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“We are a miracle of such magnitude that our true nature is beyond comprehension even to those of us who have diligently worked to keep our creative imagination intact.”
I need to define what I mean by a miracle. A miracle is something that our current understanding and the laws of science cannot explain. When this happens we have choices, we can either deny our true nature and keep ourselves in the little box of our personal ignorance; or we can acknowledge the self-imposed limits of our ignorance and apply our minds to getting to know ourselves and keep expanding our perception. My personal experience has taught me that choosing the latter has turned my life into the most miraculous adventure.
“Know thyself and you will know the Universe and God.”
~ Pythagoras

Sadly, between the dogma of what we call education and our religious and social conditioning, the human race in general has been brainwashed into believing that we are not perfectly equipped to deal with life; that we are lost; that we are not good or beautiful enough; that we need to be saved from ourselves and we must submit to the will of people who we have been conditioned to perceive as authority figures and toe the line.

In a nutshell that we must relinquish our ability to think for ourselves, do what is socially expected and become the victim of mass mediocrity. This leads to a society who does not accept responsibility for their actions or lack thereof,  to individuals  blaming an outside factor for all the limitations in their lives, while hoping that someone or something that is greater and better equipped  will someday save us from our pathetic life.

I have news for you: You are the one you have been waiting for; the savior who is going to rescue you, lives inside you. You were born with free will and the imagination to create everything your will ever need for the fulfillment of your greater purpose.

Those of us who grasp that life is a  personal responsibility and are willing to heed the words of Pythagoras’s, risk being labeled as crazy mavericks, radical rebels, dissidents and all manner of other labels that have too often been bestowed upon us. The few thinkers that challenge conventional established rules, question everything, including our most cherished beliefs; those of us who follow our hearts, listen to our intuition, trust our instincts, and relentlessly devote our lives exploring the infinite possibilities of our eternal selves in pursuit of the fulfilment of our destiny. i.e. the evolution of our soul; gain the benefits of a rich and fulfilling life.   

We always have the choice; to conform, compromise and live a life of quiet misery or to stand out, risk the ridicule, and unwaveringly honor the uniqueness of our DNA and our Divine Self; claim our sovereignty and uncompromisingly put our Divine gifts to work in service to our world and inspire others to follow suit.

My last two workshops for 2020 delivers insightful information and practical tools for developing creativity and cultivating habits that create prosperity. The practical application of these two workshops integrated into your life will catapult you into a new reality that may appear miraculous. 
Developing the Genius of Imagination Promises to awaken the genius within and transcend your current understanding of the infinite possibilities available to us all. There are no limits other than those you impose on yourself, the question is, are you willing to do what it takes?
The TAG Wealth Builder will build a bridge from your current limited life to the one you desire. By addressing and converting your victim of poverty and scarcity mindset and your financial ignorance that keeps you on the treadmill of ever-increasing debt to living in alignment with the unlimited wealth and abundance of the universe.
The way you end your year sets the tone for the new one.
Book your seat on both workshops “Developing the Genius of Imagination” and the “TAG Wealthbuilder.” Receive a 50% discount on the second workshop.


May you have the courage to explore your greatest possibilities and reap the immense rewards of the adventure we call life.
I look forward to working with and inspiring you towards infinite possibilities.

Reclaiming your state of consciousness
The story of forgiveness

How to forgive someone who did not live up to your expectations whom you perceive to be the perpetrator of your unhappiness?

"I can’t forgive him; he did this, this, and was that, that and was not this and so the stories go on...   He is dead but I can’t get rid of him, I want him to go away but the stories keep playing in my head and although I want to forgive him and let go of the resentment and anger, I don’t seem able to do so."

My client seems at her wits end, she shared that she has been constantly working on herself, asking her guides to help her get rid of him, but to no avail and feels stuck. I could feel her distress and I sure do not have all the answers, but I have overcome similar experiences, and  helped many clients both male and female get clarity and I felt that maybe I could share my perspective:

“Perhaps your guides cannot help you because you are asking for the wrong thing, why do you want to get rid of him? He has been a major part of your life and has helped to shape who you are today; he will always be a part of you. What if instead you could learn to embrace the lessons this relationship has taught you and replace resentment with gratitude for all that you have learned?

Nobody is all bad or all good, you are simply focused on all the wrongs, and you are turning him into a monster. In doing so you are becoming the monster and destroying your own life. The creator and the creation are one!   You always have the choice to leave when a relationship does not work but you chose to stay, there must have been a lot of good too.”

My client admitted that he was not all bad but did not live up to her expectation when it counted the most.  I suggested that she makes a list of all the good and all the wrong she ascribed to him and asked her to look inside and ask herself where and how does she let herself down the way she perceived that he did.

"You cannot force someone to live up to your expectation, have you considered that maybe he simply could not be what you wanted him to be? I believe that we will never allow anyone to treat us any worse that we treat ourselves, that life is a mirror reflecting to us what is inside us.  When we feel victimized by the action of another, we have disempowered ourselves by choosing to play the role of the martyr and blame the other for our unhappiness. In doing so we become the perpetrator of our own misery; the victim and the perpetrator are one!" 

My client said: “There is no coincidence in life, I asked my guides for help and here you are; I needed to hear this you have given me much to work with, thank you.”

Indeed there are no coincidence, when we ask for help we always receive, it does not always come in the form we expect it but it is always for our highest good.

