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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is a blog styled flash communication as and when the Holy Spirit lays on the heart of the Prophet to share. It contains insights and revelation that are impressed upon his spirit whilst in prayer, meditation, study or more than likely (and highly frequently), as he becomes suddenly inspirited by the breath of God and peers into the Future. We know it will be a blessing to all who follow the Prophet's journey.
It is highly unusual that I release communication so quickly on the heels of each other but I felt the strong directing and prompting of the Holy Spirit to release the insight and revelation God has given about the days ahead!
During this time that I have been hidden away in a cave with God, He has allowed many things to pass before me and given me glimpses into the future. I do not have permission to share most of it (because of an issue of timing) but I have from time to time released (in part) certain things that I felt at liberty to bring forth and birth. The most significant of them during this season have been:

- The New Prophetic Order rising up
- A spirit of Deception where I taught about the spirit of pythos (divination) and the curse that it brings with it. Please you must go back and listen to that video it’s very important for your life!
- The Hour of Visitation and how to recognise it so that you don’t miss out on what God has in store for you
- Soul Prosperity and how important it is that your undefiled soul prospers so that you can enter into the season of flourishing in your personal life, marriage, health, business, church and facets of life.
- and just recently I shared about a season of Convergence and Confluence beginning the week 22-29 Nov 2018. There’s going to be a huge spiritual shift and God is going to align things on earth according to His Eternal purposes in Heaven so that all things can synergise for your good. I told you to sow into that season - and I pray you have - because a simple act of obedience is all the difference between have and have not!

So it does seem that God is allowing me to emerge from the cave - even if it’s for just another season!

had a vision of the future! Now many of you know that I have a gift that allows me to interpret dreams and understand visions. But having said that - I personally do not dream that much. But I do have visions. And when I do - I really pay attention because I know God is speaking! This time is no different.
The Galactic Wave
This is what I saw:
I stood above the earth and an angel stood with me. I could see the ‘kosmos’ (this is the Greek word that translates ‘the decorated planet’ and we derive our word ‘cosmetic’ from it!) and on the earth I saw a wave of water forming from Singapore/Malaysia or that region of the world. It grew and swelled and gathered momentum. It raced eastward across Asia and reached the Pacific Rim. By the time it reached Japan it was an enormous tsunami of immense power and force. And I felt in awe of it - even a little afraid.
The crest of it was so huge - so high - that it began reaching into the heavens above the Earth - where I was standing with the angel.
At this point the angel pointed and said to me, “See! It touches even the stars of Heaven.” And as this wave reached into heaven it gathered stars in its powerful crest and I was given to understand that the stars signified unclaimed promises of God made to mankind from generation to generation that were now awaiting their moment of fulfilment and most of these pertained to the release of supernatural manifestations of God on planet Earth. Promises of Revival.
The entire wave whose crest was still towering into the galactic night started to fall back westward to is origin. But it was so big that it swept over its point of origin (Singapore/Malaysia and the Asian countries) and crashed into Europe (United Kingdom and France were very prominent - but all Europe) and then it moved over the North Atlantic and slammed into the continental United States. It seemed as if the whole earth was saturated by the water this wave carried! Not only could I see all of this, but I heard the mighty roar - this incredible sound of the magnitude of the power and violent force and impact that this wave carried. 
I’ve said this before but it bears repetition that what I am looking for and scanning the earth for - what I'm looking forward to (actually it's more like what I have seen) is a move of God that is unmistakably sovereign and imparted and not a movement of man that is manufactured and exported!
A supernatural move of God is always about the Presence of God in a generation. Many today are chasing after encounters! If not encounters then some goose-bump moments of something observed as the power of God. But let me disabuse you of this notion of encounters. You can have all the encounters you want - it doesn't mean that you will change your heart. Nor does it mean you will be any closer to God for having them. 
Intimacy and relationship with God is not built on encounters. Encounters are the result of intimacy!
How Do We Gauge If Something Is Genuine? 

