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Preparing to Thrive post Lock-Down

I was going through my old newsletters to check if what was written then is still appropriate and this is what I wrote in June 2009, it seems eleven years later it is even more valid.

“Nobody, not even the great religious prophets, have ever saved humanity from themselves. At best one or two people in every few thousand have had the insight, courage and integrity to accept responsibility for applying the life skill and principles that are and always have been commonly available for anyone willing to open their eyes. i.e: Think for themselves and stop making excuses and blaming others or the universe for the circumstances of their lives.

Apparently one of the most difficult truths for most people to grasp is that we are the responsible ones, that the quality and safety of our lives is our responsibility. Or is it that we have become so gutless that we are prepared to give this responsibility to any con artist that offers to protect us from ourselves and save us from the world?”

Troubles / Crisis are golden opportunities; If all of us would start to look for more troubles and learn to handle them cheerfully and with good judgment as opportunities, rather than irritations we would find ourselves getting ahead at a surprising rate. For it is a fact that there are great prospects waiting for men and women who are not afraid of the troubles connected with them.

Whether we believe it or not we have all been subjected to over two months of fear-based indoctrination. It makes no difference if we are for or against what governments around the world have been saying and the regulations that have been implemented. Whatever has been happening has dominated out consciousness, thoughts, emotions and actions and the Universal law is that consciousness manifests our perception as our reality, and whatever we repetitively do for between twenty-one to thirty days becomes our habits. We have been drawn into the process of fear mongering and the ramifications of crippling the economy which is the lifeblood that feeds and shelters everyone. 

Over the past two months we have undergone huge changes in every aspect of our habitual behavior. Not only on a physical level but also on a mental and emotional level.

Some of us have had an amazing time to contemplate, reflect and re-examine our priorities; but many have just been sucked into uncertainty of income deprivation and all the stresses and fears that the world media have been promoting.

Our future will not be determined by government unless we mindlessly hand over our power and our right to think for ourselves and opt to stand with the mindless masses.  Remember that we always have choices, and that it is our thoughts and perceptions that determine our future. We can take back our power to think for ourselves and consciously choose our relationship with the world in which we find ourselves.

Choosing to play the victim role takes the same amount of effort as choosing to play the hero in our consciously chosen new script. Either way we are in control of the outcome. Conformity to the indoctrination of mass consciousness or exercising our right to think for ourselves also takes the same amount of effort but the difference in results is vast.

We can choose to wait for help and guidance, or we can exercise our Divine right to be an innovative provider of much needed services, thereby helping our community and in turn ourselves. By so doing we accept responsibility for our livelihood and financial security. Knowledge of our Divine nature and potential coupled with our ability to deliver value to a willing client is our only real security.

Where we chose to focus our consciousness is the one thing, we have absolute control over. It influences all out thinking, emotions and behavior; it adjusts the electromagnetic frequencies of our energies which in turn magnetizes to us the perfect match to those frequencies as our apparent reality.

Unfortunately, knowing about this is only the first baby step in the process of conscious manifestation, we must evolve though the process of turning this theory into know-how and then BEING. BEING is our Divine Nature and conscious manifestation is the primary reason for our experience on this planet.  The biggest obstacles in our way are the limiting beliefs that we have adopted as truths. As we uncover these surrogate truths, we disempower them and their effects on our lives. Master your thinking and you master your destiny.

I am currently offering online coaching to help you find clarity and map your way forward; identify and overcome the stumbling blocks in the way of your chosen future. And support you reclaim mastery over your thought process.

My next two workshops “Consciously Choosing and Manifesting New Normal” will jump start your post lockdown accomplishment. Giving you practical tools to expand your perception  and align your thinking and behaviour with the vision of your chosen future, and sharpening your natural manifestation skills. More details in the left column.

In the meantime, take advantage of our online coaching / one on one training which is still by donation for the duration of the lock down. Book now

I look forward to working with you.
May courage and common sense prevail

Confession of a Rebel
If you have read my previous newsletter, you are aware that from the onset I called this virus a fear pandemic, at the beginning I had no evidence to back up my claim other than my gut knowing and I trust this implicitly.  As the “pandemic” evolves, many renowned scientists are coming forward to validate this. We all chose our beliefs and our reality manifests accordingly.

Lockdown for the healthy and strong did not make any sense and my rebellious nature took over.  For the first five weeks of the lockdown, I made a conscious decision to confront this virus head on and undertook to shop for my family and staff and go on my weekly shopping errand without wearing a mask. I wanted to expose myself to the virus to build my immunity.

Common sense and self-respect have always directed that I have a good sense of hygiene and keep a clean home, that I exercise, eat sensibly, sleep well and take good care of my physical, mental, and energy body. Life carried on as usual in lockdown.

With the shift to level 4 and its multitude of absurd rules, I refuse to wear a mask instead I wear a visor out of respect for those who feel vulnerable and care for those with compromised immunity.  I socialized with like-minded people kissing and hugging and I am happy to report that we are all alive and well even my husband who according to the “authorities” fall in the 70’s vulnerable category.

I practice the principle of do no harm and I am grateful for the Divine gift of freewill and my ability to think for myself; God help those who interfere with this.

