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Kauria te maioha ki ngā hihi kanapanapa o te rā e torengi ana i runga i ngā pae maunga a Rangitoto ki te Tonga. Ki ngā wairipoipo o Te Aumiti te Tainukunuku a Pani.

Kei reira tonu a Te Kawau a Toru e kō ana Ko Ko Koata e


Ngāti Koata Te Reo Celebration
Ka nui te mihi ki te Taura Whiri i te reo mō te pūtea tautoko

Pictured below - Top- Te Haeata/Ata hou reo class and our Kaumatua reo class. (bottom) 

It was an amazing night of celebrations and acknowledgements to those who have been involved in the many Ngāti Koata Te Reo initiatives over the past year.  This year we celebrated the participants of the Ngāti Koata/NMIT Kaumatua, Te Haeata and Te Ata hou te reo classes.  The Kia Ngāwari regional kapahaka team were acknowledged for winning the Te Tau Ihu regional kapahaka competition which was then supported by a kapahaka bracket by the Kia Ngāwari Te Matatini team in training.
Michael Elkington entertained the audience with his humour, Ngāti Koata knowledge and personality as the Emcee. Spot prizes of the Kia Whakatū te reo shirts were given throughout the night and  David deThierry captured the attention of those in attendance with his National Ngā Manu kōrero speech 'It is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude'. 
The band of brothers played old school and original music to keep our people entertained for the night. 

We would like to acknowledge all Ngāti Koata people throughout the world who are striving to uphold the mana and use the reo in everyday situations. 

Puhanga Tūpaea

Kua whiwhi a Aunty Puhanga i te honore nui o te po mō tāna kaha ki te pupuri, hei whakahaumanu i  tō tātou nei reo.
We had the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate Aunty Puhanga for her life time support and dedication towards the retention of our reo. 
E  kore to aroha e mimiti. 
More Photos - top- We were honoured to have so many of our kaumatua in attendance . this photo is our kaumatua entertaining us with their dulcet tones and harmoies. Tō tātou waimarie

 Bottom images- Ka pai ki muri, ka pai ki mua ka pai ngā mea katoa. The presentation and delicious food added to the celebratory feel of the evening. 

For more photos make sure you check out the Ngāti Koata facebook page.
'Kia Whakatū te reo' is a play on words and has many meanings. Two of which are ; 
1. Kia whakatu te reo = to uphold, to retain, to promote the reo 
2. Kia Whakatū te reo = Uniquely ours

It was intentionally selected and can be used as a kīwaha similar to kia kaha te reo, kia ākina te reo
The moko kauwae replicated in the logo is from a carving gifted to Ngāti Koata by Mark Davis of our Tūpuna Koata. It symbolises the reo that comes from her mouth and there is a responsibility to revitalise and retain her reo in every day situations. Every line has a story that talks to our places, our people and our taonga,  
THE STRATEGY:  A snapshot of the Kia Whakatū te reo strategy 

Huge mihi to Ngāti Koata Trust who sponsored the entry fee for our Kaumatua to attend and enjoy  the Te Waipounamu kapahaka competitions. 
It was awesome to see so many Ngāti Koata faces in the audience and of course on the stage. Congratulations to the many Ngāti Koata tamariki, rangatahi and pakeke who performed with pride for their various schools and kapahaka clubs.
Tau kē ki runga
The winners of the Te Waipounamu competitions are as follows. 
Junior Section Winners: TKKM o Tuia Te Mātangi (Whakatū)
Intermediate Section Winners: Ngā Manu a Tāne (Ōtautahi)
Senior Section Winners: Te Pou Tūmāro (Ōtautahi)


Kia Ngāwari has just completed noho  6 of 11 and is making awesome progress towards representing Te Tau Ihu at the up and coming Te Matatini ki Heretaunga in February 2017. 
Kia Ngāwari has been practicing hard and working hard to fundraise to support the costs of a campaign such as this  

Below are some of the activities they have been involved in. 


