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September, 2016


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In all various manners of “Change Work” that Neelam and I teach and apply, the gift of Touch is not mentioned very often. Granted our work may touch the Heart and the Soul and often the Mind, however physical touch is not at the center of our work.

Recently when I was in California, I spent time with my favorite Uncle. There were some health concerns for him and I wanted to spend some quality time with my Uncle, acknowledging him for the gift of his BEing that he had given, and shared, with me over my lifetime.

I sat beside him and as his roommate spoke about my Uncle and his health, I simply reached over with my right and placed it on my Uncles shoulder. Through my touch, I sent my Love and my appreciation and Blessings to my dear Uncle.

I kept my hand there for a short whileabout two or three minutes.

When I removed my hand, my Uncle said looked at me and smiled; “I felt that. Thank you. That felt wonderful. Thank you.”

He knew nothing of my intention. He knows very little about the work that I do. However, he understood, in the gentle manner of my touch, what was conveyed. In other words, my hands spoke..

As some of you know, I had studied Japanese Healing Arts many years ago. This was 100% “hands on” and I drew to me people who needed to let go of fears and anxiety. Since this had been in my personal background and had been overcome through inner work and gentleness, I understood the power of a gentle touch that conveyed sensitive understanding, love and safety. I would see with my hands those places on a client's body that needed my attention and kindness.

Learn to touch gently with your hands. Also, do so with your eyes, your words and your thoughts.

Bless with your touch. Touch those around you. Let them know that you care.

And wake each other up with a hugit is such a wonderful way to start the day!

And by the way, when was the last time you hugged yourself?

With Blessings and the Serenity of both my Touch and the Touch of my Words,


Quote of the Month:
“We are each reflections of the Earth. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.”
Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo
Power Animal of the Month: Deer

Deer Medicine brings us:

  • Gentleness in word, thought and touch
  • Ability to listen
  • Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance
  • Understanding of what's necessary for survival
  • Power of gratitude and giving
  • Ability to sacrifice for the higher good
  • Connection to the woodland goddess
  • Alternative paths to a goal
Shamanic Vision News

September Workshops
Neelam and I will be back on the road again, heading first to New Delhi with our
Foundation of Shamanic Practices on September 3 & 4, 2016.

We will gather for two days at the home of one of our students; since we are in a smaller space, the teachings will be even more intimate as the class size is smaller than normal. We're looking forward to our days and nights with our Loved Ones there. Come, join us!

Next, we will conduct our 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss in Mumbai, September 23 – 25th, 2016. Our 3 Day course combines Foundations in a single day, 12 hour format with our two day Advanced workshop. You have the option of taking Foundations only, Advanced only (if having taken Foundations or Core previously) or all 3 Days. This is a very powerful Shamanic weekend indeed!

One Year Program
Applications now being accepted for our One Year Shamanic Mentorship Program 2016-2017. We keep the Tribe small (no more than 10 students) and we have 2 places left. This is a 365 Day walk on the Red Road. If Spirit calls to you, please take a look at the program. Details are found here on a .pdf file on our website:

Online Courses coming soon!
Neelam and I have been testing a number of ways to connect with our students that are unable to attend a physical workshop or who have specialized needs and interests. We will soon offer our workshops in both pre-recorded (self paced) and in live online broadcasts. Much more to follow! Feel free to write us if you are interested in a particular course at:

New Registration Page!
To make registrations easier, we recently added a registration page to our website. To begin the registration process on any of our workshops, please visit us at:

Shamanic Vision e-magazine to be released October 1st!
The first issue has been "put to bed" and is ready for release, October 1st.
The magazine is offered at NO Cost. It's Free folks! A special announcement with a direct link to the magazine will go out on October 1st. Watch your email!

New Schedule is now up!
Our workshop schedule is now updated and covers our workshops from October till March, 2017. Take a look and make your plans to join us!

The Gift of Touch with Water Stone Healing

We were introduced to this a few years ago and have made it part of our Shamanic Circles in California. I'll be certain to bring these stones with me to our September workshops :)

For Water Stone Healing you will need to find two smooth, flat stones that have been found in water (Either the Sea or a River). When I sought mine, I held each stone in my hands and asked if it wanted to come home with me and be used for Water Stone Healing. I then entered into the Stillness and absorbed the message. If a stone said “no” I honored it and gently returned the stone where I found it.

Once my stones came to me, I honored them, brought them home, journeyed on them, sanctified them and then we began our working relationship.

What to look for: You want stones that fit your hand comfortably and that are smooth since sometimes, the stones will be in direct contact with the recipients bare skin. I always place the stone on my bare arm (inside part) to test. If it feels good, that's a good sign! Look at the two stones on the middle right edge of this photograph, the grey and the partially seen green stone. Notice how well these two fit together? I'd check those two out immediately as a pair! Twin Flames perhaps?

How to give a Water Stone Healing: You want to have a recipient of the Water Stone Healing before you. They may stand, be seated or they may lay down. (You can do this on pets too).

Ground and center yourself. Then, placing the stones together so they are side by side (they may touch), start at the top of the head, touching the crown chakra. Intend that the stones will heal, sooth and remove any energy that is no longer needed or appropriate for the person before you. The stones will remain in contact with the body until they are cleared and/or the session is complete.

Close your eyes and allow the stones to glide gently and softly over the head. The stones will move gracefully, driven by Spirit. Allow the stones to do their work. You will be guided where to touch. Find the stillness inside of you...step outside of yourself and allow the stones to...flow.

Clearing the Stones
Shake the stones every once in a while (as Guided) to dispel surplus energy. Visualize a Violet Flame beside you where you can transmute the discharged energy.

There is no time limit here; focus fully on the recipient. Give them your Full Attention. Be Present for them. As you work with the stones, send Love, send Blessings to the recipient.

Receiving a Water Stone Healing is very soothing experience for both parties. It is wonderful for physical discomforts and since the stones originated in water, they are very strong from clearing emotionally based issues.

May you Bless and Be Blessed with the Healing Power of Your Touch!

Musical Link of the Month

Our dear friend Gwendoline De Wolffes, a lovely lady from Belgium who we met in New Delhi a couple of years ago, introduced us to this artist last month. It was love at first note for Paul. Do check it out!
From the Storyteller

I sat in my chair across from the night fire and felt its heat.
From the same chair, I reached out and felt the sweet caress of the outside wind.

My eyes closed, I reached further out, into the Touch of a Memory, of the gentleness of holding hands with a friend for the first time when I was four.

I still went further out, Touching a Cloud in the hand passing through the wisps of white, touching the face of The Creator.

I returned to my chair.

My feet touched the rug beneath them.

I went through the floor, touching the Earth.

Here, I felt Her Heartbeat. And in so doing, I touched my own heartbeat.

I am alive...
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