Mobile Satellite Users Association September 24,  2018
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Panasonic assures it is committed to XTS plan despite Inmarsat pact
Runway Girl Network, Mary Kirby; September 21, 2018
IFC shake-up could be around the corner as Panasonic Avionics and Inmarsat forge alliance
Satellite Finance, Jason Rainbow; September 20, 2018
Inmarsat offers Fleet One satellite connectivity to Groupe Beneteau Lagoon
Telecompaper; September 17, 2018
Hughes wins peer award for excellence in corporate responsibility
Daily Record; September 20, 2018
GSA Selects Hughes to Expand US Govt Satellite Education Network
Via Satellite, Jeffrey Hill; September 18, 2018
Hughes-Yahsat: Africa today (at $11M/Gbps) with Brazil, global L-band in background
Space Intel Report, Peter B. de Selding; September 21, 2018
How Hughes VSAT Solution Will Help Jio 4G
TeleAnalysis, Gyana Ranjan Swain; September 17, 2018
SES talks about its APAC strategy and the future of the industry
SpaceTech Asia, Deyana Goh; September 20, 2018
SES’ MX1 Unveils New Satellite LTE UHD, Social Media Streaming Tech
Via Satellite,  Jeffrey Hill; September 14, 2018 
Marlink's Contract with SES Networks Offers Much to Many at a Greater Reach and Faster Deployment
Satnews Daily; September 17, 2018
SatADSL and Marlink's Newtec Dialog® Platform Enable the Partners to Expand Worldwide Coverage
Satnews Daily; September 19, 2018
Op-ed:| Military satcom evolving to meet resiliency requirements
SpaceNews, Rick Lober and Rajeev Gopal; September 17, 2018
C-Band Restructuring Experiencing Some Optimism
SatNews Daily , Chris Forester; September 16, 2018
OneWeb aims to put satellites at heart of 5G
Mobile World Live, Diana Goovaerts
Baikonur Facilities to Undergo Overhaul Before OneWeb Satellites Launch - Source
Sputnik News;  September 17, 2018
Communications providers prepare for spike in demand
SpaceNews, Debra Werner; September 14, 2018
MSC 99 brings big changes to GMDSS
ShipInsight, Peter Andersen, Cobham SATCOM; September 20, 2018
Cobham SATCOM's New SAILOR GX Terminal for Inmarsat's Fleet Xpress
Satnews Daily; September 17, 2018
100th Ariane 5 will carry Horizons 3e and Azerspace-2 Intelsat 38
Space Daily; September 19, 2018
Intelsat encrypting Five Eyes as contested operations increase
Shephard Media, Helen Haxell; September 18, 2018
Navarino announces connectivity cooperation agreement with Intelsat
Satellite Evolution Group; September 19, 2018
New Kymeta Products Offer Unparalleled Options for Connectivity
OA Online; September 18, 2018
Euroconsult honors outstanding achievement with annual awards for excellence in connectivity, satellite communications and information
Geospatial World; September 19, 2018
How Viasat Keeps Its Satellites Flying After Others Crashed
Light Reading, Iain Morris, September 20, 2018
Viasat: Business case for 1-Tbps Viasat-3 satellite over Asia closes without India, China
Space Intel Report, Peter B. de Selding; September 19, 2018
Viasat Expands Business Internet Service Distribution With Intelisys
Via Satellite, Annamarie Nyirady; September 19, 2018
Big data promising big growth as Thales Alenia Space and MDA count on opportunity with multi-million-dollar contracts
Satellite Finance, Craig Barner; September 19, 2018
A deepening problem for the Nauset Estuary
Cape Cod Times, Ethan Genter; September 18, 2018

John Deere introduces new tech solutions for wheeled CTL equipment
Wood Business (Canada);  September 18, 2018
The Great Rewrite: Digital Reinvention
Forbes, Leonard Brosy; September 19, 2018
Can OneWeb Cross the Valley of Death?
Northern Sky Research, Shagun Sachdeva; September 19, 2018

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A hint of consolidation? Inmarsat, Panasonic Avionics form strategic partnership.
by Peter B. de Selding | Sept 20, 2018
LONDON — Ku-band-believer Panasonic will use Inmarsat as Panasonic’s exclusive Ka-band in- flight connectivity provider to the commercial aviation market for 10 years under a strategic agreement the two companies announced Sept. 20.


