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Last semester, as I walked through the food court at MTSU, a student at the cash register commented that he had spotted me in my SAU t-shirt a couple days prior. I learned that he was a new student who moved from out of town to pursue a degree in communications but wasn't attending any church.

Like him, many other students in Public campuses find themselves drifting away from church and God. The Value-Genesis research (from the 90s) claims that close to 50% of young adults leave the church (1), while recent research from Barna affirms that 73% of young adults who claimed to be SDA were no longer engaged in the church (2).  While some argue the validity of the 73% “drop out rate,” everyone can agree that one soul (whether young or old) who disconnects from God is one soul too many.

I’m particularly encouraged to know that several churches in North America are prioritizing children, youth and families. It is not about a program, but about a culture change!

Growing Young is the latest research in youth ministry across denominations in the United States. NAD has adopted it from the Adventist perspective by calling it Growing Young Adventists #GYA. Elder Ken Rogers is a GYA certified speaker who will be presenting in our SC and KY-TN Conferences Children’s ministries training. Growing Young Adventists #GYA reviews six essential strategies to help young people discover and love their church.

This in an important training for every church leader, parent, and any church member interested in the well being of the next generation. We encourage you to attend this event and particularly the #GYA seminar on March 2 at 2:00 p.m. in Ray Hall at Highland Academy. “Growing Young: Our Future Depends on it.”

Pastor Nelson Silva

1  Roger Dudley, Why Our Teenager Leave the church, 35.
2 The Barna group in the Adventist Millennials Study, 23
On the other hand, the Twenty-First Century Seventh-Day Adventist Connection Study mentions a recent research done in the Collegedale area which claims that approximately 68% of young people who are raised in the Collegedale area churches drifts away from church (attrition rate of 68%), which correlates to a 70% attrition rate of youth Christians in North America. One of the findings of this research is that 61% of young people who graduated from an Adventist University (and attended k-12 in adventist schools) stay active in the church (61% retention rate).

Upcoming Events

These are exciting times in the Youth Department in the KTC conference.  In just a few weeks we will have the annual 7up retreat at Indian Creek Camp.  Here, Pathfinders seventh-grade and up will participate in outdoor adventures and will grow closer to Christ as they hear the spoken word from Pastor David Solomon Hall. 
Enjoy a spiritual retreat where we discover how to "Be The Sermon"
Stay in a cabin in the famous Smoky Mountains
Grow in fellowship with other SDA young adults
Challenge yourself as you learn new ways to be the sermon in your local church
Join our group challenge on Sunday as e hike to Mt. LeConte (6,593 ft.)

MARCH 1 - 2
Children's Ministries Training: TRACK 1

A training for Sabbath school teachers, children’s ministries leaders and staff

Place: Highland Academy

If you want to have the materials (Growing Young book, a VBX t-shirt and other surprises) choose the attendee ticket. It costs $25.

Attendees will also have access to discounted materials, including the VBX kit.

* Lodging is available by contacting Highland Academy. Contact Diana Drusky at 615-325-2036.

* Lunch will be provided by Highland SDA Church (fellowship lunch) and snacks will be provided throughout the day

* See classes and schedule


Un entrenamiento para maestros de Escuela Sabática, líderes en Ministerio Infantil y líderes de Aventureros. También serán entrenados en la escuela bíblica Vacacional para el 2019 preparado por la División Norte Americana

Global Youth Day

This is a great opportunity for every church, club or youth/young adult ministry to join a global movement to “Be The Sermon.”  #GYD19

This event helps congregations to envision their role in supporting students attending Public campuses. At the same time students leaders are trained to create, maintain and develop Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) chapters in their local Universities. Location: Memphis-Raleigh SDA Church

APRIL 26 - 28

Theme: “Alive Again”
Let’s be honest. Life isn’t easy. Usually, when you least expect it, life hits us harder than we can bear. Loved ones getting sick, people losing faith, and the everyday rat race of life can leave us feeling tired and lonely. Yet in the midst of these trials and tribulation, we have an invitation from our brother and friend. He invites us into this thing called, “Life!” But not just an ordinary life as we know it, but rather a life to how it was intended to be. You see this is what we were created for. This is what we long for. This is what we’re inviting you to be a part of. Join us this year at our annual KYTN Young Adult retreat and come “Alive Again!”

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full."
Sabado Joven
Join the first Greater Nashville Mega Sábado Joven on May 4. 

