Happy Holidays from the cartelians!
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 What a year... it's been great because of you!

Hi <<First Name>>

First of all, Happy Christmas, thank you so much for your support! Look at what we've accomplished together:

You helped provide Honey for Honey Chestnut (Thanks Robert!)
You helped pick grapes for our hairy guy, Sophisticated Yeti 
You helped mix the spices for our Winter beer, Apricity
Most of all, You drink our beverages, and allow us to be Outliers!

So this is a massive, heart-felt Thank You, for helping us little guys thrive amongst all the big sharks in the Beer industry! We are independent brewers, we aren't hinged to any corporation so we are free to express ourselves and place a massive emphasis on quality.

Here's what we got planned for you in this email:
Win Free Beers (and a bottle o' wine) - here's how:

We are just 150 reviews away from getting listed as a top rated brewery in New Zealand on Untappd - once we hit our target of 1,000 reviews, we can get international exposure - that can mean a lot to this little gypsy brewery! 

So to celebrate the 1000th review we'll hook up the lucky person with a case of beer (either Cargo Cult, Honey Chestnut, Kerikeri, or mixture of all three) and a bottle of our Rosé.  

How to win? Any review between our current number and 1000 gets in our lucky draw for a case of beer and bottle of Rosé!

Be a Beer Baron 

Need to kill some time over Christmas? Play a Beer Baron online: Buy taps, fix stock prices in this fun online game by Indian Beer Brand Kingfisher. I have learned that it is futile to try to match Alvin's high score of 50,000 Rupees profit!

Beer Baron Online Game

Word of the day: Wassailing

No, it doesn't mean being sonically assaulted by Florence and the Machine in a small room. It is a wonderfully festive word that has two definitions:
  1. Go from house to house at Christmas singing carols.
  2. Drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way.
Wassail is actually mulled cider, which of course is drunk while wassailing, a Medieval English drinking ritual to ensure there is good cider harvest next year. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon greeting "Be you healthy"

Take a Side Quest: Meet our next and beer and artist! 

If you are going wassailing, then you have to try our Side Quest. We have been perfecting this cider for a while now. This is a dry style cider made of Granny Smith and Fuji apples out of Hawke's Bay. It's finely textured and carbonated, fermented with Champagne yeast and slightly hazy - a refreshing, natural, unfiltered beauty.

In addition to that we are very excited to work with an amazing Pixel Artist, Octavi Navarro from Barcelona. You can see some of the really cool stuff that Octavi has done below and at his website

Some of his incredible work is below: 

Octavo Navarro Art

The Mysterious One

Mysterious OneWhat do we know of Alvin? Well we know he is a stand up guy ready to get his hands dirty. We've done a lot of investigating and there is still very little know about him, but we recently uncovered an ancient tome with this portrait. We paid a translator to interpret the ancient inscription beneath it:

Count Älvaynius Iam Sohot, suspected vampyr. Rumoured to deplete beer flasks, kegs, and barrels overnight from breweries throughout the world. Was the primary suspect for the great Ale drought of 1666.

Regardless of his past history, it is a pure pleasure to have Alvin as part of the the team! He brings his sharp business acumen (and wit) to Outlier Cartel, and will help pave the way for some great future projects!

Header image credits (left to right):
Joseph-Noël Sylvestre:  Ein guter Tropfen!
Jacob Jordaens - The Feast of the Bean King
Ye Ancient Booke of Uncivil Creatures: The Impervious Count Sohot

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