We would like to acknowledge Aunty Emily Pickett who provided the group with these shirts. We consider ourselves very fortunate and as you can see from the photos Kia Ngāwari stand out in the crowd. 
Photos courtesy of Pidz. 
Photos courtesy of the Kia Ngāwari kaihaka
Photos courtesy of Noela McGregor
We want to acknowledge, thank and farewell Polly and Andre for your time as the Rangers on Takapourewa. We hope you enjoyed your time  and we acknowledge the  support and manaaki you showed to our volunteers and kaumatua while on the Island.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and look forward to hearing about them.

Haere rā

Ngāti Koata would like to acknowledge our whanaunga Hamuera Robb in his recent employment as the relief Takapourewa Ranger for 10 weeks. Takapourewa is a significant Island to the people of Ngāti Koata and its taonga species that reside there. We have been fortunate to have Ngāti Koata rangers in this role with Frank Higgot (past Takapourewa ranger)and whānau who are now on Maude Island and now Hamuera.
We wish you all the best and know that our Island, our taonga are in excellent hands.  
Island home of 'dinosaurs'
Living in a fiercely protected haven for tuatara

Searching the internet we came across this article with our former Trust Board chair Jeanette Katene, in the Marlborough Express.
Click the image on the right to read the article.

Taku tūranga ake tirotiro whakawaho ki Anatoto, rā te haeata e whiti ana, ko te ara a Rehua. Kei tua rā ko te timatanga o Te Tuku mai ki ahau, Ngāti Koata e mau mere nei.
Kauae Hurihia e rangona nei

Kei mua rā a Kurupongi e rewa ana. Ka huri te titiro ki Rangitoto.
Ki te tuara o te Patete Tū mai rā e koro e Takapōtaka. Heke whakararo ki Ngāmuka ko Tawhi rā te tama I hoki mai

Kei au kei tai ko Te Aumiti Te Tai Nukunuku ā Pani, e whiowhio ana, e whati pari ana. E hoki mai au ki Anarū ki tōku pātuwatawata ki Te Haeata 
E ko koia e ara e!

The working Group continue to meet, work and strategically plan for future developments and up keep of Te Haeata.
On Saturday the 26th of November they met with the Ngāti Koata Trust Board to discuss their strategic plan. It was received with great enthusiasm and we look forward to progressing the many tasks and initiatives to make her a better place for our people. 

What is coming up over the Summer Season. 

There are a number of whānau who have booked to stay over the warmer months of the year and we hope that your stay is a memorable and pleasant one.

Rongoa: Over December a team lead by Noela will be identifying the rongoa plants and their uses at Te Haeata. 
We hope to hold future Rongoa wānanga for our people. 

Inventory: An Inventory list will be completed on the facility to ensure that we have what is needed for a comfortable stay. 

Always a priority is our water, sewerage, drainage and electrical needs. So watch this space on updates. 

He nohoanga hākapakapa

A gateway to learning
A place to flourish







All bookings are made with Aunty Ngāwai give her a call or email her on 
Top image- Members of the Te Haeata committee presenting the strategic plan to the Ngāti Koata Trust Board. 
Bottom images - Dereon  focussing in on the target, determined not to miss.  
Right - Te Akau, Roimata and Aio sharing a special moment. 


The sports grants and health grants for 2016 have now closed as the budget for these have been exhausted due to heavier demand.
They will not be open again until March 2017.
Education grants are still available.To apply for an education grant please visit our website.

Our communications Officer works tirelessly to keep our people entertained and informed on the many opportunities, hui, initiatives, updates and more. Make sure to visit our face book page and don't forget to hit the 'LIKE ' button
The following stories have been taken directly from our page. CLICK on the Ngāti Koata image and it will take you to our face book page. 


