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Final date for 2016 & Sessions in 2017

Our last day of education sessions at Learning Matters for 2017 is Friday 16 December.  Our usual sessions start again on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Session days and times will remain the same for the whole of 2017, unless you specifically request a change, or your child needs to be paired with a different student.  Our terms and conditions in our Enrolment form now state:

I understand that my child is enrolled for the 4 Terms of 2017 unless I give notice to stop this service. I understand that I am able to stop this service at any time, however fees are charged on a term by term basis.  Therefore should I choose to stop for example in week 5 of the term I understand I am expected to pay the full terms fees regardless.

New Staff Member - C Grade Assessor

We are thrilled to be able to introduce another passionate and very experienced team member who will join us early next year. RACHEL RACHMANI will complete full COGNITIVE assessments including the WOODCOCK JOHNSON and also assessments for SPECIAL EXAM CONDITIONS for Secondary Students. Welcome, Rachel - we are excited to have you on board.....

You can view Rachel's full profile on our Facebook page or by clicking here.

New Staff Member - Specialist Mathematics Educator

It's a MATHS MERRY XMAS gift..... We are very EXCITED to announce the appointment of BRENDA WALKER to our team. We are thrilled to have you on board Brenda and look forward to the expertise and experience you bring to our team. 

You can view Brenda's full profile on our Facebook page or by clicking here.

"Back to School" Holiday Sessions & Dates for 2017

"Back to School" Sessions
In January we are offering one hour, one on one, back to school sessions.  These will run from 9am until 3pm on  Monday (23rd), Tuesday (24th), Thursday (26th) and Friday (27th) at a reduced holiday special of $85 per session.

Spaces are very limited so if you would like to book your child in for a one on one holiday session please let Bex know as soon as possible -  You are able to book more than one session per child should you wish to do so.

You can also book these directly with your child's educator. 

IT Sessions
On Thursday 26th of January from 9am until 11am we are offering an IT session - Setting up your DEVICE for school SUCCESS, with our Educator Kylie.  This is a 2 hour session which will have a maximum of 5 students and the cost is $60 per person.

Writing Sessions
On Friday 27th of January we are offering Writing sessions with our Educator Tracy. There is a 2 hour morning session (9am-11am) which is for Junior years 3-5.  Then there will be a 2 hour afternoon session (12.30pm-2.30pm) which is for years 6-8.  Both these writing blocks will have a maximum of 5 students in each and the cost is $60 per person.

Term Dates 2017
Term 1 is 11 weeks, Terms 2 and 3 are 10 weeks and Term 4 is a 9 week term.
No lessons are run on public holidays and fees on these days are not included in your termly invoices. Dates are a guideline and remain at the discretion of your individual schools.

Term 1:  Tuesday 31st January to Thursday 13th April
Term 2:  Monday 1st May to Friday 7th July
Term 3:  Monday 24th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4:  Monday 16th October to Friday 15th December

Price Increase - Family Discount

After much deliberation, we advise that in 2017 there will be an increase in session fees. To ensure we can continue providing students with the very best in education sessions, we must increase our prices.  From January 2017 our fees will be as follows:

Te Awamutu / Cambridge
Small Group sessions - $57 per person
One on one sessions - $90 per person

Small Group sessions - $65 per person
One on one sessions - $90 per person

All parents will be notified of their session times for 2017 the week of the 5th of December.
We are pleased to be able to inform you that all families who pay their term fees by the end of week 1 of the term or have evidence of an automatic payment setup will qualify for the following family discounts:
2 children attending Learning Matters you will receive a 5% discount
3 children attending Learning Matters you will receive a 10% discount

Please note this does not apply to consults or assessment services. 

We appreciate that life is very busy and there are certain times when it is impossible for your child to attend scheduled sessions, due to school camps and serious sickness. Whilst we do not credit sessions, in 2017 we are able to provide 1 review or makeup session with an educator during the first week of the school holidays. Please note you will be required to give advanced warning of your child not being able to attend their normal session time (at least 2 hours in advance) and in week 9 of the term, you will be informed of the date and time of the available catch-up session.  In the case your child has a one on one session, and they are unable to attend for legitimate reasons, these will also be made up during the first week of the school holidays. Please note unless the educator is able to, there will be no makeup sessions held during the term for either one on one or group sessions.

