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August, 2019

The Power of Intention

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The Power of Intention

We tell our Shamanic students, “Intention drives everything in Shamanism.”

This simple little phrase actually applies to everyday Life and it is something that should be shared in schools (from Pre-K to Phd Programs and in Corporate Environments and Training).

So, let's modify the statement a wee bit, where not it is : “Intention drives everything in Life.”

So with this in mind, here is some Food for Thought:


We tell our students that, “Intention is the pin in the map to where you want to go.” Where would you like to go? What would you like to have happen?

When you Intend to do something, how quick are you to act so that it become a reality?

Do you find excuses why you can not do (X), rather than doing (X)?

What do you Intend to do today?

What do you Intend to do this week?

Where you Intend to be a month from now?

How comfortable are you in making plans?

If you had a vision that you will do (X), how would you respond to your vision?

And if you had a vision that you need to do (X), how would you respond to your vision?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how do you feel about Commitment?

What kind of Commitment is Commitment?

How about your Commitment to...

1) Your Family?

2) Your Children?

3) Your Employer

4) Meeting the expectations of others?

5) Your Soul's Purpose?

What have you ever Intended to do that you have not yet done?

Why have you not fulfilled this Intention?

What questions to you Intend to answer in this Lifetime?

What do you Intend to do next?

What is the Greatest thing that you Intend to do with your Life?

There are no Right or Wrong Answers here. Instead, my Intention here is to Open Doorways to personal understanding that may lead you to personal Empowerment.

I Bless you for stepping through the doorway.


Quote of the Month:

When you put your flag into the ground, you are telling the Great Mystery, "I am here! I am dedicated! I am ready! I have arrived!"

And when you make that commitment, the Great Mystery makes sure that it happens!

Brother Moose
A chance to be part of the River of Life

In 1972, when I was fourteen years old, The River of Life appeared in a dream.

For the past forty-six years, that dream has evolved and now has a significant role in my daily Life. The River of Life is one of the foundational stones of my Spiritual Path.

For the past two years, I have been working on the book: The River of Life. The book is now ready for the next step: sharing it with a handful of people in a two day cover to cover reading/hands on workshop. The book is a "Self-help on the Spiritual Path" book and I Intend to conduct workshops and teachings around the World upon publication.

I seek six people (must be fluent in English) who are willing to come to Ahmedabad for two days (A Saturday and Sunday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Each person will have a copy of the book and we will read it together and you will have a chance to learn all about the River of Life.

This will take place the weekend of  November 9 & 10th in Ahmedabad. I'll provide copies of the book, snacks and lunch.

For more on the River of Life and to enter your name into the program, please visit me here:

Power Animal of the Month: Lizard
Recently, a student had some close encounters with a lizard. Historically, lizards freaked her out. Since joining us, this has happily changed. Here is what I shared with her:

Lizard Medicine includes:

Detachment from ego

Power to regenerate that which is lost
Facing fear
Controlling dreams
Moving in the Otherworld

Lizard helps us built and maintain our connection with our intuition. Through Lizard Medicine, we build up our confidence, allowing us to trust our instincts. Lizard Medicine also develops our Awareness. Subtle movements and changes around us become easier to detect; we can perceive that which others may have missed. Through Lizard, our perception expands and becomes stronger.

Lizards are connected to the Dreamtime in Aboriginal Culture, granting us a deeper understanding of our Dream states.

Some lizards have the ability to lose their tail and grow one back. This is symbolic for another important Lizard Gift--the ability "let go of" or detach from something that is no longer needed, allowing us to move on, survive, and grow.

Add this to the stronger intuitive connection we find with Lizard, this helps us "know" what no longer serves you, and you become more in tune with the positive changes you need to bring into your Life.

Therefore, Lizard helps us discover objectivity and provides us with putting things in perspective.
Shamanic Vision News

Over the next few months, Neelam and I are Blessed to share with you a diverse selection of Spiritual and Personal Growth teachings. In the upcoming months we will sit in the following Sacred Circles:

3 Days of Shamanic Bliss
Whenever we return to your city with our Advanced Shamanism Workshop, we also offer our Foundations of Shamanic Practices course on the first day.

We do this for two reasons:

First, so students who missed us previously have a chance to take the course.

Secondly, we invite all of our students to repeat our courses at cost. We love having repeat students as it deeply improves their Shamanic Practice and in addition, the manner in which we share these teachings is different from Sacred Circle to Sacred Circle. Our students always get something new out of this.

Days 2 & 3 are then dedicated to our Advanced course: Healing the Shaman's Soul and Heart. These two days are dedicated for personal work that is easily transferred to helping others.

New students have the option to take Days 2 & 3.
Previous students have the option of taking Day 1 at cost, or taking Days 2 &3 only.

We will offer our 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss in:
New Delhi on September 6-8, 2019
Mumbai on September 27-29, 2019
Bangalore on November 15-17, 2019

Details on the 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss are found here:

Ancestral Healing: LIVE Teaching via Zoom for students around the World.

If you know Neelam and I, you know that we have extremely high standards when it comes to Honoring the Traditions of these teachings. Therefore, rest assured—there is nothing incomplete or cheap about what we are about to share with you here.

We have conducted a physical Ancestral Healing workshop for a few years now and it is a very deep and far reaching practice.

In order to reach out to many folks that have wanted to join us but were unable to for numerous reasons, we are now offering this program (It’s about an 13 hour program when done in a physical gathering) as an online course.

For us, this means LIVE teaching that is conducted online in a private room where we teach on Zoom. This is not a little whatsapp gab fest. This is BIG Medicine and BIG Teaching!

As you may know, we are noted for creating very intimate Sacred Space and we get deep---very deep—with our these teachings. We give 1000% to our students, and that remains the same here.

We have conducted online courses for a number of years now. Doing so, we have found that we have full student/teacher interaction and live Q&A, just like in our physical gatherings. And everyone and every question is answered. No one is ignored.

In addition, we also record the sessions and make then available for you to listen to at your own pace and time. Therefore, you will have a recording if you are unable to attend a live session. All students can further enhance your lessons with multiple visits of these recordings.

The course is held in 4×3 hour sessions. The dates are:

  • Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

  • Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

  • Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

  • Sunday, October 13, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

For more on our Ancestral Healing program, please visit us at:



The Empowered Woman

Come and Re-awaken your Inner Priestess!

Embody the Kali, Embrace the Durga and Be ready to dive deep into the yourself and celebrate your divine and sacred truth, personal medicine and the Gift of You!

This workshop is open for all women. Women who have found themselves and those in the process of Re-discovering themselves. The Empowered Woman workshop supports and guides You to embrace your true wild, primal, authentic self and power.

Women are the greatest untapped resource on this planet. Are you ready to tap in to your Feminine Power?

Join us in honoring YOU, The Empowered Woman!

Nov. 30 & Dec 1, 2019 Mumbai:

Extraction & Psychopomp

Once a year, Paul offers these two Advanced Shamanic Courses.

Extraction is open to all students who have completed Foundations and Advanced courses.
Psychopomp requires an admission process that involves personal journeys, completion of a questionnaire

and permission for Paul to journey on this. Admission is limited to four students. There is also a ten day initiation that you will need to complete that begins 12 days before we Gather.
For more details on both courses, visit us at:

Shamanic Song of the Month

During our recent Foundations Gathering in Mumbai, I played this during one of our breaks and the students loved it.

Daniel Namkhay:
O Nascimento de um Xamã

This ones for you Tribe.

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