So impressive Ngāti Koata!!! A very generous iwi indeed!!! The food, water and toiletries donated by you all left early this morning and is on its way to Seddon and Ward. Aunty Mel is delivering it for distribution.There was so much that we had to literally pack every inch of aunty's car, it was packed to the rafters! (she ended up not having a tow bar for a trailor lol - woops!). It will be a very slow trip for her. The car was so weighed down it looked like a low rider! :)Thank you all for kindly donating to our quake affected whānau who are still experiencing unreliable access and frequent shakes. It's not always easy, or possible, to give a koha. Especially weeks away from Christmas and New Years. But everybody's little bit added up to a huge amount of aid.Here are some pics of us packing the car...

Ngā mihi nunui ki ā kōutou katoa mai i te ngākau iti. He iti nā Koata, he whakaaro nui. Tātou tātou. Awhi mai, awhi atu. Aroha nui ki ā kōutou katoa.


Our very own Nita May Hippolite was featured in two news articles in the last week: the Nelson Mail, and the LDS Newsroom, for her determined effort to prepare for a rainy day. We congratulate your preparedness Nita, and encourage all our whānau to try to do the same. As Nita says: "it only takes a little bit each week to build up a good supply". Ngā mihi ki ā koe e te tuahine. Kia kaha, kia mataara!

Click on the links below to read the articles...…/being-super-prepared-for-a-natural……/nelson-mother-was-ready-…


Putting a pānui out there for whānau who are interested in our cultural allocation of firewood from our forestry. Please let us know if you have a chainsaw licence and keen to fill up our shed with firewood for our kaumātua. Also, let us know if you do not have a chainsaw licence but keen to get one. We can help you get the licence if you can help with the firewood. Awhi mai awhi atu.

