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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is a blog styled flash communication as and when the Holy Spirit lays on the heart of the Prophet to share. It contains insights and revelation that are impressed upon his spirit whilst in prayer, meditation, study or more than likely (and highly frequently), as he becomes suddenly inspirited by the breath of God and peers into the Future. We know it will be a blessing to all who follow the Prophet's journey.
I might possibly be more surprised than you are that I've released another video teaching so soon after the last one but that is exactly what's happened!

I really had no intention of dropping a YouTube teaching this week at all. Actually I was not even planning to send out a newsletter but I was awoken Sunday morning by the Holy Spirit to a vision of a prophetic voice rising out of the Native American people group in the USA and also a prophetic voice in the Latino community out of Brazil! 

It was at this point that I felt in my heart that I was being given permission to release a teaching on a vital but often ignored subject: WHAT DO I NEED TO DO AFTER I RECEIVE A PROPHETIC WORD?


This is a teaching that is sorely lacking in the modern church. It is vitally important that we reclaim this fundamental, deep truth regarding how we RECEIVE, RESPOND TO and ACTIVATE a prophetic word in our lives.

There is a very prevalent mindset that once we receive a prophetic word or personal prophecy then we can just kick back and relax because God is going to bring it to pass and we have no responsibility toward the impartation or spiritual deposit we have received. This is an erroneous, false and damaging teaching permeating the Body of Christ. And one so dangerous that I have seen entire churches miss their moment of destiny because of it!

The moment you receive a prophetic word - especially when it is a personal word of prophecy - you are being tasked with nurturing that word until you reap its harvest and manifestation comes. This video teaching equips you to do exactly that!

Prophetics 101

In this teaching video we cover the following as part of our Prophetic 101 series:-

1. What is the gift of prophecy?
2. What is the Ascension Gift of the Prophet
3. How does their operation differ?
4. How do we test prophets and prophecy?
5. What is Prophetic Stewardship and Accountability?
6. The Soil of Your Heart
7. The Word of God
8. The Correct Response to a Prophetic Word
9. Waging a War with Prophecy
10. Activating a Prophetic Word in Your Life & Church
The Return of the Prophet

We have entered into a season of Prophetic Restoration and as we progress further into the new Millennium, prophetic ministries and minsters and indeed prophecy will begin to abound! 

At present there is much confusion in the Body of Christ concerning the ministry of the prophet and the operation of simple prophecy. 

Don't become alarmed by the confusion that is present Any time true revelation knowledge begins to come forth, the powers of confusion, error and deception rise up to attack it so the people cannot flow strongly in it. This is intended specifically to keep us from becoming a threat to the kingdoms of darkness in our age.

Prophetic Restoration
God has never had to react to any of the enemy's strategies. The Father has never been on the "back-foot", for indeed His Kingdom is always aggressively advancing and God is using prophetic restoration as an end time master-play!

In this present wave of prophetic restoration, we will see a great diversity of prophetic ministries arise. There will be young prophets, old prophets, prophets to certain groups of people, singing prophets, preaching prophets, praying prophets, teaching prophets, weeping prophets, governmental prophets, prophets to specific churches and nations.

Each of these prophets will have a distinctive ministry and anointing. They will also have a different ranking and authority within the realm of their ministry gift as they possess their measure of rule!

We've just dropped our newest teaching video:
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Remember that we want to be your "Agreement Partners!" So whatever you are praying for, going through and whatever needs you have, we want to stand in agreement with you so that God may command a blessing toward you. Send you prayer requests to or join our Facebook community group: HOPE

I felt an impulse to create a channel so that you can write in to me and pose questions regarding the prophetic or other topics that you would like to receive a prophet's perspective on. 

I will attempt to either respond directly or compile questions and release a Q&A video segment on Instagram TV (IGTV). The address to use is GOT QUESTIONS?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you so start sending in your questions!

am still praying that the next time you hear from me I would have the OK from the Spirit to to teach on HOW TO LAY UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN! It is a really powerful teaching. Do share this with your friends and family so that they too can enter into a new season in their lives and be ready to receive what is coming.

Activate the promises of God through the principle of sowing and reaping by putting your faith into action right now and build an altar.
We love and appreciate you. SEE YOU in the FUTURE!

In the Light,
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