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With the move to level 2
We can now accommodate a few more participants

We are currently living in uncertainty; it is difficult to project ourselves into the future. It has always been so to a greater and lesser degree, the only thing that has changed is the degree, our illusion of certainty has been removed like a rug pulled from under our feet. If we are wise, we would accept that the only certainty in life is death / change and get on with living our best possible life. 

Resistance to change seems to be a human trait that causes unnecessary anxiety and suffering; yet we have survived all the changes to date, the proof is that we are still alive to tell the tale. We have leaned to respond and adapt, to be ingenious and creative; to create beauty out of chaos and thrive.  Whatever is happening at present is reminding us to stay focus on our desired outcome and call forth our natural assets.

For some, this is the worst of all possible times, while for others, it is the best. There are different realities running, all happening simultaneously. We have a great opportunity to create the reality we want to be in right now.


Every thought and emotion we have experienced and action we have taken over the period of the lock down has left its mark on our consciousness and consciousness is the foundation of our perception of reality.

This extraordinary global event has prevented many of us from earning a living and the stress and anxiety around financial insecurity coupled with all the social indoctrination that we have been bombarded with has played havoc with our minds.

It takes between twenty-one and thirty days to turn our thoughts, emotions, and actions into habits, which in turn become our natural response to life. If we want and need change in our life, we need to start dismantling all that we have been told will be the “New Normal” and consciously re-evaluate and redesign the future that we desire as our reality going forward. If we want success, we must make sure that we are not the obstacle to it, we need to develop our capabilities to match the frequency of our vision.

Life is always a personal responsibility and a matter of choice; we can choose mass conformity or embrace our uniqueness and envision and create the life we want. A meaningful life requires that we develop leadership qualities to manage our own lives. We are equipped with all the tools we will require to overcome every challenge that we will ever face.

As requested, I will be repeating the Conscious Manifestation workshop 
Date:  Saturday 22th August 2020
Time 8h30 to 17h30
Venue: Growthpoint Training Centre, Lanseria
Fees: By donation
  • Jump start your post lock down with clarity
  • Adapt to change 
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs
  • Expand your perception
  • Align your thinking with your vision
  • Sharpen your natural manifestation skills.  

Some feedback from the participants:

- "David is intuitive and pushes me to think and explore, the workshop came at the right time, lock-down seems to have surfaced issues in my life that I need to face and sort out; it has made me see this in a new light....

David is an excellent teacher, the workshop has filled the gaps on habits that I stopped practicing...

- David is a great teacher, passionate and knowledgeable. The workshop was filled with practical knowledge, wisdom and guidance...

- I don't know why I waited so long to come back; It was a fantastic awakening of my soul, thank you so much loved it immensely...:”

Resistance to change is resistance to life itself, the cause of much suffering. Change is the only constant in the universe and the source of perpetual uncertainty on this adventure we call life.  We can find excitement in every challenge and adversity if instead of resisting and fearing the unknown we chose to embrace our fear and respond to its invitation to be courageous and face our personal limitations.   

It is the ignorance of who we really are and of universal laws that manifests as fear. Our evolutionary journey summons us to listen and trust our inner guidance to become the highest version of who we really are.

We live in an infinite universe, with infinite possibilities, we do not have to allow our current circumstance to dictate our future. We always have a choice, we can consciously choose our own pathway through the chaos, disruption, and confusion.

The insights and simple tools offered during the workshop has the potential to transform lives, but it is our responsibility to apply them and to make conscious decisions aligned with our intentions to express and experience our own magnificence.

Some of the topics include:
  • Understanding and exploring my true nature.
  • How to deal with conflicting vision, obtain clarity and align your thinking with your vision
  • Tools for relaxation and focused concentration.
  • How to outgrow stress.
  • A simple system for changing habits.
  • Putting my Divinity to work for the creation of well-being and prosperity in harmony with the laws of the Universe
And so much more...
Attending this workshop will expand you perception of what you call reality, you will explore the immense value of your natural asset base and the possibilities that come with them;  dismantle limiting beliefs; reconnect with your Divine Self and tap into your creative power to work through your dilemmas and challenges and achieve greater fulfillment.

"Dave is a phenomenal teacher. He has keen insight, sharp intuition and a wonderful ability to share openly and teach from a place of experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge on many different interesting topics. Above all, what I like best about Dave is his humility and his absolute respect for the process of each individual, I felt very safe and extremely well supported."   -VH

We all have different levels of fragility and resilience that needs to be honored and working with small groups creates the space  for personal attention.

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