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The Sound of Light  is named from Psalm 119: "The entrance of thy Word brings light."  It is our passion to bring the voice & intentions of God into the lives of men & women through revelation and prophetic ministry rooted in love & Grace. Not only do we seek to reach the Church, but to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope and personal destiny! 'Prophet' is not a title - it's a functionality! Remember, a prophet is not the finger of condemnation, but the extended hand of hope! 
Dear Warrior-Remnant

We are unpacking and implementing the full vision that God has given to us to create a prophetic portal through which we will bring the voice of God into the lives of people from Tel Aviv to Taiwan; LA to Laos; Sydney to Singapore and cover the Earth with the prophetic unction. And WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Today we are launching our Heart for the House "Cloudfunding" campaign! If you haven't had a chance to check out this video clip that Wendy and I did about this exciting new project then please check it out here.
Heart for the House is a special opportunity for seeding over and above your regular gifts & offerings to your home church. When you sow into any church planting initiative, you are directly responsible for accelerating the pace at which the church is able to fulfil her mandate. God honours your actions!

Giving to church planting projects extends beyond the limitations of what church you belong to or a denominational preference and it becomes all about ​the Kingdom! It also attracts special Grace and Favour from the Lord upon those who sow into it!

This goes back to the model of the early Church & the heart they had to build the Kingdom. It was the church at its purest! The people gave generously so that the Word of God could be preached and the work of God could flourish. It wasn't Peter's ministry or John's church or James' school. It was all about Kingdom. Building an empire or brand was the furtherest thing from the mindset of the church birthed at Pentecost.

Heart for the House is all about returning to the pure mind of the early church to advance the Kingdom without regard for denominational boundaries and ecclesiastical politics.

​Heart for the House is about the people of God putting aside institutional loyalties and honouring the Father's desire to see the Kingdom aggressively advance across the earth. It's a Heaven sent opportunity for the people of the Lord to be a part of something undeniably the heartbeat of God.
Kingdom Builders perceive that they are “… laying up treasures in Heaven” by sowing into the mandate and commission of Jesus for Kingdom Expansion on the Earth.

Some can sow little, many can sow large. Whatever your seed is, it is being sown into Kingdom soil and will bring forth a great harvest in season and attract the favour of God upon you. Don't step away from this moment. Give God a reason to move on your behalf!
Take a moment. Pray in your heart. Hear God. Commit. Act!
Check out our Heart for the House campaign or
sow a Kingdom building gift directly to the ministry
Please help us. Build with us. I humbly ask you to share our campaign with as many friends as possible on as many forums as you can. Let's use social media to do something worthy and honourable in the sight of God: Kingdom Building!

It takes a fair amount of "crazy faith" to establish a House for God's Name to dwell therein. So call us crazy - but lets do this!

Say it out loud with us, "It's a Kingdom thing!"

Love and Light,
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