According to statistics there are over 700 deaths recorded in South Africa, do we question the accuracy of these figures?  Here is an interesting discussion about how a Covid 19 death is identified… read more 

Thank goodness changes are happening at a rapid rate around the planet, although it appears that chaos and turmoil is the order of the day; Life is unfolding perfectly!    

This mayhem can be upsetting if we allow ourselves to get sucked in the drama instead of acknowledging that it is a natural progression in view of the infantile state of the majority of human race. Life invites us to become aware of our thoughts, when we rule our thoughts we rule our lives.

We live in parallel universes, if we stay grounded in the expression of who we really are and chose our thoughts carefully we will navigate these stormy waters and find our unique way through the challenges.  What seems out of harmony is seeking balance and the pendulum is swinging in direction that does not make sense creating more fear and anxiety from our limited perspective. Trust that everything is exactly as it need to be right now, the law of cause and effect is at play and eventually common sense will prevail.

Unfortunately, the chaos appears to be a necessary catalyst for our growth and our awakening. Giving birth to a new way of being can be a slow and traumatic experience, stay focused on how you want your life to unfurl and what you can do right now to make this happen.

Shifts and adjustments are happening, we need to look inside for answers, I think we can agree that we cannot rely on the media, our so-called leaders, and contradicting experts to guide us forward.  Life is crying out for the leader within us to wake up, there is an intelligence inside each of us that knows what is best for us, if we heed this call  we will find that life will start to make sense and that things will fall into place as we fine-tune what is really important to us and allow our intuition to guide us. Do you need help reconnecting with this aspect of yourself? What vision do you hold for your life post lockdown?

“Logic won’t take you anywhere, Imagination will take you everywhere!!!!”
A friend posted this photo on FB, it speaks volumes to me, the wise caption beckons us to reconnect with the child within. What are the childlike qualities that you need to reignite to help you get through these challenging times?  

A great teacher once said, you must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of heaven is within you. Isn’t it amazing that children seem to be immune to the pandemic?

Would you like help to work through your challenges? Get in touch

May love light your way always

"Deep down inside we all know we can fly"


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“Consciously Choosing and Manifesting
My New Normal”

  • Jumpstart your post lockdown with clarity
  • Adapt to change 
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs
  • Expand your perception
  • Align your thinking with your vision
  • Sharpen your natural manifestation skills.

Saturday 18 July 
Saturday 25th  July
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To accommodate social distancing rules we will running this workshop twice and limiting the number of participants to 8 people. 


Advanced Reiki Training

11-12 July
Prerequisite Level II Reiki 
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Free Reiki News Magazine

The International Centre for Reiki Training is producing a free online version of the Reiki News Magazine for worldwide distribution during this time of Corona Virus - 

I attract your attention to the article by  Dr Martha Q. Lacy M.D.  “Reiki Can Heal by Modifying Gene Expression” on page 29  Click here

Global meditation to help maintain peace in the world.

Sunday, June 14th at 17h10 South African time… 
Read more 

”My times with Dave leave me curious, open, motivated, powerful, determined and sometimes challenged. I'm thankful to have met him and to have my eyes opened to new perspectives, some I was ready to hear, others not. He is a rare breed that captures you, feeds your soul till it's overflowing, then just waits for you to fly. People need more 'Dave's' in their lives; people like me.”
Alison. Boston, USA.

I had a skype meeting with David nearly 2 weeks ago; So very glad I did! Not that I can remember everything we discussed, but I do remember a few things. I love that he said if I really wanted to die, go and find a Native American and learn how to sit under a tree and leave my body. Or if I want to live then start showing up and getting on with life.

My daughter Dakota who passed away 2 years and 4 months ago, or as David so aptly put it, “she changed energy form” certainly would not want me moping and living in continual misery. I feel that I am waking, getting more energy since David helped me to face reality, and get back to living with purpose.

I did the TAG course with David nearly 30 years ago, which transformed my life back then.

I would highly recommend taking some coaching with David, and even better yet, get into one of his courses. He has a wealth of information and wisdom and opens your eyes to a new reality.

Love you Dave. Forever grateful that our paths have crossed in this lifetime.”
Erin - Canada

“Thank you for the past weeks that I've had the opportunity to spend with you. Thank you for all the value that you imparted to my life; it has been a rollercoaster past few weeks regarding my self-discovery. I have realised how incredibly strong my mindset is, my whole life changed when I started focussing on the most positive, sweet and successful outcomes I can think of. 

I found myself thinking more than ever, it almost felt like I wanted to think about bad situations and thoughts that would always get the better of me... So that I could deal with it, and two weeks later. There’s not one bad thought or memory that I don't have control over! Things have really been falling in place and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to spend time with you. Especially as a business owner down in the slumps during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you again Dave, I hope to spend some more time with you very soon.
Rickus - South Africa

“Christine’s insightful coaching made me feel heard and supported, she helped me identify what was important to me and what I had to offer.

She helped me overcome my self-doubt and fears and restore faith in life, myself and awaken my creativity.

Thank you for your candour and deep caring, I was nervous reaching out to you, my friend had warned me that you were very direct and did not beat around the bush, your ability cut though the nonsense and redirect my focus was no helpful ” – Kirstin April 2020

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