For further information contact Ammon on
We are seeking expressions of interest for the Ngāti Koata Represetative for Nelson City Council Whakamahere Whakatū– Nelson Plan Background The Nelson City Council is currently reviewing the Nelson Regional Policy Statement (RPS), Nelson Resource Management Plan and the Air Quality Plan as required under the Resource Management Act 1991. As part of the process of review, the Nelson City Council (NCC) wish to consult with Ngāti Koata to identify resource management issues of concern and possible solutions to them. NCC acknowledge that it has a statutory obligation to all the iwi of Te Tau Ihu. The NCC have undertaken a process to engage with Iwi authorities through the formation of an Iwi working group (IWG), consisting of a representative of each of the eight Iwi of Te Tau Ihu. The Ngāti Koata Board wish to appoint a new representative to the IWG to represent its interests in this matter going forward. As a paid representative the successful applicant will be required to meet the requirements of the Ngāti Koata Representatives Policy. The Key attributes that the successful applicant will be assessed against: - Must be Nelson based and have the ability to attend all scheduled meetings - Good written and verbal communication skills - Have a comprehensive knowledge of issues of significance to Ngāti Koata within the Nelson City Council catchment - Good understanding of Ngāti Koata strategic objectives and Treaty Settlement rights and obligations - Knowledge of Ngāti Koata values and objectives pertaining to Land, Air, Water (both coastal marine and freshwater catchments), Heritage and Development within the Nelson City Council Catchment - Knowledge of Council Regulatory processes pertaining to the Resource Management Act The objectives for the IWG are as follows: 1. Identify the Iwi strategic outcomes to lead the development of Whakamahere Whakatu. The first objective of the IWG will be to identify the strategic outcomes of importance to Iwi that will guide the development of Whakamahere Whakatu. 2. Review the Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson Plan. The IWG will identify the resource management issues of significance to Iwi. These will be documented and included within the Whakamahere Whakatu. This will include brief histories of each Iwi in Whakatu and a Maori cultural perspective on resource management. Council staff will circulate a draft developed from current information in the RPS, NRMP, NAQP, Iwi Management Plan and Treaty Settlements. The second objective of the IWG is to review and finalise this. 3. To consider and comment on the other draft provisions of Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson The Whakamahere Whakatu will focus on a range of other issues. These are identified in paragraph 6 below. The IWG will consider draft provisions relating to these issues to establish the extent to which these provisions provide, where necessary, an adequate cultural perspective and/or adequately respond to the issues confirmed through task 1 and 2 above. This may require adjustments to be made to the existing provisions or (potentially) the development of new provisions. The latter is covered through task 4 below. 4. If required, further policy development. To the extent that task 2 above establishes that the draft Whakamahere Whakatu provisions do not adequately address the resource management issues of significance to Iwi, the IWG will assist to develop appropriate policy responses. The need for a specific policy response must be jointly agreed between the Iwi representatives and with the Manager Planning. 5. To work collaboratively on the development of the freshwater provisions (including nonregulatory approaches) of Whakamahere Whakatu The IWG shall either itself, or nominate IWG members, to work with Council staff on the development of freshwater provisions for Whakamahere Whakatu in a collaborative manner. This group will need to engage with the Freshwater Advisory Committee from the Treaty Settlements when it is established. 6. Timeline The IWG is invited to meet over the next 12 months as Nelson City Council develops the draft Whakamahere Whakatu for public notification. The timeline is driven by Council priorities and it is noted that iwi have expressed concern that based on their experience in plan making this timeframe is considered unrealistic. 2016 IWG - Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson Plan meeting dates Mid-march: combined-Iwi hui 31 March or 1 April: Working Group meeting (RPS) 18 or 19 April: Working Group meeting (RPS) 2016 North Nelson Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule - As per attached 2016 Maitai Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule – As per attached 2016 Stoke Streams Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule – As per attached 7. Contract for Services The rate of payment for attendance at the meetings is a maximum of $300 exclusive of GST per meeting, per iwi (3 hours @ $100 per hour). In the event that the meeting does not require 3 hours, or in circumstances where the iwi representative leaves early, the payment will reflect the actual hours of attendance. Payment will be made to one iwi representative from each iwi in attendance at each meeting, regardless of the number of representatives sent by each iwi. If preparation is required for any meeting covered by this contract, then payment will be made at the same rate, up to a maximum of $200 exclusive of GST. In addition, payment will be made for travel and parking costs. Payment will be made on receipt of a valid tax invoice from the Iwi authority. Invoices will be issued after the completion of each meeting and, if relevant, must specify hours spent in preparation. No payment will be made in the event of non-attendance at a meeting or where Council officers meet an Iwi representative at an alternative time/venue.
If you are Ngāti Koata, have the relevant experiences and would like to be considered for this position then please send a copy of your CV to by Friday the 16th of December 2016 
Tiakina te Taiao NEED Ngāti Koata Iwi monitors
  • Do you have your own legal  transport ?
  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • Do you know how to add an email attachment ?
  • Can you Karakia?
  • Can you Mihi?
  • Are you available for part time work?
Then this mahi is for YOU !
Contact Mike Elkington 0274622415 for more info.
(Tiakina supports the resource consents process by providing Iwi Monitors to observe the work.)
Training is provided

Why not enjoy your Summer with a stay at Marahau through the manaaki of Wakatū Incorporation.
Further enquiries and bookings for Summer contact Ropata Taylor on marahau@wakatū.org or 03 5468648 

TĒ TOIA TĒ HAUMATIA The Māori Leadership Forum 2017
Charting pathways for the Future of Māori Leadership - Learning Today to Reach Tomorrow.

The 2017 theme for the Forum is: Ko ngā mahi o te rā, ngā arawhata mō āpōpō.

Pre-Forum Workshop: 28 March 2017
Forum: 29 & 30 March 2017
Post-Forum Workshop: 31 March 2017
at the Wharewaka in Wellington
For more information click on the link below.

As you can see Ngāti Koata Trust has had another extremely busy and exciting year full of many challenges and even more successes. We hope that you have enjoyed the many updates, opportunities and information shared with you through our monthly pānui and daily facebook posts.

The Trust office officially closes for the holiday season on Friday the 16th of December and reopens on the 9th of January. 

We wish you a happy holiday season and we will see you all again in 2017. 

Nō reira e te whānau whānui o Ngāti Koata kia tau te rangimarie i runga i a tātou i ngā wā katoa. 

Meri Kirihimete 
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