The first test of the Inmarsat-Panasonic alliance will be how many Panasonic customers add the Inmarsat Ka-band offering to their existing Panasonic Ku-band service. Credit: Honeywell

It’s not quite the industry consolidation that is expected among IFC providers, many of which have been struggling to find a business model that appeals to commercial airlines but also allows companies like Inmarsat, Panasonic Avionics, Global Eagle Entertainment, Gogo, Thales In-Flyt, Viasat and others to generate acceptable returns.The strategic partnership does not say that any money changed hands as part fo the agreement, or indicate how many Panasonic Ku-band-IFC customers have indicated a willingness to add the Inmarsat service, which would mean retrofitting aircraft with a separate Ka-band antenna or a combined Ku-/Ka-band antenna.

Each service provider has its own weaknesses. The rap on Inmarsat’s GX Aviation is that the current Global Xpress satellites do not provide sufficient Ka-band capacity to satisfy what’s expected to increased take-up by commercial passengers, and eventually airline cockpits and for aircraft monitoring on the way to the connected plane.

Ka-band providers like Inmarsat also have geographic limitations insofar as Ka-band, while deploying rapidly, still does not offer the full global coverage that airlines want.

Rumors have been in the market for months that Panasonic is looking to sell its Avionics division. At the same time, Inmarsat investors have made clear they were losing their patience with the IFC business, especially since it has not yet yielded a $1-billion deal to place a Global Xpress satellite over China to fully open the Chinese market.

Panasonic overriding interest is embedding IFC into the company’s existing in-flight-entertainment system. Credit: Panasonic Avionics

Here’s how Panasonic Avionics Chief Executive Hideo Nakano described his company’s decision to tie up with Inmarsat — and only Inmarsat — for Ka-band:

“For over 10 years, Panasonic has remained steadfast in its commitment to the connected aircraft,” Nakano said in a statement. “Still, many airlines have more than one connectivity partner, and this strategic collaboration ensures that even more airlines have access to a wide variety of industry- leading digital solutions.

“By adding GX Aviation into our NEXT Online portfolio, we’re recognizing the need for IFC consistency across multiple fleets, and enabling digital solutions and services with unified customer support. It’s really a win-win for customers.

“Clearly, this is truly a tremendous opportunity for our industry.”

The two companies said their collaboration, which presumably will take years as Panasonic and Inmarsat retrofit the aircraft from those Panasonic customers wanting to add Ka-band to their service. Panasonic Avionics is a major customer for Ku-band satellite fleet
operators Intelsat, SES and Eutelsat.

VSAT chosen for bandwidth, resilience and security
Marine Electronics & Communications, Martyn Wingrove; September 20, 2018
5G and LEO satellites to deliver IoT to shipping
Marine Electronics & Communications,  Martyn Wingrove; September 20, 2018 
Eight to Ten Maritime Satellite Constellation Being Planned by CNES and ISRO
Satnews Daily; September 17, 2018
NovaSAR: UK radar satellite launches to track illegal shipping activity
BBC Science. Jonathan Amos; September 16, 2018
AddValue's iFleetOne Terminal and VMS are Quite a Catch for U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Law Enforcement
SatNews Daily; September 17, 2018
Acquisition bandwagon rolls on in satcoms market
Marine Electronics & Communications, Martyn Wingrove; September 19, 2018
Double satellite launch enhances ship surveillance
Marine Electronics & Communications, Martyn Wingrove; September 18, 2018
HTS and hybrid networks enhance maritime connectivity
Marine Electronics & Communications, Martyn Wingrove; September 21, 2018
El Al Exec Paints Positive Picture for IFC
Via Satellite, Mark Holmes; September 22, 2018
In-flight connectivity: Delta, Etihad and Norwegian tell service providers what they need
Space Intel Report, Peter B. de Selding; September 20, 2018
Case study: Aer Lingus on merits of connected electronic flight bags and cockpits
Space Intel Report, Amy Svitak;  September 17, 2018
Gogo stock surges amid signs of stabilization in fierce inflight connectivity market
Satellite Finance, Craig Barner; September 18, 2018
Tested: Inflight connectivity on a Virgin Atlantic B787
Get Connected; September 16, 2018
Airlines wary of inflight connectivity disruption
SpaceNews, Debra Werner; September 17, 2018
Aireon Names Denise Olmsted as General Counsel
PRNewswire; September 18, 2018
Australia’s CASA plans lower cost ADS-B
Air Traffic; September 21, 2018
Kros-Wise Launches Connectivity Assist™ to Support Airline Connectivity System Analysis
PRNewswire; September 19, 2018
In-flight Wi-Fi likely by November for India
DNA India, Mansi Taneja; September 21, 2018
Why Global Eagle is largely committed to supporting IFC regionally
Runway Girl Network, Mary Kirby; September 17, 2018
World’s Largest Food Company Taps Airbus for Deforestation Satellite Monitoring
Via Satellite,  Jeffrey Hill; September 14, 2018 
Cylus CEO Discusses Growing Cybersecurity Threat in Rail
Via Satellite, Mark Holmes; September 19, 2018
A stealth boom in oil and gas spending will boost oilfield services stocks, Morgan Stanley says, Tom DiChristopher; September 19, 2018
New Satellite Tech Partnership in Chile for Agri Data
Satnews Daily; September 19, 2018
5G in the US: Will Satellite and Mobile Industries Finally Work in Unison?
September 22, 2018 – Via Satellite, Mark Holmes – 2597 words
IEC Telecom and Scanmarine Deliver Satellite Solutions to Danish Customers
Satnews Daily; September 18, 2018
ISRO to launch three more satellites for bandwidth connectivity
Indo-Asian News Service; September 18, 2018
Will urban 5G expansion choke Canada’s rural internet access?
Ottawa Sun, Wayne Lowrie; September 17, 2018
Yahsat launches YahClick broadband service in DRC
Telecompaper; September 21, 2018

