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The New Legal Threat to Environmental Attorneys

Community Environmental Legal Defens Fund Co-Founder Thomas Linzey. Credit: CELDF.ORG
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Corporate State's New Offensive

This is a landmark article. It outlines the inadequacies and inconsistencies in our FIXED system of government that do not allow the inherent rights of people, communities or nature to be respected. Please take the time to read and absorb these most vital facts and revelations. And share this article with other nature and community rights advocates.

There is currently no justice for the rights of nature through the court system, the final corrupted frontier in our three-branch system of government. We have known for a long time that the executive and legislative branches have been corrupted by corporate collusion and campaign contributions but believed there to be some justice in the judicial branch. We are learning that is not the case.

Imagine getting a letter in your mailbox saying that sometime this weekend “corporate persons” will come to your house and take and/or destroy whatever they desire and you cannot do anything to protect yourself, your family or your property. Though this seems an impossible scenario, in fact, they already have the LEGAL PERMISSION to decimate your life.

THAT is how our government works against us; corporate privilege trumps the rights of “real” people, communities and nature. We may see some short term benefits economically but when the land, water and air are poisoned and degraded and rates of cancer and other environmental diseases begin to rise, well, it is too late to reclaim and repair the environment that sustains us. The destroyers, with profits in hand, are long gone and there is no trail left behind.

New Conditions - New Community Rights Movement Strategies

If there is any legal defense possible for the rights of nature over the state permitted corporate privilege to destroy nature for profit?

What options do we have to protect and defend our inalienable rights to health and safety in the places where we live?

Please join the conversation and the growing community and nature rights movement as we seek solutions to legalize sustainability.
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