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From the Field
Determining factors that trigger hibernation in brown bears

Until now, little has been known about factors that trigger hibernation in wild brown bears (Ursus arctos). To help determine these factors researchers at The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project in Sweden used Star-Oddi‘s DST Centi-T logger to measure body temperature at different intervals.

Implanting the Loggers
For the study 14 bears were captured by darting from a helicopter. The loggers were then surgically implanted into the bears’ abdomens and removed once the animals were recaptured 1-2 years later.

Logging Body Temperature for up to a Year
During the study the loggers measured the bears' body temperature at intervals ranging from 1-30 minutes, depending on the stage of the study. The large memory of the DST Centi-T logger made it possible to record the temperature for up to one year at as little as 3 minute intervals.

Different Drivers for Den Entry and Exit
The data provided by the DST Centi loggers helped the researchers determine that den entry was primarily driven by environmental factors, as opposed to den exit which seemed to be based on physiological cues.

The full article can be accessed here.
New Releases
New Heart Rate Logger with Even Longer Battery Life

Following the success of Star-Oddi's two smaller heart rate loggers (Milli-HRT and Micro-HRT), in wildlife and animal welfare studies, the company is happy to announce the newest member of the heart rate logger family, the DST Centi-HRT.

The new logger is more suitable for use in larger animals, such as bears and livestock, and has more than double the battery life of the Milli-HRT, making it possible to record for over a year with a 10 minute sampling interval.
From the Lab
Searching for a Drug with Anorectic Activity

In search of a suitable drug to combat the world’s growing obesity problem, a research group in Poland has been studying the effects of potential anorectic drugs in rats.

In two studies, published recently, the group used Star-Oddi’s DST micro-T and DST micro-HRT loggers to monitor temperature and heart rate in diet-induced obese rats, while testing different alpha2-adenoreceptor antagonists (yohimbine and pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives) and a partial agonist (guanfacine).

Subcutaneous Implantation
In both studies the loggers were implanted subcutaneously in the groin area of male Wistar rats and held in place with a surgical thread.

Varying Body Temperature Results
From the data the researchers could determine the varying body temperature drops in the animals, depending on the drug used, conclude to what degree each drug lowered the body temperature as well as how long it took for the body temperature to return to normal after dose administration.

The full articles can be accessed here and here.

Meet us at the International Conference on Bear Research & Management
Star-Oddi will be showcasing its range of miniature loggers at the 24th International Conference on Bear Research & Management (IBA) in Anchorage, Alaska, on June 12th-16th. Our sensors include heart rate, temperature, tilt, magnetic field strength and light.

If you are there you are welcome to stop by our booth!
Iceland at the European Championship for the first time!
For the very first time Iceland’s men's national football team has made it to the European Championship. Icelanders are, understandably, quite excited about this and over 8% of the population applied to get tickets to the matches, according to UEFA.

Iceland’s first match is against Portugal on June 14th. Wish us luck!
Rolling in the morning dew on Midsummer night
One of Icelands old traditions is  to roll around naked in the morning dew on Midsummer night, or Jónsmessa (June 14th), and allow it to dry on the skin. This was believed to heal itching and 18 other skin problems.

Other legends related to Midsummer night include animals being able to talk, a higher chance of finding magical stones, as well as this being the best time to pick healing herbs.

Data Storage Tags-DSTs
Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various animal research studies. You can find our whole product range here.

The following sensors are available:

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