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The Sound of Light  is named from Psalm 119: "The entrance of thy Word brings light."  It is our passion to bring the voice & intentions of God into the lives of men & women through revelation and prophetic ministry rooted in love & Grace. Not only do we seek to reach the Church, but to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope and personal destiny! 'Prophet' is not a title - it's a functionality! Remember, a prophet is not the finger of condemnation, but the extended hand of hope! 
Dear Friends and Warriors,

It gives us great pleasure and we are filled with excitement in announcing the launch of our very own church!

For 8 years, since establishing our ministry, we have been mostly itinerant. Eight is a very significant number and symbolises a new beginning. The Spirit of the Lord has brought us to this season to establish a House that will become the Portal of the Prophet: A Gateway from which we can reach the nations of the world with the Sound of Light.

Here’s the back story: Wendy and I both felt the prompting of the Spirit to establish a base from which we could express the prophetic ministry through music, preaching, teaching, proclamation and declaration and have that sound reach across the globe using technology!

It was Thursday the 7th of March when Wendy prompted me to consider that the Lord was definitely leading us into this new season. In just 72 hours we had secured a location, the bare essential sound equipment and launched a pop-up church and held our first service last Sunday! Now that’s God!

Now we are unpacking and implementing the full vision that God has given to us to create a Portal of the Prophetic through which we will bring the voice of God into the lives of people from Budapest to Bangkok; LA to Laos; Sydney to Singapore and cover the Earth with the prophetic unction. And WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

We are lacking the audio visual and technical equipment required to complete the vision of streaming our prophetic meetings via the internet. It takes finance to accomplish this and we have used all our available personal resources to get us to this point.

Please take a look at this video clip (below) that Wendy and I recorded to help you understand the vision and what is required. We live in a third world economy where the requirement is beyond our personal capacity to meet - but it is not beyond the Citizens and Warriors of the Kingdom to bring it to pass.
It says 5 on the door! It's the address of G R A C E!
Our SOS to You!

I do not know if you have ever previously have been given the opportunity to be a part of a Prophet’s Vision. But do you realise that just like the widow of Zarapeth in 1Kings 17 (who didn't even know that God was sending a prophet her way!) – it is God who brings the opportunity to aide one of His prophets in the ministry? Stories could be written about you in the future too just as they were written of her!

God has set you up. If you can see it that way – then something great is coming your way!

I won’t go into a lengthy teaching in this email but it must be said that by sowing into a prophet's vision, you are uniting with his God ordained mission to prophesy, declare and bring liberty to those who ache for the prophetic. Everywhere God sends our voice, you go too! 

Because of your seed - you are there, as we deliver interpretations to dreams from Bollywood to Hollywood; as we prophesy to dignitaries, diplomats and desperate alike; as we declare miraculous, supernatural interventions and reach the unreachable & touch the untouchable of our world.

You are there, when we proclaim the Sound of Light to the high-flying, champagne life-style, success driven Yuppies, Guppies, Dinkies and even the Twinkies! Whether a latte loving, Wall Street type or a whiskey swilling dipsomaniac; whether a free-living surfer dude or blue-collar worker; punk rocker or a street walker.

You are there because you enable the prophetic! You become a part of my mission to the nations and you become a recipient of the prophet’s reward. (Matthew 10:41-42) 

Give God A Reason

There is a secret which I don't often get to teach on: GIVE GOD A REASON!!! 

"…But his [Samson] father and mother did not know that it was of the LORD; that He was seeking an occasion to move …” (Judges 14:4) 

What many people just don't get is that God – contrary to pop theology – is always actively seeking a reason to act on our behalf! 

It is a High Law I call Invoked Reciprocity! This is when we give God a reason to act on our behalf! And sowing into Kingdom endeavours is one of those spiritual disciplines that initiates this law of Invoked Reciprocity.

Here's the bottom line: You receive what you perceive!

St John encouraged Gaius & the church to lend assistance to those who are on a mission for God: "Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers, who have borne witness of your love before the church. If you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God, you will do well, because they went forth for His name's sake, taking nothing from the Gentiles.” (3 John 1:5-7)

Your sowing and seeding to a Kingdom need does exactly that: it gives God a reason to move on your behalf and that of your family, your business and endeavours!  

You must perceive that you are “… laying up treasures in Heaven” by sowing into Kingdom building on the Earth and the mandate of a prophet. 

So know this: God WILL MOVE on your behalf because YOU have created that occasion through your seed!

Some of you can sow a little, many can sow large. Whatever your seed is, it is being sown into good soil and will bring forth a great harvest in season. Don't step away from this moment. Give God a reason to move on your behalf!


We love and appreciate you. I am so excited for what lies ahead of us all. The Spirit of God has whispered to me many secrets of future. We will be releasing them as the Spirit leads through our Rock Church Portal. Stay tuned in and step into your future with wisdom, insight, perception and anticipation of what God desires to release to you and for you to possess!

Say it out loud with me, "It's a Kingdom thing!"


Love and Light,
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