All that I know is I'm fallin', fallin', fallin',
might as well fall in
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Cantaloupes in a beer? Yes, why yes indeed!

We are ultra excited about our new beer, From Such Great Heights. It's exactly what it says on the can; a very cheeky cantaloupean India Session Ale. Here's some quick and quirky facts about our brand new rockmelon beer!:

That name sounds familiar, but I just can't place it...
Yes this beer was inspired the song Such Great Heights, but not the Postal Service version, rather the more rambunctious cover by Ben Folds Five. If you are feeling a bit more mellow,  try the Iron & Wine Version of the song. 

Who did your artwork
We are glad you asked! Sheyda Abvabi, an illustrator designer based in Kansas City, USA gets all the credit for this! We think she's awesome!

What does Achtung! Zuckermelonen mean?
It means Watchout! Rockmelons - in German. We just liked the idea of people trying to pronounce Zuckermelonen while they drink this beer. 
Who are the two fellows on the Platform, and what are they trying to achieve? 
The rotund gentleman is Herbie (named after this musician)  and the svelte Carmichael (because it rhymes with recycle). As to what they are trying to achieve - they are making world's happiest beer - of course!

Ok - what's really in the beer
200+ Kilograms of rockmelons, El Dorado Hops from British Columbia, much joy, plus few a dad jokes from Alvin. 

Can you give a sample of one of Alvin's jokes?
A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, 'Sorry we don't serve food here.' Don't worry, that joke is not on the label. 

Where can we get the world's happiest beer? 
You can currently get Such Great Heights on tap from our friends at the Lumsden and Vulture's Lane. Keep up to date with our locations here!


Mark, Carlos & Alvin 


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