“Mega Sabado Joven, es un evento para motivar y enseñar a nuestros jóvenes a formar una relación personal con Jesús, hacer una diferencia en sus vidas y en las vidas de otros. Te esperamos el 4 de Mayo para disfrutar de música en vivo, obra misionera, sociales y mucho más! No te pierdas este evento espiritual.“   Shenelty Ortiz
JUNE 19 - JULY 2
Cuba Mission Trip

Please pray for this trip, the mission and the students and adults attending. Also, you can help to lower the cost for the students by making a tax-deductible donation to the "Cuba Mission Trip" (Click on "More Offering Categories"). Make your check payable to KY-TN Conference. We hope to hire 15 local Bible workers for 6 months, as well as, several local interpreters. Additionally,  transportation is very expensive. Also, you can contribute to particular student accounts as you come aware of their interest in attending (donations for a particular individual are not tax deductible). 

For more information visit HERE 

(Pictured above: Cuba Planning/Training/Info Meeting in January 2019)
AUGUST 12-17
As many of you are aware, Pathfinders around the globe are preparing to make their voyage to Oshkosh Wisconsin on August 12-17.  This is the largest youth event that our church provides and it continues to be a huge blessing in the lives of our Pathfinders and staff.  If you are planning to go, don’t wait too much longer to buy your tickets as they will not last long.


Public Campus Ministries

ACF @ MTSU - South Central and Kentucky Tennessee Conference started the calendar year meeting and dialoguing about student support. It translated into a well attended first meeting in 2019, church and conferences support. Keep our students in prayer!

 Find current ACF Chapters in KYTN
ACF Video Conference
First two ACF Video Conference for Leaders in Public Campuses. Next one will be this Sunday, March 3 at 5:00pm.

Happy Birthday Pastor Greg!

New Staff
Please continue to keep us in prayer as we prayerfully interview and hire summer camp staff.  This is always an exciting time to see how God leads in putting together our team year to year.  As an added item of prayer, Herb and Chris White are both ending their time at ICC in a few months.  After 34 years, Herb will be retiring and Chris has accepted the call to serve with his wife as missionaries in Africa.  Please keep us in prayer as we seek God’s guidance in finding a camp manager and assistant manager at ICC. 

Other Events

MARCH 3 (submit by)


We present to you the “Be the Difference” Video Contest, and a chance to win a monetary prize for your chapter!

We are asking you, the students, to create an original video, 2-5 minutes long. The video can be a song, interviews, a story, etc. It is up to you.

As Christians, we are called to be the difference. We want to help you be the difference on your University campus. We will award a monetary prize to the three ACF chapters that create the best video that answers the question: How does ACF make a difference?

PRIZES: 1st place: $120, 2nd place: $100, 3rd place: $80

You may refer to how your particular ACF chapter making a difference on your college campus, however, we would like you to also explain how ACF is making a difference in North America, across the division.

What if your campus doesn’t have an ACF chapter yet? Not a problem, you can still enter the competition to potentially win funding to help you start a new chapter!

The final day to submit your video is Sunday, March 3rd at 11:59 pm EST.  For more details on the rules and what the video will be judged on, click here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Best of luck to each chapter!


MAY 20-25

We are excited to inform you that you can now register for ACF Institute! 

Theme: Be the Difference
Where: Univeristy of California, Berkely
When: May 20 - 25, 2019
How much: $300 USD (early bird)

Be sure to login (or create an account if you don't have one), and click on "Attend an Event". We're so excited to see you there! 


Free Youth Sabbath School ideas available online at: as well as a Facebook page called “Youth Sabbath School Ideas” where Youth Sabbath School leaders can interact with each other.
Research like You Lost me from The Barna Group, Valuegenesis from Seventh Day Scholars have shown how Adventist Youth are: "Dropping Out of Church." Fuller Youth Institute has published a new research called: Growing Young. In there 7 values are explained as common factors for 250 churches that have successfully ministered to young people, similarly, CYE (Center for Youth Evangelism) has promoted the Church of Refuge (COR) principles. iCOR covers10 core values that you may find informative as well as didactic:

Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids In A Hyper-Connected World. Brooks, Mike and Lasser, Jon. New York, Oxford University Press. 2018.

Even Though the book is written by secular scholars, their observations and practical advice for parents, educators and youth workers is on point. The authors encourage setting boundaries for the technology use at home and play encompassing children, adolescents as well as parents (leading by example). They also suggest three different levels of approach according to the individual’s engagement with technology: green - preventive, yellow - emerging concerns,  red - strong intervention is necessary. Here is a concluding paragraph:

“We aren't claiming that the sky is falling. We don’t believe that an entire generation will spiral down a drain into depression and disconnection. The majority of kids growing up in our hyper-connected world will turn out fine. Still, this challenge of tech is like the challenge of eating healthy in an environment with constant temptation to do just the opposite. As parents, we often don't see the full damage of unhealthy habits until our children are well into their adult years. Unless we take this seriously, our typical screen use can diminish wellbeing. No alarm bells will ring because we won’t even realize it is happening. It will just seem normal. Like breathing polluted air, we just habituate to it and are not even aware what breathing clean, fresh air feels like.”  (page 234)

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