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April, 2016
Sound as a Way of Healing

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Sound as a Way of Healing

Neelam and I recently spent time in a recording studio in Mumbai where we recorded shamanic drumming, chants and rattle for journey purposes.

One of the things that we enjoyed was our recording engineer, Sanjay.

Now Sanjay had no idea about Shamanism or Shamanic drumming or intentions...this was all new to him.

During the sessions, we sent him off to la la land and he had all kinds of visions and experiences—he journeyed without knowing he was in a journey!

In addition, Neelam (on rattle) did a non-stop ho'oponopono (Forgiveness chant) as she rattled. The effect is/was very powerful, especially over a high end studio sound system.

Our engineer felt the healing effects of our session as he had been working into the wee of the morning and our sessions began at 11:00 a.m. (an ungodly hour of the day for the recording industry) and he felt very renewed and yet very, very relaxed during and after our session.

When we returned to the studio a few weeks later for the mix down, the mastering engineer hummed my Power Song chant through out the session. I'm sure he most likely he serenaded a few folks on the densely packed streets of Mumbai while heading home later that evening. What a cool thought!

Welcome to Sound as a Way of Healing!

Here is one of the nine tracks we recorded. Feel free to use for your Journeys and Dreams!

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Quote of the Month:

"We sang songs that carried in the melodies, all the sounds of Nature..."
Great Grandfather
Food for Thought

What role does Sound play in your Life? Many years ago, I had a friend who was hearing impaired. What was interesting is that she came into my life at a time when I was doing a lot of guitar playing (live and in the studio) and she was never able to hear me play. However, she would watch my hands and she would put her hand over the guitar amplifier and was able to sense the sounds.

We live in a world that focuses on Visuals. Sound is often over looked, or is most commonly considered intrusive due to excessive volume. Here in India--especially in urban India--the sound of the honking horn is so common, it no longer has any impact or effect. Since the horns are often honking, no one really pays attention to them anymore! Yet, a horn honk in my native California will have everyone checking their mirrors and can cause many forms of sign language to take place between drivers...

This leads me to some Food for Thought...

  • How do you react to pure silence? When was the last time you experienced it, especially if you do consider brain chatter as sound?
  • How loud is your television? Your radio? Your Ipod?
  • How loud are you when on the phone? How loud is your ringer? How loud is your call waiting message or music?
  • Do you ever think or consider of the environmental imprint of your voice?
  • How do you react towards music or to the music of Stillness?
  • How active do you listen to words? The environment? Your Inner Voice?
  • What music heals you?
  • Do you play a musical instrument? If not, would you care to? If so, which one? Why?
  • Do you ever use the instrument of your voice? In what way?
  • Does a song play in your head right now? If so, which one? Does it match the tempo of your life at this particular moment?
  • What song(s) would you like them to play at your funeral?
  • Do you ever stop and listen to the music of the wind? Or the music of the rain? Or the music of fog?
  • Crickets and frogs...bliss or annoyance? How many crickets or frogs are too many?
  • How do you feel about the sound of thunder?
  • What is your personal tempo or rhythm?
  • What song takes you right back to your childhood?
  • How aware are you of the sounds that surround you at present? Take a moment and listen and loud are they? How quiet? How silent can you hear?
  • Do you honor your hearing?

It is said that the sound of a single drum, when played with intention, brings the power of 10 people praying.

A Power Song can fill far more than a room....

A sound can bring you back to your past or can catapult you way into the future....

In our courses, we intone to see with the Eyes of the Heart. Here, I ask that you listen from the Heart.

Sound is a child of Air and the Medicine of Air is Life. It carries upon it freshness and air is the carrier of ideas and inspiration.

Open yourself to the world of Sound and Vibration. Feel the Power of Sound that blesses us, for it always there, even in the perfection of stillness where we can listen to the heart beat of both the Earth Mother and that of ourselves.


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Shamanic Vision News

Ancestral Healing returns to Mumbai, April 9-10th

Neelam and I are thrilled to bring back our Ancestral Healing workshop to Mumbai on April 9-10th. This is very powerful work indeed and our previous students are doing majestic work with their ancestors, months after our last visit in Mumbai.

In case you missed it, Neelam and I did our first, live webinar where we spoke about Ancestral Healing. An archived audio file of event is found HERE or, you may view a film version of it on Youtube HERE.

Shamanic Drum Circle in Fullerton, CA.
I'm heading back to California for my son's High School Graduation (Proud Pappa!) and will also hold a Shamanic Circle at the home of one of our most exceptional students.

If you are in Southern California at the time, come join us on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016! Our intention of the Circle is for Earth Healing as the gathering will happen during the Full Moon of May. Details are found HERE.

Dreams--Your Gateway to Healing in Fullerton, CA
Join us in Fullerton, California for two beautiful days of Dreaming. This workshop is rich and filled with tools and methods for working with Dreams, Dreamland and your Soul. Seating is very limited for this one. This is our only scheduled workshop in the USA this year. Don't miss it! HERE is the event on our site.

~~~Teaching and Learning Moments~~~

For Our Dreaming Students:
Pick a soft and slow instrumental piece of music and use it as a portal to a Dream. Allow the music to take you deep into an old dream or use it to acquire a new one. Try this with a Dream Card and explore. A piece that I love to "travel" with is Neptune the Mystic by Gustav Holst from The Planets:

For our Phoenix Risers:
Music is a warehouse of memory. There are a couple of Phoenix type questions in the Food for Thought those songs as you update your eulogy and when you connect with or seek your Inner Children.

Also, if there is a "Shadow Song", give it a listen and dance with your Shadow.

For our Ancestral Healing Students:
Find a piece of music that comes from the land(s) of your Blood Ancestors. Use this music when you go tot the Meeting Place...who knows, maybe some of your Ancestors will get up and dance :)

For our Shamanism Students:
Ever visit your Access Mundi without drums?
You can do this you know. You can visit it "dry" or with an inspiring piece of instrumental music. Any idea why I suggest instrumental?

Candle A single candle is all that is needed to illuminate that which is in darkness….A single candle is all that is needed to illuminate that which is in darkness….
From the Storyteller

Great Grandfather and I walked along the river bank, going to our favorite place to eat blackberries.

The river flowed over smooth, rounded stones; a trout splashed and the wind whispered through the aspens.

We walked over beaten grass, carved in a field of towering grass that bent in the summer breeze, dancing and swaying in rhythm with birdsong and the drone of bees.

We came upon the blackberries and picked some, filling our palms. Great Grandfather gave me his silent, directional nod and we moved under our favorite aspen and sitting side by side, backs to the tree, we looked out towards the distant mountains.

Great Grandfather chewed on a juicy berry; “Do you hear that my son?”

I listened to the array of sounds that wrapped around us: the birds, Great Grandfathers chewing, the flowing river and the songs of the river rock, the whispers of the wind, the swaying grass, the heart beat...Great Grandfathers heartbeat...the sounds of our breath...the sound of the tree as it drank from the Earth and its limbs reached up in a wind inspired prayer to the Creator...

I inhaled the World; “Yes Great Grandfather, I do hear it.”

Great Grandfather closed his eyes, gave me his silent nod and smiled.

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