However you cut it Jesus becomes the focus! The centre and the epicentre. As a prophet I look for just three things when someone asks me for my thoughts on the "genuiness" (authenticity) of something. Many times pastors and leaders write to me and ask me my perspective on certain things that are happening in churches around them or even right at home. My response is always as follows:
a. Has it elevated, exulted and glorified God?
b. Has it raised the level of spiritual hunger and spiritual awareness of the people?
c. Has it prompted a deep response & catalysed a lasting change in the hearts of people?
Always remember that a sovereign move of God CANNOT BE IMITATED BUT IT CERTAINLY CAN BE IMPARTED.
In the book of Acts chapter 2 we read of the day the Church of the Lord began. Its very birth was steeped in the miraculous and supernatural. At its very core the church was a product of the supra-natural manifesting itself visibly!
To put it simply the church was born because of a spiritual invasion of the earth by the Kingdom of Heaven! God has never desired to change this. His church was always meant to be steeped in the mysterious, supernatural, awesome power of God’s own Spirit!
Acts 2 contains the blueprint to a secret. A divine pattern of what God is bringing back into our timeline. It has never been God’s intention to change this model. It has always been God’s desire to see this model operate in every generation. It has for various reasons (mostly because of our own agendas and “empire mentality” as opposed to pursuing God's Will with a Kingdom heart) that successive generations have become estranged from the pattern.
But the pattern of Acts 2 is  this: THE WIND, THE FIRE AND THE WINE

There were successive and unique manifestations of God at the birth of the Church that we must now accept responsibility to steward and give birth to in our own generation and lifetime! Even if we don’t see it come to pass completely - we must be committed to certainly taste of it!

This speaks of the release of the BREATH OF GOD. This is the spirit of prophecy. The very same breath that God told Ezekiel to "call the winds" and prophesy into the dry bones in 'valley of death', and the bones rattled and rolled and shook and shuddered – and life came into them and they stood on their feet an exceedingly great army! This is the wind of the prophetic.
We must bring an illumination and get an understanding that the fullest expression of the prophet and a prophetic generation is not about giving or receiving personal words of prophesy but rather a corporate, united prophetic unction of proclamation, declaration and even rebuke into the heavenly realms.
It is this type of prophetic that is the precursor to what comes after. It is the herald to the thing everyone wants to see - the Apostolic Fire! 

Right after the Wind blew, then came the Fire as an unusual manifestation of the supernatural! The Fire of the Spirit (as John the Baptist prophesied that Jesus would give to us) is the power of God that will cause the body of Christ to function in a dramatically different way to anything we have seen before!
The new wine of God is linked in the Book of Joel to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is God’s full expression to humanity through His Spirit!
Wine is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and Jesus spoke of it in association with the moving of God (Matt 9:17) In the New Testament, the infilling of the Spirit is compared and contrasted to drinking wine! ‘And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit’ (Eph 5:18 KJVS, see also Acts 2:13)

What God has for us is distinctive for right now! It is a particular and peculiar anointing for this new era. It is a new wine from Heaven. And from what we see in the pattern, in the divine code and blueprint of an authentic New Testament church model - IT WILL NOT BE CONTAINED TO AN UPPER ROOM EXPERIENCE BUT IT WILL INVADE THE STREETS!
The Wind, The Fire & The Wine Blueprint

I cannot teach everything in an email so I’ve put together a video teaching on it and uploaded to our Youtube Channel.
Let me tell you in advance that just after I had ended the video recording, the Spirit overtook me and I began to prophesy to Asia and the United States. I managed to grab my phone and record it and I’ve included it in the tail end of the video. You really need to listen to it. God has an incredible plan ahead! It was one of the most dramatic and dynamic Prophetic Disruptions I have experienced outside of actually preaching in a church! God made incredible promises and I am truly awed by what is ahead!

Here’s what I want you to do! I was taught this. I grew up doing it. I still do it. When the King of kings offers you an audience with Him you never ever walk away without offering a gift. When you hear a promise from God you must jump into it without reservation. If you want to be a part of something that God is declaring then you must grab it by faith.
But the extension of faith is what you are willing to do in faith! I’ve been taught and learnt over the years that we must sow to the future. By faith Abraham offered Isaac - his only precious son. He sowed into the future so that one day the Lamb of God could manifest in time and all of Abraham's descendants could receive that manifestation!
Sow into your future! This kingdom culture and value of sowing and reaping must return to the Body of Christ and we must return to cultivating and inculcating it in our spiritual lives - as did the heroes of our faith in times past!
Don’t do nothing! Some of you can give big amounts. Some can give little But do something as an act of faith! Sow to your future and your family’s future. Let God see the extension of your faith!

Next time - and I pray the Spirit will permit it to be soon -  I want to teach you how to LAY UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN! You do not want to miss that one. So share this with your friends and family so that they too can enter into a new season in their lives and be ready to receive what is coming.

Remember that we want to be your "Agreement Partners!" So whatever you are praying for, goign through and whatever needs you have, we want to stand in agreement with you so that God may command a blessing toward you. Send you prayer requests to or join our Facebook community group: HOPE
We love and appreciate you. SEE YOU in the FUTURE!

In the Light,
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