven My boy and count the stars if you can…!”

Father God is willing to do far more for you than you can dare to imagine! And perhaps, just maybe, that is what is holding us back! We need to dare to imagine and then anticipate by faith the Divine, inevitable, supernatural, intervention of the Sovereign God of Heaven and Earth!

The scripture records in Ephesians 3:20 (NIV):
"Now to him [the Father] who is able to do immeasurably more [hyper abundantly] than all we ask or imagine, according to his [the Father’s] power that is at work within us.”

Warriors - the power of the Holy Spirit is constantly at work in you to bring to pass more than you can ever imagine! Are you ready to Possess your Moment?
What Will Your Response Be?
This is the Moment! Your Moment. How you react and respond now will be telling tomorrow. Seize it! Take it! Do not let it pass you by because of your current situation, circumstance or mode of thinking! Act in and by faith. In the moment when you do, what was invisible – yet right in front of you – will begin to manifest itself in your timeline. Then use this chronos to seize your kairos and reveal your Destiny!

I’ve taught you in this mailer about faith as the spiritual technology that allows us to see the unseen so that perception can ignite in our lives enabling us to possess the moment. Now take the next step of faith and act. When you do - God will always respond! This is what happened with Abram!

God called Abram outside and promised him things beyond his imagination. And much like us, in his humanity, Abram said, “Really God?!” (Genesis 15:8 But Abram said, “Sovereign Lord, how can I know that I will gain possession of it?”)

Do you know what the response of the Lord was? He immediately said to Abram - “...bring me an offering.” (Gen 15v9) And in that Moment, the Possessor of Heaven and Earth, made a covenant with Abram that was unbreakable!

I know without doubt that the Lord is going to release a portion to you that is beyond your imagination because He spoke that to me! Do not let this moment slip away without possessing it!
Your Offering is a Weapon!
I want you to prepare an offering and sow into your own future by sowing into a ministry that represents the future. When you sow into a prophet's ministry, you are uniting with the prophet's mission to prophesy, proclaim, declare and bring liberty to those who sit in darkness and those who hunger for the prophetic expression. Everywhere God sends me, you go too and receive a portion of a prophet’s reward! 

You might not be called to physically travel to the soil that God instructs me to set my boots on - but  you are there too in spirit because you enable this prophet to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable! You become a vital component of my mandate to the nations. I want you to realise that your sowing also enables us to go pierce the darkness with the sound of light. When you sow to the future, you are weaponising your financing and striking the enemy!

You are there, as we deliver interpretations to dreams from Bollywood to Hollywood; as we prophesy to presidents, princes and kings alike; as we declare the miraculous, supernatural, sovereign interventions of the Most High God.

In this moment, God is covenanting with you an unbreakable covenant. It is yours to act so that you might possess that which God is able to do that exceeds your wildest imaginations! Do not let the Moment pass you by.

There are some super ministry developments that we are eager to announce within the coming month. Stay connected for all the exciting details and you will be a part of something unique on the earth!

God has positioned you in the right place, birthed you into the right time in the history of the world, to be a part of His unfolding masterplan, His unstoppable Kingdom and His victorious Church.

Love, Light & Blessings,

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