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Paul & Neelam

May, 2016

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It is said that we live in one of two states: Memory or Inspiration.

If you take a moment to absorb this, as it makes a great deal of sense. Especially that first part: We live in memory.

Therefore, we will poke a stick into the kettle of memories this month and see what is in the stew. Do you know of any that have stuck to the bottom of the kettle? We'll start with the surface ones and then get to the bottom ones later.

Are your memories a blur or is there something chunky in your memory kettle? Grab a spoon and let's dive in!


Quote of the Month:

“Just the place to bury a crock of gold. I should like to bury something precious, in every place I've been happy. And then when I was old, and ugly and miserable, I could come back, and dig it up, and remember.”

― Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

Food for Thought

In Huna (The Ancient Hawaiian Ways) memories are housed in one of three bodies, named Unihilipili. In Western traditions, this would be the sub-conscious mind. While in the west, the sub-conscious mind is in the head, in Huna, Unihilipili is located from the area of the solar plexus to the ground.

Unihilipili stores everything we have ever experienced in our physical bodies. Every memory, from every source and sense, is housed in your body.

Hence, we have a tendency to gain weight when we age. That fat is most likely caused by your Unihilipli trying to protect itself (and you) from emotional pain.

So, how to we clear and clean and release these memories?

There are many ways this can be done. We are HUGE advocates for Ho'oponopono, a forgiveness ritual born from the
Polynesian Islands. You are probably aware of the mantra:
I'm Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love You
Thank You

There is a great deal to talk about in these four lines and we go deeply into them in our workshops. However, for now learn these words and when you say them, direct them to yourself. Yes, yourself.

Do not direct them to person, place or thing that you feel did you wrong.

Note that this is an inward forgiveness and it is of great importance that you accept and take 100% Full Responsibility for everything that has taken place in your life. Without this acceptance, you might as well stop reading.

So now, having taken 100% Full Responsibility of your Life, here is some Food for Thought...
  • What is the first, immediate memory that comes to your mind?
  • What is its nature? Good? Bad? If it is a bad memory, why is it so important to you?
  • How much energy does this memory consume? How often do you have to feed it? How long have you been feeding it?
  • What is your earliest memory?
  • If you could re-live a memory, what would happen? Would you modify it? Why?
  • Is there a particular memory that you feel from your body?
  • What made you nervous as a child? When thinking about this, do you recognize any bodily sensations or feelings relating to this now, as an adult?
  • If you were to pull yourself on the string of a memory, where would it take you?
  • If you were to hear a song from “your era” which song would you want to hear? What memory would come up?
  • What is your greatest memory?
  • What is your happiest memory?
  • Do you bathe in memory?
  • Are your dreams full of memory?
  • Any guilty memories?
  • What memory makes you smile?
  • What memory is buried and stuck to the bottom of your memory kettle? How long has it been there? Is it stuck there forever? Do you need to throw out the kettle? Why are you keeping such a kettle?
  • What memory makes you feel fantastic?
  • Do you remember what you are grateful for?
  • Do you remember the names of those you loved? Do you remember the names of those you despised?  Which list has more names on it?
  • What did you forget?
  • If you could re-create a memory, which one would it be?
  • If you could relive and correct the circumstances that surround a memory, which one would it be? What would happen? How would your life change?
  • If X happened once, it will happen again. And again. Agree or disagree?
  • How sweet are your memories?
  • Do your memories induce tears or inspire smiles?
Memories abound. They can charm us. They can also hurt us.

They carry much energy and are the most important key in opening doors to change and personal empowerment.

Follow the threads and forgive.

Shamanic Vision News
Neelam and I have been very busy and we have recorded a few webinars since our April newsletter.

In case you missed it, our Ancestral Healing Webinar is available in two formats: Audio only on Sound Cloud:

And as a Youtube Video:

We also did a webinar titled; “An Intimate Conversation on Shamanism with Paul & Neelam” It can be found here on Sound Cloud:

Or here as a Youtube video:

We are returning to the USA from mid May to mid June.
Paul will be hosting a Shamanic Circle in Fullerton, California on Sunday, May 22 under the light of the Full Moon. This is our only scheduled Shamanic Circle in the USA this year. Do join us! Click here for info.

