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"The moment you change your perception is the moment
You rewrite the chemistry of your body"
Dr.Bruce H. Lipton

About the Workshop:

Ancient Meta-physics, modern Quantum Physics and Epigenetic have proven that we can and all have the inherent ability to heal or change every aspect of our lives.
For years science has been telling us that we have 90% 'Junk' DNA and that the genes we were born with determine our lot in life. What if it's not junk at all but simply latent, waiting patiently for us to accept the responsibility of consciously upgrading who we are and engaging our evolution?
We have the built in technology to reprogram and create new genes; encoded into our DNA and every cell of our being is all the knowledge and latent potential to achieve all that we have the ability to imagine and the willingness to accept the responsibility of creating.
Healing, transformation or changing our perceptions about wealth and poverty; health and sickness; genius and stupidity etc... requires our willingness to explore and expand our beliefs of who we are and how we fit into the universe.  Within us lies all the technology and intuitive knowledge for self healing and total fulfillment in every aspect of our lives. 


  • To give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the hidden life manual which is encoded within you in order to unlock dormant DNA
  • To give you access to the tools to bridge the gap between possibility and reality.
  • To inspire and motivate you to BE your greatest possibility...
“There is a distance between possibility and reality.
Do you have the courage and commitment to walk this distance?"

- Sadhguru
The workshop is limited to 18 applicants
to afford individual attention to participants.
Date: Saturday 6 April 2019  From 08h30 to 17h30
Venue:  Growhpoint Training Centre, Lanseria, Gauteng
Fee: R4000-  P/P  Including Lunch and refreshments
Early booking: R3500  if booked before 6 March 2019
 About the Presenter

  David Pickard Wyllie

The Chinese call him the bearer
of great profit and wealth

Since 1974 David has been instrumental in improving the quality of people’s lives profoundly. During this period, as a trainer and consultant he has pioneered some of the most effective developmental training available.

Dave is recognised as a master of business understanding, motivating and developing people. He has turned his wealth of experience into a new science which he present as a simple, understandable, crisp, clear strategy.
David is renowned for his ability to inspire a total concept of affluence in almost everyone who embrace and practice his simple, practical methods of enhancing natural abilities and marry them with simple business and life uncommon sense.
“The results of my senior directors and myself putting the TAG principles into effect for only one month were so encouraging that I asked David Wyllie to train my entire workforce.  The effect of this corporate training was to reduce dramatically the unit cost of production.”
Walter Hauser  Managing director Compona (Pty) LTD

“Dave is a Master Alchemist who brings all the ingredients together and mixes it with precision, simplicity and much care. He is a rare teacher who teaches from his life experience and the passion and enthusiasm of one who is fulfilling his divine mission on earth. What a profound experience: one that cannot be easily put into words, I can only describe it as an exciting blind date with My SELF.” 
C Lenferna 
“Having experienced the changes TAG workshop made to my life I can wholeheartedly recommend them to people who want to radically change and enhance their lives.”
Pieter Swanopoel  BSc(Med) MD, CHB (Stell) DLO RCP London, RSC England, M Med (RLO) (PRET) Nose, Throat and Ear Surgeon 
The effect of TAG, adopted by the company as corporate training, has enabled my business to grow sixty times in just over four years in a depressed market environment.”
Oscar Lockwood Managing Director – the Office Plant and Lifestyle Nurseries (PTY) Ltd.

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