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The Sound of Light  is named from Psalm 119: "The entrance of thy Word brings light."  It is our passion to bring the voice & intentions of God into the lives of men & women through revelation and prophetic ministry rooted in love & Grace. Not only do we seek to reach the Church, but to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope and personal destiny! 'Prophet' is not a title - it's a functionality! Remember, A prophet is not the finger of condemnation, but the extended hand of hope! 
Dear Warriors,

Over the last month God has revealed so much. I definitely sense an acceleration and spiritual momentum and impulse upon us. God has spoken of a coming revival which will sweep over the face of the earth like a tsunami out of Asia racing toward Europe and the United States.

And prior to that the Holy Spirit released a vision of a rock striking waters and spoke to us of a season of convergence and confluence that would be triggered during the week 22-29 Nov. That is already in action right now and we have received so many testimonies and reports, and even seen global events that point to this season of the alignment of the purposes of Heaven (kairos) and the timing (chronos) on the Earth.

There is now such an abundance of revelation in the Heavens that its almost overwhelming to keep pace with all that God is releasing. We can only then without doubt declare this: A Season of the Overflow! This is the moment of YOUR MIRACLE!


Chanukkah (or Hanukkah as it is interchangeably known by our Jewish brothers and sisters)  is the 8 day Festival of Lights. It is marked by a lunar calendar and in the year 2018 begins today - 02 December! Let me give you a little history behind this hugely significant spiritual week ahead. 

In the second century BCE during the period of Hellenisation (spread of ancient Greek culture & religion), the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks), who tried to force the people of Israel to accept foreign culture and beliefs instead of Torah observance and belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob: Our God - Jehovah. 

Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews, led by Judah the Maccabee, defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth, drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of Jehovah.

But when they desired to light the Temple's Menorah (a seven-branched candelabrum), they found only a single jar of olive oil that had escaped contamination by the Greeks. In faith they lit the menorah and miraculously the one-day supply of oil lasted for eight days, until new oil could be prepared according to to the Jewish customs of purity.

Thereafter the ancient Jewish sages instituted the Festival of Chanukah to commemorate this Divine Intervention in the lives of the men and women who held fast to the true God of Israel and God’s response to their faith in lighting the flame in the temple with only one a single day supply of oil.

Truly the observance of this festival is a celebration of the Miraculous Provision of Jehovah!

We might think that this is strictly an observance for our Jewish brethren but there is a powerful spiritual parallel that we must not lose out on. I for one want to enjoy every spiritual benefit possibly available to my family and I! Why would I dare miss out on Miraculous Provision?!

We might think of the war at Hanukkah as being between the Maccabees and the Greeks. However, most of the battle was between the Maccabees and the “Mityavnim” (lit. “those who become Greek”). The Mityavnim were Jews who embraced Hellenic culture over their own, including converts into the pagan Greek belief system.

Its significance is that it wasn’t merely a war between Jews and Greeks, but rather, a war between authentic Jews and Jews infected by the leaven of the foreign, pagan Greek culture.

This signifies that in our own lives - as Believers of Christ the Messiah - that we must reject and eject anything from within our lives that creates conflict between our faith and the promises of God. St. Paul talks of the internal struggle in Rom 7. I believe that many of us - indeed all of us - have an internal war. A war for breakthrough. This is the fight of faith as we cling to the promises of God for a glorious 8th day while contending with the voice of doubt whispering from current circumstances! 

Remember that it was single jar of olive oil that had escaped contamination!!! Do not let your faith in God be contaminated by the voice of doubt!

As you might know already, 8 is a very significant number and symbolises NEW BEGINNINGS! So get ready to light a beacon of blessing and provision!

The Day Of Your Miracle Is Here 

I awoke this morning to the lingering memories of a profound prophetic dream and the understanding that God was bringing us toward a prophetic 8th day experience of a MIRACULOUS BREAKTHROUGH in our lives during this next week.

Whatever you need the breakthrough for in whatever way - the moment is here! I had no idea 24 hours ago that I would even be sharing this with you, -but here we are! Surely God is doing something incredible in our lives. Do you need a miracle? Have you been crying out for a breakthrough? I know I have! God has heard us my dear friends!

How fitting then that in this season where we celebrate the advent of the Light of the Word, Christ the Lord, that we would be recipients of such a glorious gift from the Father's own hand at the very beginning of the month coinciding with this celebration of the Festival of Lights in Israel.

I am a firm believer that our natural actions ignite a heavenly response. Remember that at that time, there was almost no oil found to light the Temple’s candelabra. The little that was found was only enough to light it for one day, but because of their actions of faith the oil did not run out!

Does that not remind you of the story of Elijah and the Widow and the jar of oil that could not run dry? (1 Kings 17)  This is the magnitude of the window of miracles that God has said to me to release as a prophetic blessing to the saints of God that would receive it by faith.

The Spirit of the Lord is declaring a window of 8 days! Light your candle. Build an altar of memorial that the fire of heaven would come down and ignite the oil you pour over it by faith. This truly is a "Christmas Miracle" - a new beginning - that Jehovah is blessing us with and I will not miss out on this. I don’t want you to miss out on this precious friends!

Activate your faith! Step out into your 8th Day MIRACULOUS BREAK-THROUGH and SEE GOD IN ACTION IN YOUR LIFE! Step out in faith and claim the promise of God for you and your family and use the Ignite My Oil link to enter into this amazing, mighty, wonderful promise from the Father! 

Put your faith into action like the Widow in the the prophet Elijah’s account. Put your faith into action like the heroes who took back the Holy Temple. Reject doubt and defy your current circumstances as they did and light a beacon fuelled by the “little oil” you have today so that God can release your 8TH DAY MIRACLE BREAKTHROUGH for tomorrow!  


am praying for all of you this week. Send me your prayer requests to and we will stand in agreement with you for your miracle breakthrough and a day of new beginnings!

We also looking forward to launching our new IGTV question and answer video channel this week. So do send me any questions you might have regarding the prophetic or a prophet's perspective on spiritual topics and concepts to: "GOT QUESTIONS?"

We love and appreciate you. I am so excited for what lies ahead of us all. 


In the Light,
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