On May 28th and 29th, Neelam and I will host our Dreams—Your Pathway to Healing in Fullerton, CA. This is our only workshop offering in California for the foreseeable future, so do join us! Details to register are found here.

Foundations of Shamanic Practice returns to Mumbai!
Mark you calendars! We are very happy to bring our Foundations of Shamanic Practice back to Mumbai following our visit to the USA. We will gather on July 16th and 17th. More to follow!
Learning Moments, Teaching Moments

For our Dreamers: Dream on a memory.
Do you have a memory that is housed in a photograph? If so, step into it!
Is it housed in a song? Let it carry you into a dream!
Is it housed in a Dream? If so, revisit it!

For our Phoenix Risers: Are you holding on to toxic memories?
Remember that such memories rob you of your Power! Isn't it time to let go?
You have the tools. Use them!

For our Ancestral Healers: What memories have your Ancestors given you?

Are you living your life, our that of your Ancestors? If there is a memory that needs clearing, take it to the Realm of Ancestral Healing.

If there is a positive memory, honor it with your Ancestors (either here or in the Realm of Ancestral Healing) and celebrate it while also letting it go. 

Let it go?!?

Yes. As it is an attachment. "Good or bad", learn to honor, acquire the lesson and release. Make room for the new and repeat. More on this next month!
From the Storyteller

Standing Deer was in his 11th summer and his friend, Fire Hawk, came one morning to fish. As they walked through the aspens, Fire Hawk said, “My father is mad at me. He thinks it was me who caused his horse to disappear. But, I had nothing to do with it!”

They boys returned home a few hours later with many fish. They set the fish aside to dry and smoke as the seasons were about to change.

A few days later, the boys lit and tended the fires; they added some leaves for flavor. They then smoked the fish.

And as the smoke rose, once again, Fire Hawk spoke of his father and the horse that disappeared. “It troubles me still.”

The boys came together the following day. As they took down the fish, Fire Hawk repeated on his father's words that still bothered him.

The boys gathered a few weeks later and Fire Hawk immediately began to complain about his father and the words that haunted him. “He accuses me of making his horse disappear.”

“Did the horse come back?”

Fire Hawk looked at his friend; “Yes. Weeks ago! Did I not tell you?”

Standing Deer watched the ground; “No, you did not.”

Fire Hawk shook his head; “He still goes on and on about it.”

Standing Deer look sideways at his friend; “Is that so?”


Nothing else was said.

A few weeks later, Standing Deer, met Silver Eagle, the father of Fire Hawk while on the road. Silver Eagle was on the horse that had disappeared.

“Fire Hawk told me of the horse. What happened?”

“I forgot to tie him up and he went to visit his girlfriend.”

Standing Deer chewed on this. “Fire Hawk was very upset about this.”

“I know. I blamed him and soon discovered it was my fault. I apologized to him in the morning.”

Standing Deer had no answer. Something here smelled fishy.

The following day, Fire Hawk came to visit. He brought some of the smoked fish they had made together. He gave it to Standing Deer and then immediately told, once again, how his father was still giving him grief about the disappearing horse. “Oh, and father says he met you yesterday and that he had a nice talk with you. I wish I could do that with him...all he ever does is complain and complain....”


Standing Deer gave Fire Hawk another hit, this time over the head, with one of the smoked fish!

Coated is smokey scales, Fire Hawk rubbed his head; “What was that for!?!”

“Your memory smells like this fish. It lasts and lasts and lasts. This memory of yours should have been eaten and returned to the earth a long time ago. Your memory stinks now...and do you! Take a bath and wash away the smell of this memory before you get eaten by a bear!”

A day passed and once again, Standing Deer saw Silver Eagle on the trail. The man smiled and asked if Standing Deer had enjoyed the fish as much as his son.

Standing Deer considered his answer. “I enjoyed the experience very much.” He looked up at Silver Eagle; “And how about Fire Hawk...did he enjoy the fish?”

“He told me he was glad he did not bring you a sheep!”

Together, they laughed.
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