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In Need of 'UnCommon' Sense that seems to escape
most people.


What would you choose?

Years ago, one of my daughters, asked me if I would donate my services and present my Wealthbuilder workshop at the school as a fund raiser project.  When I asked her why the Wealthbuilder, she grinned and replied, “None of these kids know anything about earning and looking after their own money; Dad they really need your help. How could I say no!
The project had to get the approval of the headmaster; a daunting task! For over an hour I felt as if I was talking to a brick wall; I remember thinking, “is it impossible for someone to comprehend something that they have no understanding of, nothing in his life experience has ever shown him the principle of wealth creation; it’s time to admit defeat and leave.” Then to my amazement I saw a dim light come on in his eyes and he said; “You know, maybe my staff need to attend; and even some of the parents.”
My daughter’s face lit up as she said, “Great, we can let them come for double the kids fee.” We agreed; half the job well done. As I was leaving the headmaster asked me if I would please address the school assembly to help promote the project. I enthusiastically agreed.
On the morning of the assembly I discovered that there were two guest speakers and I was billed second. I sat patiently and listened to the deputy head mistress introduce the first speaker, A clergyman from the charismatic church across the road from the school.
I sat back and listened to an amazing story, that was proceeded by this opening sentence. “I have come here today to warn you about get rich schemes and the evil of wealth!!!”
This enlightened member of the clergy then, passionately shared a chapter of his life when he was a young priest in New York City, USA. In short, he had rescued a young thief who had been caught stealing a car radio. He had posted his bail, paid his fine and had sheltered him in the church.
Realising that this young man was rather intelligent he went on a mission to raise money from the captains of industry to send the young man to medical school and he was so proud to be able to say that his protege was now a successful surgeon in New York with his own practice. The priest got a standing ovation.
My turn …… I stood up, took the microphone and held a long deliberate silence. Then I smiled and said, “Wow, that is a tough act to follow …. But I do have one question for you; If you had the choice, who would you want to be …. The priest or the captain of industry? Would you want to be wealthy enough to be able to donate to the charity of your choice of would you want to be the priest asking for charity?”
“Who wants to be the priest, raise your hands.” Almost everyone in the assemble raised their hand. But I noticed three older boys in the back of the room who had not. So, I asked the other question; “Who wants to be the captain of industry.” No surprise, the three boys in the back of the room, who I later learned were probably going to fail their Matric exams raised their hands.
The short story is we never facilitated the Wealthbuilder for those children and they in all likelihood went on to join the multitude of people who live above their means trying to make ends meet. Believing that they are victims of some immoral system imposed on them by the evil rich of the world.
We all have choices! Some of us; a very small minority, choose to create wealth, and in so doing keep the economy that feeds all of us alive. My question to you is: “Who would you chose to be the priest or the captain of industry?” 
“Wealth creation is the well managed surplus of the reward we receive for the services we provide to the community in which we have chosen to add value.”
I have been asked to do another residential Wealthbuilder workshop this month for a small group of businessmen and their wives.  
The dates are 29 - 30 June. 
We still have 4 places available.  

This workshop delivers a simple yet powerful, sound foundation for sustainable wealth creation. It is applicable irrespective of one’s current position on the wealth scale. 
If I could get government to make this process law, compulsory for everyone who lives in the country, in one generation the poor would all be reasonably wealthy people and the need for state aid would be a thing of the past. Of course, the gap between the rich and the poor would still be there, and probably even wider, because some people are more diligent than others and apply their intelligence to maximise the efficiency of and improve on the process while others do just enough to get by. It is a choice!
I wish you all the wealth and abundance that you have the courage to create for yourself.
David Pickard Wyllie.

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"Deep down inside we all know we can fly"


Upcoming Events and Services

An additional workshop as requested!

29 - 30 June 2019

This residential workshop is for those who are serious about sustainable Wealth creation as a holistic concept of affluence.

The application of the knowledge obtained in this workshop puts wealth creation back in the hands of anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of applying its simple, logical uncommon sense... Read more
Only 4 places left
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng


A residential workshop for TAG II Grads who are ready to step into new vistas and would like to sharpen their manifestation tools.
The workshop will focus on sharpening the use of your existing tools, questioning and releasing current beliefs and enlisting the abundance of support that is available in the Universe.

8-9 June 2019    
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Residential training for those who are ready to take their application of energy to the next level.

Pre requisite Level II
13-14 July 2019     
Limited to 10 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng


From where you are to where you want to be

Entrepreneurial Coaching 
Our school and university do not teach us to be entrepreneurs. 
Every smart business person who is serious about being successful has a mentor or personal coach 
Having a Coach will help you:
  • Explore constructive and objective options.
  • Look at situations from different perspective 
  • Make better decisions for your business and Yourself
  • Catapult your success to new heights.  
I have one opening available for Coaching
Book your appointment call
David  +27 82 414 7434

Applied Life Coaching
A holistic approach to every aspect of life, to help you to:
  • Deconstruct the myth that you are stuck or trapped in your life.
  • Remind you  of who you  truly are 
  • Hold you accountable for your choices
  • Find clarity, purpose and meaning 
  • Restore harmony and wellness
  • Define what a successful life means to you
  • Exercise your power to choose and create the life you want.
More information
Book your appointment call
Christine 083 334 6509
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