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In Need of 'UnCommon' Sense that seems to escape
most people.


Regain Your Freedom

Albert Einstein said everything is energy; quantum physics tells us that atoms are holographic energy particles of the Universe. If we agree that the universe is infinite intelligence therefore everything that is created of atoms must be intelligent.

Energy is only latent potential; only when it is put to work or in a state of movement does it have power. Money is an energy field and a truly amazing tangible metaphor for the creation of sustainable wealth in all its forms. 

Wealth creation is a universal principle, the principle of expansion, of compound interest and the creation of abundance or surplus (of more than we consume)

Money is a holographic part of this universe and responds to the laws that governs the universe. It only gains value when it remains in movement or circulation.  As part of infinite intelligence, it always leaves the wasteful to finds its way to the wealthy responding to the magnetic energy field of our thoughts, actions and emotions.

Both poverty and wealth are the result of these energy fields attracting back to us that which we have set up, irrespective of whether we have done so consciously or unconsciously. We simply become masters at what we practice.

Wealth creation, in all its forms, has nothing to do with luck; it is a learnable skill. In these times of political uncertainty and financial insecurity there has never been a more compelling need for a working understanding of the principles and skills required to prosper.

You can complain about the state of your wealth or you can educate yourself and break free from your current limitations. Are you willing to learn?

I look forward to sharing further with you on my upcoming TAG Wealth Builder on the 25-26 May.

Yours in growth and conscious evolution.
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Christine Writes
The Exquisite Expression of Excellence

As South Africa heads for the voting stations on Wednesday; there is no escaping the reality that our leaders represent our collective consciousness. Whether we like it or not we are part of this collective and the big question that begs our attention is:
What am I contributing to the collective consciousness?
Am I prepared to look within and accept responsibility for my contribution?
There is no them and us, we are all part of the One and as such accountable for our contribution to the dis- ease or well-being of the collective.  If harmony and well-being are signs of spiritual maturity; sadly, our dis-eased country is still in its infancy and needs transformation and healing.  
Thoughts create emotion (energy in motion) consciousness is energy and energy vibrate at various frequencies. Dis-ease is a lower frequency, while harmony is of higher frequency. What frequency are we contributing to the whole? 

The frequency of the life force energy that flows through us is affected by our thoughts and emotions.  Without life force energy we would not be alive and with additional life force energy healing is possible.  And as we heal ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the whole.
It is our responsibility to raise our frequency and keep our body mind and spirit in harmony. Such an accomplishment requires that we become conscious of our thoughts and actions; that we disengage from drama and fear;  and alter the thought patterns that are not rooted in love.
The key is self-awareness, self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance, how can we contribute to the whole that which we don’t have for ourselves?  Self- awareness and harmony are qualities of mastery; chose your thoughts discerningly and deliberately. The journey of self-realisation is an endless quest for the exquisite expression of excellence; stay present and celebrate every glorious moment!
May love light our way always.

P.S. Exciting news:  New study finds changes in cancer cells when exposed to “Energy Healing” read more


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"Deep down inside we all know we can fly"


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From where you are to where you want to be

Entrepreneurial Coaching 
Our school and university do not teach us to be entrepreneurs. 
Every smart business person who is serious about being successful has a mentor or personal coach 
Having a Coach will help you:
  • Explore constructive and objective options.
  • Look at situations from different perspective 
  • Make better decisions for your business and Yourself
  • Catapult your success to new heights.  
I have one opening available for Coaching
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David  +27 82 414 7434

Applied Life Coaching
A holistic approach to every aspect of life, to help you to:
  • Deconstruct the myth that you are stuck or trapped in your life.
  • Remind you  of who you  truly are 
  • Hold you accountable for your choices
  • Find clarity, purpose and meaning 
  • Restore harmony and wellness
  • Define what a successful life means to you
  • Exercise your power to choose and create the life you want.
More information
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Educate Yourself
Reclaim Your Freedom


This residential workshop is for those who are serious about sustainable Wealth creation as a holistic concept of affluence.

The application of the knowledge obtained in this workshop puts wealth creation back in the hands of anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of applying its simple, logical uncommon sense... Read more
25-26 May 2019     
Limited to  10 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng


A residential workshop for TAG II Grads who are ready to step into new vistas and would like to sharpen their manifestation tools.
The workshop will focus on sharpening the use of your existing tools, questioning and releasing current beliefs and enlisting the abundance of support that is available in the Universe.

8-9 June 2019    
Limited to 8 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng

To exceptional performance

This workshop is for everyone who is serious about improving the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of their thinking skills; in order to align their consciousness with the creative principle of the universe.

22 June 2019    
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Residential training for those who are ready to take their application of energy to the next level.

Pre requisite Level II
13-14 July 2019     
Limited to 10 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng

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