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Meet Our Daydream Believer!

It's our hazy shade of pale ale, filled with juicy fruit cloaked behind a veil of oats, wheat and barley. Whilst the IBU's and NTU's are still under investigation, the lab results have returned one absolute conclusion: it's tasty. 100% German hops combo: Ariana, Huell melon, Mandarina Bavaria. As easy as it gets! 

Before we dive in in to our new Kekule's Daydream - here's a an overview of this month's newsletter

Kekulé's Daydream

The new Kekulé's Daydream (rather than 'Dream'), is the 2nd part of a trilogy around the same hoppy + oat based theme. This one's a dialled down version of the original oat IPA with 5.4% ABV; closer to a pale ale - which is a first for us. We think its a worthy successor to our original dream. Stay tuned for the final part of our Kekulé's trilogy...

We recommend the following tunes to get into the mood for chilling for some Daydreamin:

Mark: Freddie Jones Band - In a daydream
Carlos: Wallace Collection - daydream

The 411 on Beer Cellaring

While cellaring wine is well known, few people know how to cellar beer. Here are some simple points to remember when you are thinking about saving a tasty beery drop for later:

Big Boys do it Better - Typically the higher the ABV, the better it will mature in the long run. Enjoy those light beers straight away! 
Drop the Hops - Bittering agents tend to breakdown over time - so beers that are focused on the hops should be drunk sooner.
Dark, Cool and Handsome -  Keep in a cool space, but not in your fridge. Try keep it stored consistently at 10-13 degrees Celsius. Heavier beers can sometimes be stored at room temperature. Keep it free from exposed sunlight and harsh light as this can ruin your beer. 
RTFM - When in doubt, read the label! Often there will notes on how to cellar the beer or an expiration date. Pay attention to ingredients (Brettanomyces yeast is good for aging), if its Barrel Aged, Reserve, listed as a vertical, or bottle-conditioned - these are all great indicators that the beer can be saved for later.

Here's a list of the best styles to cellar:

  • Barleywines - like our Wunderkummer, which is a Barleywine hybrid
  • Belgian Ales
  • Belgian-style lambics
  • Wood Barrel Aged Beers
  • Rauchbiers (Smoky Beers)
  • Russian Imperial Stouts
  • Doppelbocks - like our spiced winter warmer, Apricity

You can occasionally throw out the rule book - Our Honey Chestnut beer started out very hoppy, however, over the time of 4-5 months the hops mellowed out letting the honey and chestnut notes really take prominence. So the beer had 2 lives, one as hoppy/honey/chestnutty beer and later on as honey/chestnutty/hoppy beer! Equally, people were divided on which version they preferred!

Are you keen on cellaring some Outlier Beers? We will be cellaring a few cases of our Wunderkammer and our 2017 vintage of Apricity ourselves for tasting at 6 months and 12 months time. If you are interested in participating in a cellar release party (in Auckland only at this stage, but possibly also in other areas depending on interest), email Alvin ( for prices with the subject: Cellar Dreams.

For more on how to cellar beer, read this fantastic article on draftmag.  

Suggested listening:
 In Heaven There Ain't No Beer (that's why we gotta drink it here) - for those with no patience to cellar their beer!

Beer: Helping people win friends with Salad!

Most people think beer should be served with a festival of meats. However, with the right beer, you CAN win friends with salad! Just be sure to note these 3 handy tips:

Match the intensity: Is the salad light and crisp? Try for a lighter style of beer - we recommend Lagers, Saisons, Pilsners or a Kölsch like Cargo Cult

Hoppy Beers can help cut through fats like Mayo, Avocados and meat. A Beer that is highly carbonated will also do the trick - so experiment around and see what works. We suggest to go hoppy and fruity with Kerikeri RTC!

Focus on flavour - for complex salads, simplify by focusing on just one flavour.  For instance we've found that our Apricity cuts through the cheese of a Caesar salad quite nicely.  Brown Ales also complement the nuts of a Waldorf Salad. 

Winter Warming with Apricity

Let's face it when the weather looks this:

Then you know its time for Apricity!

It's baaaack! For those that aren't familiar with our Apricity brew -  it's a spiced  Doppelbock thats based on Speculaas. The name means the warmth of sun in winter. 

We have tweaked with the spice mixture to enhance it for cellaring. This year's Apricity will be our first brew with a vintage stamp - proudly 2017! 

recommended listening:
Mark: Walking on Cars - Winter Song
Carlos: Melliflux - Apricity
Alvin: Julia and Angus Stone - Snow

Finally - a heartfelt thanks from all of us at Outlier Cartel, may winter sun warm you on the outside and our drinks warm you from within!


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