We all have free will and we choose our perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, but if we are not conscious of this, we fall victim to our lack of awareness.  When we are not clear about our values, it is difficult to set boundaries and easy to blame others for stepping on our toes. We all have blind spots and sometimes we need someone to shine the light so we can see our way clearly.

Forgiveness is not an easy process it is a profoundly transformative healing journey, that demands that we reclaim ownership of our state of consciousness and assume full responsibility for our life, that we accept ourselves unconditionally so we may allow others to be who they are.

It starts with forgiveness of self which allows more love and compassion into our lives, it is vital to our happiness, success and peace of mind that we understand that the other does not create our wound but merely reveals our wounds to us, so we may heal.  
We always have a choice on how we relate to circumstances. When we are ready to acknowledge that the enemy lives inside us and our part is to get to know and love the enemy, life becomes an exciting adventure. Every perceived “enemy” becomes our greatest teacher bearing the gift of self-discovery, but while we play the role of the victim life is full of hardships and drudgery. When we choose to step into the role of the conscious creator, we delight in looking for the gold nuggets under every stone we find on our path and become the hero of our story. 

Until the source of our distress become conscious, we struggle to some degree or another letting go of anger, resentment, blaming or complaining. It is an unconscious habit that robs us of our energy, causes stress, dis-ease, lowers our vibrational frequency which hinders the flow of life and inhibits our joyful creative expression.
If you are struggling in your personal life or business and are not at ease with life and need support to:
  • Make the unconscious conscious
  • See things from another perspective
  • Get clarity on your way forward
  • Restore ease and flow in your life.
  • Or if you are looking for an accountability partner who has your best interest at heart. 
Book your Coaching session, my coaching sessions include a 30-minute Crystal Light Therapy® to realign and harmonize your energy and raise your vibrational frequency.  WhatsApp 083 334 6509 for your appointment
We are speeding towards the end of the year, if you would like to add a simple and powerful tool  to your tool box, book your space on the upcoming TAG-REIKI workshop.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you,
May love light your way always

"Deep down inside we all know we can fly"


Upcoming Events and Services

From where you are to where you want to be!

Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Our school and university do not teach us to be entrepreneurs. 

Every smart business person who is serious about being successful has a mentor to help:
  • Explore constructive and objective options.
  • Look at situations from different perspective 
  • Make better decisions for your business and Yourself
  • Catapult your success to new heights.  
Book your appointment call
David  +27 82 414 7434

Coaching with Christine
A holistic approach to every aspect of life, to help you to:
  • Exercise your power to choose and create the life you want.
  • Deconstruct the myth that you are stuck or trapped in your life.
  • Replace your limiting beliefs
  • Remind you  of who you  truly are 
  • Hold you accountable for your choices
  • Find clarity, purpose and meaning 
  • Restore harmony and wellness
  • Define what a successful life means to you
"Thank you so much I really appreciate the push and accountability. It gave me the mental push I needed.
One thing that made the biggest difference for me today was focusing on getting the business moving by taking actionable steps to actually getting clients and not just researching and getting more inventory without clients.” 
- L.M.


Book Your Appointment call
Christine +27 83 334 6509


"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." 

~ Albert Einstein

Every great visionary has a desires to create something new and amazing and in the state that our world is in, we need to develop a robust imagination. Those who succeed are those who use their imagination to expand on their current more
Saturday 28 November
Time 8h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Training Centre Lanseria


It is not how much money we  earn that makes us wealthy, it is what we do with our money.

Saturday 12 December 
Time 8h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Training Centre Lanseria

”The TAG Wealth Builder is a unique approach to creating riches. Wealth building is principle based, a simple formula designed to create abundance. I am doing my homework and it works!”
- Natalie Stoltz

Invest in yourself, take responsibility for your wealth read more

TAG-REIKI Level I and II
Residential Workshop
Dates 21 - 22 November
Venue: Growthpoint Training Centre

-“A thorough practical course Soul touching, energizing, blissful, you guys rock.” V.M

-“An amazing experience I got much more than I expected, well worth it.” M.L

-“The most positive experience was experiencing the love from Christine and Dave.” M.S
Learning Reiki deepens your connection to your own energy and body wisdom. One of the major things that you need to know and understand to master your life is how to master your energy. Reiki helps bring you in alignment with the divine within.

More information 

Advance Reiki Training
Residential Workshop
Dates 5 - 6 December
Venue: Growthpoint Training Centre

"As will level 1&2 the workshop surpassed any and all previous trainings; I love the straight forwardness  and simplicity in approach and use-ablitity of the tool. 
An outstanding experience, the level of personal attention and care given to each participant enables and inspires deep space for self reflection and growth.
I loved the meditations." L.H

More information 

Crystal Light Therapy ® 

Affects us on all levels of matter and energy, having an inter-dimensional effect that benefits the healthy ordering of the individual. These sessions help balance, clear and restore the body’s energetic template.

  • Harmonizes the Chakras and subtle energy bodies
  • Cellular rejuvenation for improve health
  • Re-balances frequencies in the electro magnetic field
  • Triggers healing processes in the psyche and the body
  • Raises your vibrational frequency.
Highly recommended for any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and as a preventative modality strengthening the immune system. 

“Hi Christine, it was absolutely wonderful meeting you and having the pleasure to be in your awesome and breathtaking space.  I do feel lighter and had inspiration to edit the book I am writing. 
Some things opened for me and I only had access to them when I got home and started reflecting on the day.
Thank you so much for everything."  P. K.

To book you session WhatsApp 083 334 6509 
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