Workshops in 2017

We have now set some dates for our Term 1 2017 Teacher and Parent workshops.  The dates are listed below, if you require more information about any of these workshops please email We will publish further details in relation to each workshop in due course.

9 March - 9am-3pm SENCO Systems - St Josephs School
24 March - 9am-3pm Dyslexia in the Classroom - Hamilton

Parent / Commuity
13 Feb - 6.30pm Power to the Preschooler- Phonological Awareness-Ohaupo Childcare Centre
20 Feb - 6.30pm Steps to enabling a struggling Reader - Hamilton
5 March - 10am-2pm Plunket Under 5 Expo - Te Awamutu Events Centre
7 March - 6.30pm Steps to enabling a struggling Reader - Te Kuiti
13 March - 6.30pm Steps to enabling a struggling Reader - Te Awamutu
20 March - 6.30pm Power to the Preschooler - Phonological Awareness - Hamilton

Senco Systems - Determining What Works - to be held at St Joseph's School Thursday 9th March 9am-3pm. Please email to register or email for further information. 

Sessions available in CAMBRIDGE and HAMILTON

Cambridge Sessions - 24 Empire Street
A reminder that we have a room in Cambridge, at 24 Empire Street (corner of Alpha and Empire Streets) enter through the doors of the Power Board Building and head upstairs.

Hamilton Sessions - 70 Rostrevor Street
We have both Robin Winter and Tracy Findlay taking sessions in our temporary Hamilton room in the O'Sheas building at 70 Rostrevor Street (corner of Rostrevor and Harwood Streets).

Accounting & Administration

There are a large number of people who are behind on their weekly payments.  Please note that your account needs to be cleared in full before Friday 16 December 2016.
You will receive one invoice at the start of each term which outlines the full terms fees. Our terms of payment have not changed, you are still able to pay this off weekly, however a reminder that sessions are to be paid in advance or on the day of. 

In 2017, if you are not paying the full terms fees at the start of the term you will be required to set up a weekly automatic payment. If you have any inquiries regarding invoicing and statements please contact Bex

A reminder that if you are making cash/cheque payments for your sessions we have a 'cash lock box' located in the hallway on a wooden shelf.  Please place your payments in an envelope with your child's name and place this in the box.


Have you had a look at our Learning MATTERS website yet? Check it out :-)
DYSCALCULIA:  when maths is a mystery
"Experts estimate about 8 per cent of the population suffers from number blindness and associated maths anxiety..." to learn more, please click the link below - a very worthwhile read.


Many parents share that their child has great difficulty with securing their TIMES TABLES. Whilst there are many different ways to learn them, this is just one way where motivation is high. Yes, parents you may have to get your moths out and shed a few coins. This is a free download which is a great activity / incentive for learning and or practising times tables over the summer break. Remember the sequence for learning times tables is SKIP COUNTING (2,4,6,8,10) - REPEATED ADDITION (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 10) - TIMES TABLES RECALL (5 x 2 = 10).

XMAS GIFT IDEAS for great maths equipment: 
GIANT CARDS - Use these to make 3 digit numbers and reading them aloud, ADD numbers together, MAKE combinations to 10 and or 100 eg (3 + ? = 10 or 55 + ? = 100), SAY the number BEFORE and or AFTER a 2, 3 or 4 digit number. COUNT BACK from a given number. Beware if they cannot tell you the number which comes before they will struggle to count backwards. 

Here is the Link to a fantastic Maths game you can purchase.

Celebrating Our Successes

Feedback from parents, teachers and students who attend Learning Matters:

Building a RAP of what we have been learning in literacy at Learning MATTERS One Day School has been a real challenge for many of our learners. Building CONFIDENT CONNECTED learners is what we are all about........Super proud of these kids, check out this clever guy :-)
"I have improved in literacy and maths. I have learnt how to tell the time, and fractions and decimals. In literacy I have learnt lots of rules - too many in fact I can’t remember them all. When I come across a word I can’t spell I will now sound it out and also look in the word to see if I can apply a rule. When I am spelling I break into syllables and finger spell sometimes. I would like to come back to Learning Matters next year. I get a lot of help and I like the one on one it works well for me." One Day student

"I think coming to Learning Matters has helped me to improve in class and in my test but I still know i need to try push myself to work harder and to try my best to finish work in class. I know more about maths, all the different strategies help me when I am coming to a test. I enjoy maths now." Session student

Thank you

We wish you all a wonderful holiday break with your children, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Staff at Learning Matters.
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