Mobile Satellite Users Association September 18,  2017
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MSUA Member Interview | Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch
Catherine A. Melquist

I am pleased to say, this week's edition of Mobility News features an MSUA Member Interview with Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch of Inmarsat Government.  In this interview, Rebecca gives her perspective on a mix of topics such as:  Satcom as a Service, Global Xpress take-up and delivery, aero mobility, autonomous vehicles, antennas, the convergence of satellite and terrestrial connectivity and "Glamping".  

Catherine:  Rebecca it is great to connect with you. I always appreciate hearing your perspective and feel I learn something new each time you are interviewed. As MSUA is focused on mobility market development and innovation, I have a mix of eight related questions and a bonus question at the end.
As MSUA’s mission is to promote mobility innovation and mobility market development, what do you believe to be the most significant drivers in each area to the U.S. Government?
Rebecca:  As recent events have demonstrated, global conflicts and catastrophes emerge swiftly and unpredictably, which means government and military users must stand ready to deploy “anytime/anywhere.” Whether on land, at sea or in the air, they need to share information in real-time while heading to their next mission, and stay connected while they are there. Given that these units are always moving across the globe, there is a growing sense of urgency for high-performing satellite communications (SATCOM) voice, data and video that “moves” with them. A dropped connection could jeopardize the mission.
This is why military operational tempo and highly mobile applications merit reliable and available wideband mobility and solutions for increased agility and worldwide portability. Investments and innovation within the industry allow the Department of Defense (DoD) to strategically leverage complementary commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) systems. This boosts the effectiveness, flexibility and redundancy of military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) systems for dynamic and global missions.
Inmarsat SATCOM as a Service – with always-on access to satellite capability, anytime – plays a huge role here, delivering guaranteed data rates to satisfy requirements at a moment’s notice, worldwide. With solid service level agreements (SLAs) and committed information rates (CIRs), users get what they need, and the quality of the acquired service is assured, no matter where they are. Through SATCOM as a Service, users leverage COMSATCOM for core functions, while seamlessly integrating with MILSATCOM to address any remaining gaps for optimal redundancy, diversity, protection, scalability and global portability – the ultimate resiliency approach.

Catherine: As take-up of Global Xpress in the U.S. Government grows, are users coming from new as well as traditional user segments?

Rebecca.  CLICK for remaining interview.....

Now on to Mobility News!

Moving Forward.  Smarter Together.  
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The symposium will explore innovations and changes that are expected to cause major disruption to the established satellite marketplace.  

Mobile Satellite Connectivity | October 3 at 8:00am

At few points in history have the tea leaves of mobile connectivity been more difficult to read. HTS & traditional satellite internet providers potentially face significant competition from new constellations offering wider coverage and comparable connectivity. What role could “mothership” type satellites play in terms of constellation management? Ground equipment is facing similar disruption with the seemingly near term introduction of flat panel antennas. What does the future of mobile connectivity hold? How will satellite be an integral component of the 5G and terrestrial wireless world of the future? What does the broadband connection of tomorrow look like?

ModeratorCatherine Melquist, President Mobile Satellite Users Association
SpeakerDr. Kambiz Aghili, CEO, Blue Sky Network
SpeakerPierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, Speedcast
SpeakerDavid Bruner, Vice President, VP, World Wide Sales & Marketing, Panasonic Avionics Corporation
SpeakerJoshua Marks, EVP Connectivity, Global Eagle
SpeakerJoel Thompson, Vice President and General Manager – Terrestrial Business Unit, Iridium

Conference Date:  October 2 - 3, 2017
Location: Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. 
Registration:  Use code MSUA2017 for a 15% registration discount.  

For more information click here.  

IoT: Tapping into the World’s Most Profound Communication Tools – Easy as Delivering a Pizza 

The world is changing before our eyes. Unleashing broadcast, and the new generation of multicast tools, is vital to tapping into the exponential growth in the connected car and IoT markets. The way content is consumed and shared has already changed dramatically. To deliver content how, when and where people want to consume it, reinvention of your delivery methods is essential to keep pace with increasing expectations and demands. Learn how flat panel satellite antennas are making the most profound communications tools as easy to use as delivering a pizza.  Get an eye-opening view of the world of communications, including insights into LEO satellite constellations, where the connected car and IoT markets are really headed, and how delivering piping hot content will get easier and faster.
Moderator:  Catherine A. Melquist, President Mobile Satellite Services & SVP Sage Communications
Keynote Speaker:  Nathan Kundtz, CEO of Kymeta

Event:  Wednesday, October 18,  1:20 - 1:50pm.
Conference Dates:  October 18 - 19, 2017
Location:  Javitz Convention Center, NYC
Registration:  Register for the event and use code EP11.  

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