Thailand’s Mu Space To Create IoT Products For 5G Networks
Spacewatch; September 20, 2018
Veteran New Space VC, aka the Luxembourg government, backs IoT startup OQ Technology
Space Intel Report, Peter B. de Selding; September 17, 2018
Chatham Islands gets world-leading IoT network
Talk Satellite; September 14, 2018
ELB to focus on IoT for service optimization, profits up 35% for FY18
Mining Weekly, Marleny Arnoldi; September 19, 2018
'We're launching our own damn satellite' — Gov. Brown
Los Angeles Times, Evan Halper; September 14, 2018
FCC Critics: Broadband Deployment is Neither Reasonable Nor Timely
Multichannel News, John Eggerton; September 20, 2018
White House Push for Space Competitiveness Becomes a Factor in Ligado Debate
Inside GNSS, Dee Ann Divis; September 17, 2018
5G And Satellites: The Struggle for Spectrum
The Avion, Jaclyn Wiley; September 17, 2018
AsiaSat Receives 2nd Patent for Improving Spectrum Utilization
Via Satellite, Annamarie Nyirady; September 19, 2018
Cell towers in the sky | Viewpoint
Satellite Finance, Jason Rainbow; September 20, 2018  
Space Junk Now Presents a Clear and Present Danger
Bloomberg News, Mark Buchanan; September 19, 2018
MzansiSat promises data at R25/GB from planned SA satellite
Tech Central (South Africa), Duncan Mcleod; September 20, 2018
First Space Debris Removal Demonstration a Success
SpaceQ, Marc Boucher; September 19, 2018
Innovation — Comtech EF Data, and a Discussion with Michael DiPaolo, VP, Cellular Backhaul Business Development
SatNews Daily; September 20, 2018
An ambitious plan to bring you blazing fast internet – by shooting lasers from space
Tech  In Asia, Terence Lee; September 20, 2018
Nokia  targets  energy, transport, and public safety opportunities in IoT and private LTE solutions for government and business in Australia
ZDNet, Corinne Reichert; September 21, 2018
Shared spectrum: What's next and why it matters for businesses
ZDNet, Stephanie Condon; September 17, 2018
Driving smarter supply chains
SmartCitiesWorld; September 19, 2018
Global SON (Self-Organizing Networks) in the 5G Era 2019-2030 - SON will Account for a Market Worth $5.5 Billion
PR Newswire; September 21, 2018
A ‘pall over PALs,’ but CBRS ecosystem moving fast
RCRWireless News, Sean Kinney; September 17, 2018
Ruckus Networks claims its first to achieve FCC CBRS certification
Vanilla+, Anasia D'mello; September 19, 2018

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