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Strawberry Milkshake Beer, Outlier Artists, and a man named Beer

Hi <<First Name>> 

We have ALOT of exciting things planned for 2017 - some of it is under wraps at the moment, but we are excited to take part in the Brother's Session Challenge the 2nd year in the row - this Saturday, February 11 at 12 PM - 10 PM at Brothers Beer 90 Wellesley St, West, CBD, Auckland, New Zealand 1010.

Here's what's in store for this month's newsletter:

Interstellar Blush: Our Session Beer Challenger at Brother's Beer

Last year, we over the moon about winning the people's choice! But as reigning people's champs, we know we shouldn't rest on our laurels! So, what do we have up our sleeves for the Challenge? We are doing a strawberry milkshake session beer with our friends at Hallertau - we are calling it Interstellar Blush. It is very different from anything that we've done before and heaps of strawberrieswe are really excited at how it's turning out!

During the brewday at Hallertau we had about 100 kg of strawberries that needed to get prepped by cutting off the green stalks - actually it was more! The local West Auckland grower gave us more than we asked for!

The beer itself had to convey the Riverhead terroir from West Auckland, with a good and fruity strawberry aroma on the nose and a rather full palate, with a bit of lactose added to give you the unmistakable impression it is a strawberry milkshake - yet it has to be recognizable as a beer, keeping it's thirst quenching characteristics with a slight crisp tartness behind the sweetness upfront, just like a ripe strawberry!

We will have a very limited amount of kegs available, so if you are interested, get in touch with Alvin while supplies last!

Outlier Artists

Outlier Cartel loves to collaborate with Artists for our labels and packaging. The process of finding the artists is quite organic, sometimes it's word-of-mouth, others its an exhibition, and sometimes we even use this thing called Google to discover them. We get quite a few rejections as well - eg beer labels are too small a project, artist is too busy or we simply can not pay them enough to be interested. However when we connect to the right artist - magic happens! Here are some of the wonderful artists we have worked with and a couple who are working on cartel projects at the moment!

Sheyda Abvadi - Kansas City, United States. We had an ambitious design for another exciting project coming this year. We really struggled finding someone that got our concept. All three of us were impressed by Sheyda's artwork, and we were even more delighted when she accepted our challenge for this 'project'. Now we are even more blown away by her finished product, which will be coming out in April. We think you'll 'fall' for her as well, so watch this space! 

Here is an example of her work: 


Geordan Moore - Halifax, Canada. What can we say, working with Geordan has been awesome! Mark found Geordan's work at the Halifax Market in Nova Scotia. Geordan did our Cargo Cult and Sophicated Yeti designs, which have been some of our most talked about designs. Visit to see more of his work!

Sam Haehae - Auckland, New Zealand. Sam Haehae came to us by word of mouth. She did our awarding winning 'Honey Chestnut' and Apricity designs. Check out her work here

Octavi Navarro - Barcelona, Spain. Octavi is a very well known pixel artist whose work can be found on He has just finished a striking, vivid  new design for a crazy new Outlier project that will be revealed sometime this year. It is only unlike anything else we've seen!

Carita Najewitz - Vienna, Austria. Carita was the genius behind our logo, and a friend of Carlos. Our brief was to create a logo that had to be striking yet subdued so the artwork could shine through. Needless to say we love it!

A Man Named Beer

When researching famous composers & alcohol, and we uncovered the interesting story of Joseph Beer. While it has nothing really to do with alcohol or its consumption, we thought it was intriguing nonetheless!

Joseph Beer was a music prodigy born in the Ukraine in 1908. He was sent music school in Vienna, and was so good, they allowed him to skip 4 years of formal training and get right into the master classes. He graduated with highest honors. 

Beer then joined a ballet company where he became conductor and collaborated his first opera with Fritz Löhner-Beda, a famous lyricist and writer. It was a success and they toured Europe and South America. Fritz saw potential in young Beer and also served as his agent. Joseph Beer had barely turned 25.

Not much later Beer produced second Opera, Polnishe Hochzeit (Polish Wedding). The performed the Opera on over 40 famous stages in Europe, including Vienna, Warsaw, Stockholm and Madrid. It even was translated into 8 languages.

But then, tragedy.

The Anschluss came to Vienna in 1938 only a few months after the success of Polnishe Hochzeit and Beer fled to France. He stayed in hiding there throughout the occupation in Nice. One of the last letters came from a postcard with Hitler post stamp, stating "Du bist mein selige Traum/You are my blessed dream" - a reference to his first aria.

One night Joseph had a vivid dream that his mother called out to him 3 times in the night. After the war he learned that he heard his mother's voice at her approximate time of death in Auschwitz. Sadly he lost father and and sister as well.

In addition, his comrade Fritz was also murdered at Auschwitz. Incidentally, lyrics that he wrote under detainment, was the original German title for Viktor Frankl's existential masterpiece, Man's Search for Meaning (Wir wollen trotzdem Ja zum Leben sagen/we nevertheless shall say "yes" to life)

After the war has was withdrawn and didn't want his music played (which was often played without his permission until his death). He married a young German survivor and went back into University where he was awarded Très honorable avec félicitations, the highest academic distinction awarded in the French academic university system.

He also poured his passion back in composing. One of his collaborators wrote to him and declared ".. you are the greatest composing genius of our century". His legacy is carried on by daughter, Béatrice, is renown soprano and daughter Suzanne is an award winning artist.

We at Outlier would like to toast to the life this musical soul (and of course, a fabulous surname!) If you would like to read more about Joseph Beer, check out


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